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John Westwood has been helping with various elements of the website for several years See more on this below. As time goes on, there may be others who will get involved.
Updated 8th December 2016
Bogus Police Officers: A group of males have recently been involved in committing distraction burglaries in the Basildon, Brentwood and Thurrock areas, by posing as Police Officers. They have fake but very convincing Essex Police Identity Cards and use these to trick and scam their way into vulnerable people's homes with the intent to steal cash and valuables.
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Stock Utd F.C. are urgently looking for players aged 16 & over to play for the Sunday morning team & anyone interested should call Keith on 07903 090560
Protected Species Survey Calendar 2016
UK Power Networks
Register extra support during a power cut
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Stock Cares
Women Time Activities
We need people to understand and support children with special needs
Lethal Slug Pellet Warning
Credit Card Scam
Also see this BBC article
club website.
Stock & Buttsbury Bowling Club
Chelmsford kerbside collections of Small Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment See
Go along an cheer on Stock F.C.
SUPERFAST Broadband for Essex, please fill in the survey
Essex Air Ambulance
Message in a Bottle
Give Blood Site
If you drive, you should see this. If you drive around the country lanes, you REALLY MUST watch it to the end
Surplus Building Supplies & Donations wanted for use on an Alternative Education project in Stock.
Get Greener
with your Drugs
Guide For Performing CPR On An Adult
Are looking for new members
Contact Shirlee on
Police Community Support Officer can now only be contacted through the 101 number
Think of the Wildlife. Before you start Strimming and digging into the compost heap, remember that there could be wild creatures hiding in there that may suffer a painful injury or even death, which could so easily be avoided by a quick look first
Bonfire Warning Please check bonfires thoroughly for sleeping hedgehogs and other mammals. Even better, move it before lighting it.
Hedgehogs need to weigh 600gr for hibernation. If you see any out in daylight and any small ones out at any time, put them in a box with a towel and some food and water. Keep them in the warm and ring Wildlives. Thank you
BATS If you find a bat in trouble please contact the Essex Bat group
Dog Fouling Always clean up after your dogs and dispose of it in the public bins provided or take it home. Don't throw the bagged matter in the hedgerows, ditches or housholders' bins. Dog Warden
League Against Cruel Sports
Wildlife Crimewatch Line: 01483 361 108
Do you have any pictures of \Stock that aren't on these pages?
The Heritage centre would love a copy and we would love a scan of them.
Bogus Callers
I'm looking for more pictures for the Pictures archive , If you have any please let me know. I will scan and return them within a few days
Heart Start
Internet Security
Smoke Alarms
If you see any dumped rubbish
or burned out cars call the hit squad on
01245 615800
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Bee Scene! Popular family-friendly survey of wild flowers re-launches this summer holiday thanks to Nature's Path

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