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Stock Art Group's 35th Annual Exhibition

After agreeing to review Stock Art Group's annual exhibition, I was left reflecting on my lack of qualifications for the task. Although I draw and paint myself and have always enjoyed art in its widest sense, I have always viewed art critics as the art world's major curse!
The amateur artist gains pleasure from the creative process itself. If the result stimulates or gives pleasure to others it is a bonus. Most of the artists at this exhibition succeed as far as this 'other' is concerned.
Predictably, water colours predominated - surprising really as it is the most unforgiving of painting mediums. I enjoyed Gayle Laybourn's fresh, subtly muted colouring in her flower paintings; Yvonne Blackwood's 'Southwold in the Snow'; the glowing light permeating Kay Viney's 'Sunset over Clovelly'; several of Beth Weaver's landscapes and flower paintings; Bunny Beaumont-White's 'Poppy Fields' and, especially, Robert Nafzger's "Cotmanesque" 'Coppice'.
Refreshingly, there were other mediums on view. Michael Cole's meticulous pen and ink 'Bridge of Sighs'; Betty Miller's 'Grey and Bay' with its subtle washes over charcoal; Elizabeth Hunter's brave tackling of the abstract, with 'Hope' particularly successful; Iris Moss's miniature still lifes; Robert Nafzger's spectacular oil painting 'Bell Towers' in a style reminiscent of Edward Lear; Brenda Parr-Morley's eclectic mix of mediums and Beth Weaver's excellent pastel portrait of 'Naomi' were all worthy of note. It was, however, the impressionist/post impressionist vibrancy of Ann Fuller's oil paintings that stopped me in my tracks. 'Morning Rush' and 'Swan Woods' would, in my view, hold their own in any exhibition. Finally, to a medium in which I would not know where to start! Beryl Woodward's mixed media collages hark back to the meticulous skills practiced by the Victorian gentlewoman. Both attractive and very decorative.
All in all the 2005 Exhibition was a great success, providing a great stimulus not only to all the Group's members who work so hard to ensure that success but also to all those who visited it.
Colin Tant
Stock Press