Art Group

I have been able to observe the Annual Art Exhibition for the last 26 years as a sort of honorary member, exhibiting my pottery and silk scarves alongside the paintings produced by the members of Stock Art Group. I consider it a privilege to be here again.
Over the years, the membership has changed; old regulars move on and new, fresh talents fill the gaps. Each one has their own individual style, some more prolific and confident than others. The standard achieved each year gets better and better and there is something to appeal to everyone's taste. This year, all of the 15 artists displaying sold some of their work. Each year, the variety of styles and use of different media is impressive and this year was no exception. I am filled with admiration for all their varied talents, contrasting styles and media, modern abstracts, traditional watercolour landscapes and some experimental works.
There were some portraits this year, including one of Prince Charles looking as if he'd just remembered the Goon Show. Harvey, the dog, with his soft, friendly eyes was, understandably, not for sale. The atmospheric sunset sold in the first few minutes of the show, before I could buy it. There were delicate flower studies, restful seascapes, boat pictures and a lovely sketch of gannets clattering their bills together. The large pictures were impressive, woodland scenes and flower paintings and one huge one of the River Nile. The paintings on canvas boxes were different and popular. They stand away from the wall, give a new dimension and don't require a frame.
I am unable to mention all the works that impressed me. Every artist must have been pleased with their efforts, though we can all be self critical, which urges us on to try again or to do something we haven't done before. I feel sorry for those people who missed seeing the 36th Exhibition as it was excellent.
Sue Shadforth, Stock Potter
Stock Press