Art Group

Our Village Hall, in yet a further guise as art gallery, was quite able to accommodate the steady stream of visitors. Friends were met, discussions and chatter about paintings and throughout the two days the kitchen helpers provided numerous cups of tea and biscuits. A busy weekend for the organisers but for the residents of Stock a rare chance to see and appreciate the achievements of this group over the year.
What a wonderful choice of interests, water colour, oils, pastel, charcoal and even basic pencil and pen work. Everything from the ever popular local views, still life, woodland scenes, holiday memories, flowers and pet dogs.
Reluctant to name individual artists or differentiate between works, for all were so good, but I feel that some comment is due on the collage work of Beryl Woodward. Soldiers, Victorian ladies, household scenes, all made from beautiful scraps of silk, lace, fabric, printed paper and glittering foil; a rare and unusual branch of art that she has perfected to a high standard over the years.
For most artists, painting, drawing and sketching is a hobby, the skills of which are built up by trial, error and practice and there is great pride in producing work good enough to display or even sell. Into each painting goes many hours of work for there is always the striving to 'get it right'.
Alongside the art stands, towards the stage area of the hall, Sue Shadforth displayed a grand selection of hand made pottery. Coloured and glazed to perfection were jugs, bowls, mugs, plates and ornaments, highlighted by lovely coloured silks. Between customers, she gave a demonstration on an ancient spinning wheel.
A successful event with reasonable weather and much pleasure for many visitors in seeing the work of local people.
Bernard Smart
Stock Press