Art Group

Stock Art Group has been meeting in the village every Tuesday for 40 years. Every year, they hold an exhibition in which all members get themselves organised and choose their work to be mounted and framed. This is no mean feat and requires a lot of effort but the end result is a pleasant statement of an obviously flourishing group.
There were several interesting paintings of well studied trees. Liz Sinclair's dramatic bare tree, surrounded by daffodils, and Bob Nafzger's "after Claude Lorrain" trees were painted with a pleasing softness of tone and colour. The recent wintry snow scenes obviously inspired more painting of trees with two very successful watercolours from Beth Weaver and Brenda Parr-Morley. The precision and detail of Beryl Woodward's collages was amazing and the charming picture of the kitchen was soon sold. More detailed work could be found in Shirlee Grundy's very beady-eyed "Polly" parrot.
Drawing and painting people is something that is often avoided by artists. We can get away with errors in landscape but everyone knows what we humans should look like! With this in mind, well done especially Yvonne Blackwood for your "Homecoming", "Georgie" and "Catching the Crab". The seaside is always inspiring and Alan Campbell's "Seafront at Aldeburgh" had an unusual texture effect. Elizabeth Hunter caught the feeling of waves in her "Northumberland Sea" and the composition of Beth Weaver's "Winchelsea Beach" was good. Gayle Laybourn demonstrated how successful the most simple, well balanced compositions can work so well with her "Low Tide", a most attractive small painting. "Makins Pond" by Ann Fuller, a change from her usual attractive pastels, was a lively, bold oil pointing in contrast to her lovely, delicate "Paper Roses" watercolour. Marian Clarke is an oil painter of completely different style with, again, a contrasting watercolour of interesting field patterns in her "Approaching Storm".
Well done all of you! Keep up the good work and we all look forward to next year's exhibition.
Sue Fincham
Stock Press