Art Group

Stock Art Group's 40th Anniversary Exhibition certainly displayed how busy the members have been - 152 pictures from 14 painters.
The two experienced painters, Ann Fuller and Marian Clarke, didn't fail to impress. Some of the 'slap-stick', colourful, modern style work of the former might easily interest some buyers of the same ilk in west one, while several of the conventional pictures by the latter artist were very pleasing. Yvonne Blackwood's group of six small, colourful, flower paintings was quite good, yet she can't quite match that same bright freedom to the rest of her entries. Michael Cole had a winner with 'Flowers In A White Vase', while the highlight of Laura Doggart's excellent work was her 'Bambi' - What Lovely Eyes! Shirlee Grundy and Elizabeth Hunter both try hard. Shirlee's fairy pictures make me think she should perhaps go along that road more, then fine detail might come with experience. Elizabeth's pictures simply require more colour to give them impetus. Gayle Laybourn put up a nice cross-section of subjects, and her 'Sweet Peas' picture gave a distinct 3-D effect. Do some more! Betty Miller and Brenda Parr-Morley both had some good stuff among some ordinary. Betty's 'The Hay Turner' and 'Cows In The Meadow' were both decent pictures, while Brenda's colour tones are generally good. Liz Sinclair tries hard; I'm sure she would find her paintings would look better with a few shadows added. Is she afraid of using darks? A lot of painters are. Beth Weaver did very well with apples and fruits. Again, maybe still life might be her thing. The time and patience that went into Beryl Woodward's extremely delicate collages deserves praise in abundance.
Quite a good all round show, but I can't help thinking, while lots of endeavour has gone into the work, several members would learn more if they painted from life, which in itself would give much personal satisfaction. Well done to all.
 Roy Storey
Stock Press