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On a warm Sunday afternoon, my wife and I visited the well-attended Stock Art Group Annual Exhibition. On entering the Village Hall, we purchased raffle tickets for a painting donated by Joan Harvey but, unfortunately, failed to win.
I noticed two pictures by Elizabeth Hunter - one of them 'Ribbons Fantasy'. She really has a taste for the unorthodox - abstract shapes, organic as well as geometrical, creative and interesting. Beth Weaver had a productive year and filled the line with figure paintings, still life and traditional landscapes: I particularly liked 'Joey the Clown', which had a very spontaneous feel to it reminiscent of posters by Bonnard. The outstanding paintings of the show were by Laura Doggart, whose botanical and animal paintings were of a very high standard and nicely presented.
The oil painting by Marian Clarke of 'Hadleigh Castle' was a strong composition, with the feeling of recession fading into the distance most convincingly. I loved the painting by Liz Sinclair of 'A Walk in the Woods' with the figure echoing the shape of the tree trunks. The dramatic figure in 'Flamenco Fiesta' by Gayle Laybourn had life, energy and a lot of movement with a lovely splash of colour. The swirling dolphins with the mermaid 'Swimming with Dolphins' by Michael Cole had lots of energy and was reminiscent of book illustrations of the Edwardian era.
There were many little gems in the show - Beryl Wooodward's craftsmanship with her collages added an extra interest - which made a very enjoyable exhibition.
 Peter Kelly
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