Library Quiz 2003
For 3 to 5 year olds
All the answers can be found in the library and entry to the quiz is free
Pick up your question and answer forms from the Library

The Rules
There is a total of fifty questions.
You do not have to answer them all, but try for as many as you can, because the highest scores will win the prizes!
In the event of a 'tie' the winner will be decided by a draw, and this will be done by our Link Librarian, Roger Johnson.
The competition closes on 31st December, so be sure to get your entry back to use by then, and don't forget to write your name, age and telephone number at the top of the page.
You will find all your answers in the books marked 'P' … the picture books.

1. Who took care of a little white dove because she was too tired to fly any further?
2. Who stole '…pop guns and bicycles, roller skates, drums, checkerboards, tricycles, popcorn and plums'?
3. Who pretended that he was frozen solid in the snow?
4. Who followed a star to Bethlehem? Give their names.
5. .Who had a reindeer hat with a red flashing nose?
6. What did James find in his dressing gown pocket?
7. Who changed from a small dog into a giant snowball?
8. What was inside Tailcat's Christmas parcel?
9. What was Lucy's Christmas wish?
10. What do Tiggers like best to eat?
11. What colour is Archie's horrible medicine?
12. How many picture books does Poppy read at bedtime?
13. What is the 'fifth' way to catch the moon?
14. Where did Lily find her Magical Moonbeam?
15. Which little fox found the tastiest supper of all?
16. What is a grumpalump?
17. What sort of animal was Tiggy Twosocks?
18. Who ate a garden shed for lunch?
19. What did Wombat see from the top of the highest hill?
20. Why did Frog go hot and cold and feel his heart thump?
21. What was Little Zeb's big question?
22. Who wanted to share Cat's picnic on the beach?
23. Which little rabbit wanted to be a dancer?
24. What was the difference between Rip and Rap?
25. What was the name of Polar Star's mother?
26. What can Pinky hear in the tree?
27. Who made a Frog Pie…just for a joke?
28. Who visits Kipper in the tree house?
29. Where did Chimp and Zee fall fast asleep?
30. Who sailed to India in a bathtub?
31. Why do the stars come out at night?
32. Who was 'sipping his tea beneath a tree', when a big black cloud came by?
33. Where did Eddy find a gigantic teddy?
34. What 'favourite foods' did Arthur leave for Santa?
35. When the Cricket played the violin, what did Gerald do?
36. Why did Pu Lin climb to the top of the tree?
37. Who said,"I love you Blue Kangeroo"?
38. Who went searching for a black hen called Mondi?
39. What did Fox put in the 'stone soup', to make it just right?
40. What happened to Wilbur, when Winnie cast a spell on him?
41. What did Freddy Bosworth Bear have for breakfast on Christmas Eve?
42. Who was found on the roof on Christmas morning?
43. Who had 'cheeks like roses and a nose like a cherry'?
44. Who had sardines, baked beans, one shrivelled potato and a packet of chocolate biscuits for tea on Christmas Eve?
45. Who lived at Dustbin No 8, Chilled Hill, The Pole, ME1 00W?
46. Who was sad in Mr Jolly's shop?
47. What did 'Very Small' have for dinner?
48. What animals did Fergus rescue in his strange boat?
49. When Flora planted a brick, what was she trying to grow?
50. What was so special about Georgie's bed?
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