Library Quiz 2003
For 6 to 8 year olds
All the answers can be found in the library and entry to the quiz is free
Pick up your question and answer forms from the Library

The Rules
There is a total of fifty questions.
You do not have to answer them all, but try for as many as you can, because the highest scores will win the prizes!
In the event of a 'tie' the winner will be decided by a draw, and this will be done by our link librarian, Roger Johnson.
The competition closes on 31st December, so be sure to get your entry back to us by then, and don't forget to write your name, age and telephone number at the top of the page.
You will find all your answers in the books marked 'O' 'F' and the larger books marked 'Y', (on the lowest shelf )

1. To where did the Sand Horse gallop
2. Who says, "Blistering Barnacles"?
3. Who piled up all his books, and then put his bed on top?
4. Who painted a picture called 'Landscape With Onion'?
5. What does Bert find floating on the river in a cardboard box
6. What did Mrs Kafoops from down the street see?
7. Who vanquished the 'creature' that had no heart?
8. Who ran off with a talking harp?
9. Where did Anansi live?
10. Who went to bed as a beautiful maiden, but woke up as a Laidly worm?
11. Who lived in a house with chicken's legs?
12. Who rescued Arthur and Humphrey from the angry rats?
13. What was the 'Island' that Little Jim climbed on?
14. Where does Mr Spook live?
15. Which evil sorcerer turned himself into a cobra?
16. Whose 'Song of the Nightingale' sounded like a policeman's whistle?
17. What does Andrew wear when Miss St Clair takes him for a walk?
18. How can Earthlets be recognised?
19. What was the chimney made of on the Gingerbread House?
20. What was the Silly Old Fish's silliest, silliest, wish?
21. What did the Aliens see, that scared them off?
22. Why would Fair and Brown never let Trembling go out of the house?
23. What did the Merchild use to make necklaces for the village children?
24. On which island was the town called Remembrance?
25. Who stuffed a little duck into his lunch box?
26. What did Nkechi and Adanma lose in the great whirlwind?
27. What did Dewitt Frimp find near the mailbox?
28. Who put one hundred hairy spiders legs in his Christmas cake?
29. Who fell into a jelly whilst trying to rescue some shrimps?
30. Who forgot the salt?
31. What was in the Reverend Timm's parcel?
32. How many 'B's did Paddington collect?
33. How did the little old woman make the Dragon laugh?
34. Who had a blue cat and one blue hen?
35. Who won the Ratathalon?
36. How do you save yourself from an Ogre?
37. Where are all of Naniji's memories?
38. Who dressed up in a grass skirt and danced with King Louie?
39. Who went 'trotting into Mabel's street, hoping for a bite to eat'?
40. Who was first past the steeple on her vacuum cleaner?
41. What was the wonderful thing that happened under Jack's bed, while he was sleeping?
42. How did Wild West Willy drive Big Bad Bob and his Boys out of town?
43. What was the first thing Prince Change-a-lot did, when he became King?
44. What creature curled around Penshaw Hill, when he had eaten his fill?
45. Where would you find 'waterlilies in the bathtub and buttercups in the fridge?
46. What is Grandad's name for Robert Granger?
47. What did LaoLao's paper diamonds turn into?
48. Why did the Rainbow Serpent leave the camp and travel far away?
49. Who 'gathered up the fire and tucked it under his wing'?
50. What did the five giant tortoises carry on their backs?
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