In aid of
All Saints’ Church Stock
Culminating in an Auction evening on
Saturday 10th May 2003 at 7:30pm
Rectory Hall,
High Street,
There are two ways in which you can take part in this event: - firstly, we need people to make a ‘Promise’ or Promises’ which will be auctioned on the 10th May 2003. What you offer by way of a ‘Promise’ need not necessarily cost you anything at all
The second way you can help is to make a bid or bids for the ‘Promises’ made. You can either do this in advance of the evening by making your bid known to us by e-mail, or better still, come along on the evening of the auction and bid in person.
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To make a bid or let us know your ‘Promise’ or ‘Promises’
E-mail Liz and Michael at: -