County Broadband
Many of us will remember what a good idea Wireless Broadband was and how it offered faster broadband long before Stock exchange was enabled. Unfortunately for many their connection proved to be less reliable than had been expected
However a new company with a proven track record in running successful high speed wireless community broadband networks have recently taken over the old network. They are making improvements to the service which subscribers will hopefully see as faster speed and improved reliability.
Wireless was originally the only way to get any broadband in Stock. But far from be surpassed by stocks enabled exchange, Wireless offers the ability to deliver broadband at substantially faster speeds. County Broadband offer a 2Mb service for just £14.99 + VAT a month, but they soon expect to increase this to speeds approaching 8 Mb. This is much faster than anyone in stock can expect to get from their landline line for many years to come, so anyone who takes on the 2Mb service, will be able to upgrade to the faster service as soon as it becomes available.
Anyone in Stock with an existing BroadbandNow! service who needs support, or anyone who would like more information on the service they offer should now contact
County Broadband on 07092 200 201
Information supplied by County Broadband June 2005