Broadband for Stock
Our aim has been to get the Stock telephone exchange enabled for Broadband ASAP. BT had a registration process whereby customers could express an interest in ADSL and, if sufficient interest was shown, BT would enable the exchange. At the end of April, BT abandoned the registration scheme and announced that they will "cover 99.6% of households by 2005".

The latest news is that a "Planned ADSL Activation Date" has been set for the 23rd of February 2005.

Thanks to those promoting the registrations and to all those who registered. We had reached 73% of our target for BT to enable the exchange. If registrations had continued we may have reached the target by the end of this year.
If you live near the centre of the village, or within reach of one of the repeaters, wireless broadband is available immediately and will continue to run alongside BT as a viable competitive alternative.
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What is ADSL?

This always on high speed connection will be a great advantage to both commercial and non-commercial users allowing you to download music, pictures, programs and much much more in a fraction of the time it takes with a normal 56k modem.

Another advantage is that it doesn't tie up your phone line and you don't need an extra line as both the Internet and your voice travel down the same wires but on different channels.

This means you can surf, download or send e-mails whilst talking on the one phone line.
ADSL Guide is a good starting point for information on ADSL
Click here for more history of our attempts to get broadband
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