Campaign for the footpath on the right hand side of Stock Hills
Between School Lane and Honeypot Lane
Charles Phillips

This campaign is to get the footpath on the Ingatesone side of Stock Hills between School Lane and Honeypot Lane re-instated. However this should not at the expense of the existing footpath..
Photographic evidence shows that there was once a footpath on both sides of the road between School Lane and Honeypot Lane which at some unknown date was removed.
There are a number of compelling reasons why it should be re-instated.
The most important reason is safety.
Anyone attempting to walk up or down Stock Hills other than in the middle of the night or very early in the morning will realise that it is extremely difficult and dangerous to cross the B1007 at its junctions with School Lane and Honeypot Lane. In both instances there are bends preventing the walker from having full view of the road.
Many motor vehicles travel both up and down the hill at very high speed. Fortunately so far there have been no fatalities . . . As I say so far.
If the footpath was re-instated on the Ingatestone side of the road, the danger for pedestrians would be eliminated.
Secondly if the footpath was re-instated it would require narrowing that stretch to accommodate it, this would cause traffic from the direction of Billericay to slow down which would be beneficial to the well being of the village.
I realise that this would cost tax payers money, but the whole purpose of taxes is for the overall well being of the community.
If you support this campaign, please contact me.
Charles Phillips
52 Brookmans Road, Stock, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 9DB
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