Council Abbreviations
RA Advert refused
RF Refused (Full application)
AEB Electricity Board Approval (over head lines)
CLI Certificate of Lawfulness issued
NDA Non determination appeal
REB Electricity board application refused
RGD Government Department consultation refusal
RLB Refusal listed building consent
ROL Refusal outline application
RRM Refusal reserved matters
ACFL Approved full application
ACLB Approval listed building consent
ACRM Approval reserved matters
CLNI Certificate of Lawfulness not issued
ECCA Essex County Council approval
PADA Prior approval approved
RCAC Refusal Conservation area consent
ACCAC Approval Conservation area consent
ACCB4 Approval (CBC) regulation 4
CLI/R Split decision on Certificate of Lawfulness
NDECL Declined to determine application (Section 70A TCPA 1990)
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