Stock and Buttsbury Heritage
Meeting 8 p.m. Thursday November 9th
Are you interested in helping to preserve the history of your village?
Are you interested in tracing your ancestors?
Come to a meeting at 8 p.m. on
Thursday November 9th, in the Rectory Hall
to discuss the formation of a heritage group.
There will be some items on display about the village history - books, photos and other items relating to Stock and Buttsbury village history.
Heritage or Rubbish?
Recently I have become aware that many of our neighbouring villages have established local archive collections. These range from storage facilities to a purpose-built building from which exhibitions can be staged.
Stock is a village with a history. Many of its residents come from families that have lived in the village for several generations. Equally there are others who are researching their ancestors who came from further afield. People move on and paper records are thrown out. What a pity if all the knowledge and ephemera were lost because there was nowhere to collect it!
If you are interested in local history or family history and would like to be involved in forming a heritage group, let me know. The group could meet for discussions, have speakers, stage exhibitions and ultimately find a home for collections of photos, information and artefacts connected with the village.
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