. My thanks to Stock Parish Council for their support.
Perhaps you are unaware how tirelessly the Parish Council work for the good of our village. Recently, I attended two of their meetings and discovered for myself the time and effort they put in. Unfortunately, they are not given the power to make final decisions on building plans.
Chelmsford Borough Council makes the decisions, although I feel they do not know Stock like the members of the PC. Joan Bush and I wish to thank the members of the PC, with special thanks to District Councillor Ian Grundy and Margaret Otter, and the residents in Well Lane who supported us.
. CBC did grant us a site visit and I felt confident they would see a house set between two modest size bungalows would look out of character. Alas, they did not see things the same way and our protests fell on deaf ears. I fear Well Lane will once again become a building site, when the grass verges have just started to recover too. I feel Stock is losing its rural beauty. Let us all be aware what is happening to our village; do not become complacent. Please keep up the good work at the PC; Stock needs you.
Beryl Key.
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