Nordic Walking
Wednesday 28th July 2010
Hylands Park, Writtle entrance car park at 11am
Prior to this Jane is running
a free 30 minute taster session from 10am – 10.30am
Many of you have told Sports Development in the past that one of your favourite pastimes is walking. Whether it’s the dog, around the lake in Central Park or just down to the shops, you love to get moving out in the fresh air!
This week I tried out a new type of walking, Nordic Walking. Jane Leary is a Nordic Walking instructor from Sawbridgeworth who has started leading walks around Hylands Park on Wednesday mornings. Armed with specialist poles, Jane led our group of three around beautiful areas of Hylands I never knew existed!
The session started out with an explanation of the background of the activity (very popular in Scandinavia) and a gentle warm up. We then went on to begin our walk and gradually introduced the use of the poles as we went along. You would think walking was a straightforward task right? Wrong. Jane was really friendly and gave us useful hints and tips on how to improve posture, rhythm and outlook when we walked. The poles are there to encourage stability, but more importantly to ensure your upper body gets a right good workout! The idea isn’t to climb a mountain with them, (and Hylands hardly offers this type of terrain…) but to aid your cardiovascular output. The poles help to release tension in the shoulders and upper back by encouraging a wider range of movement, and when used in various drills later on in the walk, provide an element of hilarity!
This is not an activity which will leave you panting for breath but will most definitely leave you wanting to do more! It is suitable for adults of all ages and abilities and being such a fantastic source of exercise can help improve health, fitness and wellbeing. Each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and costs £5, including pole hire. Nordic Walking is not a Chelmsford Borough Council Sports Development activity just yet, so if you would like to know more, or attend the walks, please contact Jane on… Tel - 01279 723802 or 07903 404225
The next walk Jane is leading takes place on Wednesday 28th July 2010 and leaves Hylands Park, Writtle entrance car park at 11am. .
Prior to this she is running a free 30 minute taster session from 10am – 10.30am
If you would like to attend either of these sessions, please contact Jane directly. Please also feel free to contact me, as a first hand experience participant, I would be happy to help!
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