Norman Deigan
Stock Church
A framed sketch of All Saints Church was donated to sell on the Ebay for All Saints to raise money for the Church.
The drawing was undated but signed by Norman Deigan and on the back of the frame there was a black and white photograph of him aged 5 years which judging by the clothes and hair cut etc, was taken in the 50's.
The donor of the picture did not know anything about the picture or Norman Deigan but says that the picture was purchased, already framed, from the gallery in Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, some years ago.
Michael found 2 people listed in the Phone Book and one was related to Norman
The end of the story is that Norman Deigan was 16 when he drew the Church. He was at school in Billericay and they had an art day in Stock drawing the Church. He had the drawing framed as a gift to a lady who lived in the village (not the lady who donated the picture to ebay for All Saints') so it obviously changed hands at least once at some time. The drawing and photograph are now with Norman, who is now 54, who now lives in Chelmsford.