Ingatestone & Fryerning War Memorial
Robert Craddock Wood Waiting for information J. E. Westfield Jack Alonza Stiff Horace Sole Peter Reddall Waiting for information L. A. G. Mapes Waiting for information Frederick Knock Robert Kirkby Leslie Jopp Waiting for information Dudley White Holmes Albert Arthur Holmes Charles French W.W. Fairish Waiting for information Leonard Cox E. G. Cornish Waiting for information Peter Battershill Claude Ashton
There is a wealth of information about these brave souls listed on this memorial. We hope to bring even more as time goes by.

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Charlie Maurice Maryon
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F C Woods Algernon Wood Roderick Way Thomas Wattkins Norman Watkins Awaiting Info Arthur Wade Victor Turner Awaiting Info Edwin Staines Arthur Sibree Edward Sedley-Taylor Albert Sacks Awaiting Info Arthur Rose Charles & Frederick Root Charles & Frederick Root William Rolf William Ralph Awaiting Info Charles Pike Lional George Petre John Joseph Petre Albert Passway Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Reginald Oddy Albert Oddy Stanley Nelson Arthur Morgan Frederick Meggy Awaiting Info Frederick March Mark Mann Mounteney Coesvelt William Kortright Percy Knight James Knight Albert Hynds Awaiting Info George Humphreys John Hull Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Owen Godfrey-Faucet Awaiting Info William Fell Ernest Fell Gordon Elton William Elkins Wilfred Death Alfred Davies Samuel Daniels William D'Aeth Cecil Crowe Philip Christy Herbert Chillmaid Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Awaiting Info Frank Camp Harold Byles Victor Bruce Archibold Browne Awaiting Info Frank Bourne George Booty Herbert Bentley Harry Barr Ernest Barr Awaiting info William Anger Edgar Anger Alfred  Anger William Abrey
Information researched and collated by John Westwood
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