World War I
Archibald Browne

One non Stock name was discovered, Private Archibald Browne who was with the Second Essex Regiment. He lived in Ingatestone with his mother and was part of the regular forces.
In November 1914, he deserted, and was caught in Hazebrouck by a gendarme, whilst in local French clothes.

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He was arrested and taken to the military police and returned to the Second Essex to await a court martial. This was carried out in Nieppe on 5th December 1914.
Archibald Browne was charged on three counts
1. That he deserted
2. He stole clothes to wear from a house
3. He tried to escape custody
He was found guilty and two weeks late 19th Dec 1914 he was shot, aged 26. Next December is the 90th anniversary of his death.
He has no known grave and is remembered on the Ploegseert Memorial.
Why he did it we can never guess. Much will be written about those executed, for failing to do their duty. How can we forgive? Would it ever be possible?
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