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Isaac Garland

Isaac is one of the sergeants sitting next to the officer with the cane, though not the one sitting on the officer's right hand (left as we look), who I've identified.
Can anyone can help identify him? (update: see bottom of page)
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Isaac Garland
As far as the photograph on the website is concerned, the person sitting fourth from left of the officer with the cane looks just like my father and nephew. Everybody that has seen the photo has picked that person out of the whole group as most likely being Isaac. That is because there is such an incredible likeness with my father that it could be him sitting there. I don't know whether the printing would have distorted the image and whether the original in fact looks different. That marine also has the "Garland hands". Someone said, though, that it didn't look as if he had stripes. The person on his right (third left of the officer with the cane) has ears like my grandfather (Isaac's brother) had - but that is rather a long shot.
source : relatives of the Garland family
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