Chairpersons Report
2001-2002 has been a busy year for the Parish Council. Thankfully we have been most fortunate in finding and employing a new Clerk to the Council, Mrs Lorraine Green, who lives in Great Baddow. She is also Clerk to Roxwell Parish Council. The Parish Council office at the Village Hall is open and operational. It has a telephone and answering machine (01277 829829) and is manned briefly most weekdays.

Appearance of the Village. The Parish Council has been concerned with the appearance of the Village.

1. Due to an accident in the High Street traffic was diverted along several of our lanes for most of the day and caused immense damage. Chelmsford Borough Council has visited the sites and will try to resolve the problems.

2. The Greenwoods construction works has caused additional parking problems, which have been monitored by the police and hopefully will be resolved when the building is complete.

3. The state of the roads around the Village has been continually reported to the Highways Department and will receive attention as the priority list allows.

4. Grass cutting - a new schedule has been made out for the ELS firm who cut the grass around the Village and it is hoped improvements will be made.

5. The Parish Council has undertaken to provide the means to improve the appearance of the Parish Graveyard. Work will be carried out four times a year.

Traffic Management. Over the last year, the Parish Council and a representative of Downham Road residents have been meeting with both Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council to develop traffic management measures for Stock and the surrounding areas. In addition, Parish Council representatives have participated in a number of meetings to discuss actions related to the A130.

During the discussions, details of traffic problems have been acknowledged by the respective Councils and they have provided constructive comments on the proposed solutions presented to them. Many of the proposals, although effective at reducing speed and volume, would have the appearance of 'urbanisation' in the village and are unlikely to be acceptable to many residents.

The key opportunity to improve traffic is the opening of the new A130. The first phase of this project is already perceived to have reduced the volume of large vehicles using the B1007 - however, there has also been an increase in vehicle speed as a result of the improved flow. Funding for associated management measures in 2002/03 will be dependant on the effects of the new A130 and it is the Parish Council who will continue to ensure that action for Stock will be included - this will be targeted on the surrounding lanes, as well as the B1007.

The Parish Council have also made representations to Chelmsford Borough Council as part of the new Local Plan. This has included objections to development such as Temple Farm, which would further exacerbate the existing traffic problems as well as contravening other policies.

Finally, as a result of data and photographs provided by a local resident, Chelmsford Council has agreed to road surface and signage improvements in Ingatestone Road. Additional information on accidents, however minor, will help our progress with the Council and would be welcomed by the Parish Council.

Litter Bins. Three new litter bins have been installed and a special Froggy bin has been given to the school. There have been problems with the doggy bins as they have a special collection van and due to unforeseen difficulties the collection days have not always been met. We are assured the problems will be overcome.

Extension to Village Hall Car Park. Work is proceeding. The plans have been approved and tenders have been received. The Parish Council will finance the project and then hand it over to the Village Hall Management Committee, as they own the land. Finance. Due to a complaint by a local resident the Parish Council Audit was held up while investigations by the Auditors went on. The matter has only recently been resolved by the claimant withdrawing his complaint. This, however, has not only caused long delays in getting the accounts signed by the Auditors but has cost the parish extra money.

Policing. Our new Police Officer is P.C. Trevor Baker. He has an E-Mail address, which is, and a telephone number, 01245 490296/490820. He is in the Village as often as time allows. He has to police several other villages as well as Stock. He has recently acquired a bicycle which he has been spotted riding around the Village!!

Affordable Housing. The Rural Housing Trust has produced a leaflet for us, which has now been distributed to every house in Stock. When all the forms have been returned to the RHT, they will be analysed and depending on the results the Trust will act accordingly.

Just Bin It Day is on May 11th. A skip will be available on the Common (by the Cricket Pavilion). Black plastic bags and pick-up sticks will also be available. The Parish Council hopes as many people as possible will turn out to clean up the Village. If you are unable to come on that day, take a bag and do your own bit another day.

Finally, I should like to thank, Gary Stringer (our Borough Councillor) for all his hard work on our behalf over the last few years, our Clerk, Lorraine, for her hard work getting to know us and sorting out our systems, and all the Councillors for their support and service over the year. Thank you all very much. I hope we will see a big attendance of the Parishioners at our AGM on Thursday 25th April in the Village Hall at 8pm.