Present: Cllrs. Mr & Mrs Elliott, Tant, Tully, Webb, Lusty & Williams
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer and 5 Members of the Public

447 The Chairman asked the Council if she could add a further three items to the Agenda which were:-
1 Chairman's Report for Annual Parish Meeting
2 A slot for Gary Stringer.
3 An item for Cllr. Webb to report on a meeting he had attended regarding an information day for older residents.
All Councillors agreed for these extra items to be discussed.
    A Parishioner complained that the speed traps had been set up in Smallgains Lane between 10.00am and 11.00am which she felt was the wrong time.
The Parishioner had asked the police to come back again between 8.00am and 9.00am which was when the speeding was occurring. The Parishioner lamppost that had recently been hit.
The Chairman advised that she had spoken to Mr Willett with regard to the deep flood in Smallgains Lane. He had advised her that it would be put up higher on the list to be dealt with. The Chairman advised that the culvert by Magpies was being attended to that day.
Councillor Peacock sent his apologies.
The Chairman welcomed P.C. Baker to the meeting. P.C. Baker advised that he had been patrolling the village since 6pm that evening. He explained that he covers Stock, West Hanningfield, Margaretting and Galleywood and that he had been in these areas for the last six months. P.C. Baker advised that the police now have new bikes and he was trying to use his as much as possible.
He explained that the rural surgeries had now been stopped but the police would be bringing them back on the first Saturday of every month, which would be held at the Moulsham Lodge Community Police Station. He explained that the police would take it in turns to attend the surgeries so if he was not on duty it would be a member of his team.
P.C. Baker reported that there had been reports of car thefts taking place and that he was trying to get on top of the problems in the village. He also explained that the police were looking into buying mobile telephones and asking for contributions from Parish Council's to buy the Pay as You Go cards.
P.C. Baker advised that he could be contacted via E-Mail and his address was Cllr. Tant asked P.C. Baker about the parking in Common Road and the B1007. P.C. Baker explained that he had been to look at the situation but it was late afternoon and the cars had gone. He advised that he would patrol the area earlier in the day over the next couple of weeks. The Chairman thanked P.C. Baker for attending the meeting.
The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
451   MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES. Minute 408, 411, 424 & 437. Any Other Business
The Clerk advised that she had not had any joy with regard to the black cable that had still not been removed from the green outside The Almshouses.

Cllr. Stringer advised that he had drawn up a specification for the repairs to the bus shelter which he handed to the Clerk to send out. It was decided that the tenders would be sent to Mr E.E. Osborne, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Nichols.
  Minute 421, 424 & 437.
Any Other Business Cllr. Elliott advised that after comparing the tenders ELS were to get the grass cutting contract as they had given the cheapest quotation. The Chairman agreed to speak to ELS advising them that they had the new contract. Clerk to confirm this in writing and also to write to Mr Henderson advising him that he had not been successful. The Clerk to send copies of ELS' quotation to Cllrs. Elliott and Tant in order that they can check the work that should be carried out.
    Minute 439.
Village Hall Report The Chairman advised that she had spoken to the EALC and that it is perfectly in order for the Parish Council to hand over the village hall car park to the Village Hall once the work is completed.

Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer advised that Cllr. M. Elliott, Cllr. Peacock and himself had interviewed the contractors regarding the Village Hall Car Park. He explained that once the Parish Council had decided on which contractor they were going to use he thought that the others should be written to letting them know they have not got the contract. As it is the Village Hall's land it was decided that it should be taken to the Village Hall Management Committee to see whether they are happy with what the Parish Council are proposing to carry out. It was decided that once the final contractor had been chosen and they had given their final recommendation a letter would be sent to the Village Hall Management Committee. It was decided that the car park would be finished as the current one. It was agreed to go ahead with concrete kerbing at the bottom end of the car park and flush edging around the rest of the car park. It was decided not to have a bottle bank. It was decided that Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer and Cllr. M. Elliott would finalise the prices with the contractors now they knew the exact specifications and once it was sorted out Cllr. Stringer would write to the Village Hall Management Committee. The job will take three weeks.
    Minute 446.
Any Other Business The Clerk advised that she had written to Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to the loose drain cover in the High Street and the Birch Lane sign that is missing.
Traffic Management - The Chairman advised that Cllr. Peacock was going to have a meeting at Chelmsford Borough Council with the man responsible for Section 106. She reported that Cllr. Peacock was concerned about Mr Cook and him going to the Essex Chronicle with his story. The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr Cook. Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer advised that he had received the same letter and that he had replied to Mr Cook explaining what was currently being done in the village. It was decided that Lord Hanningfield would be invited to attend the AGM.

Playground - The Chairman advised that Cllr. Peacock had spoken to the Playground Officer who was going to send information to him. She explained that the Officer was prepared to arrange a visit when we were ready. Cllr. Peacock had spoken with people at the school who felt that The Larches, Swan Lane, was not a practical idea as the site was too far out. The Chairman felt that a site was needed before the officer came to discuss it.

Village Hall Car Park - Lighting - Nothing to report.

Litter Bins - Nothing to report.
The Chairman advised that Chelmsford Borough Council were looking at the condition of Back Lane and School Lane.

It was reported that on the High Street pavement, from Greenwoods down to Swan Lane, the kerb was getting extremely low. It was reported that it was about 2inches high and lower than that in some places.

It was reported that Common Lane and Common Road were in a bad state. Clerk to contact Chelmsford Borough Council again.

It was reported that there were three large holes around Ware Pond. Clerk to write to Chelmsford Borough Council.

It was reported that there was a huge pothole on the North side of Common Road and the B1007. Clerk to write to Chelmsford Borough Council.

Cllr. Webb reported that the wooden seat and iron supports at the bus shelter need replacing. Cllr. Tant to ask Mr Tant to carry out the work.

Cllr. Williams advised that there was sunken kerbing from Pettons up to Cherry Tree Cottage.
Cllr. M. Elliott reported that there were two arms missing on the signpost on the corner of Downham Road and the B1007. Clerk to write to Chelmsford Borough Council.

Cllr. M. Elliott asked the Clerk to write to Chelmsford Borough Council asking for them to clean all signposts in the village.
Cllr. Williams reported that the AGM would be held on the 30th May 2002. She reported that at the last meeting the Village Hall Car Park was the main issue and took up most of the meeting. Cllr. Williams advised that there was general discussion on maintenance.
The Chairman asked the Parish Council for ideas for inclusion in her Chairman's Report. It was decided Best Value, traffic, Greenwoods, Village Hall Car Park, litter bins, policeman, new Clerk, large cost of audit, Bin it Day and affordable housing would be included
  a) The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the Statutory Contaminated Land Framework Document.
  b) The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Police Sergeant Andy Kenny from Chelmsford Community Policing Team asking for a contribution towards pay as you go phone vouchers. It was agreed that the Parish Council would contribute £10.00 per quarter and the Clerk would send the police a cheque for £10.00.
  c) The Clerk read out a letter from Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to the Parish Summer Sports Programme. She passed the letter to Cllr. Tully to organise.
  d)  The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Essex County Council with regard to Highway Drainage Powers of the County Council as a Highway Authority.
  e)  The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Our Lady & St. Joseph RC Church Parish Council thanking the Parish Council for their annual donation of £75.00.
Cllr. Stringer advised that the Long Gables Planning Application had been refused. He explained that a site visit had taken place and that there was a unanimous vote of refusal mainly because of the setting of the lane and the incompatibility with other properties in that lane. The Chairman thanked Cllr. Stringer for the work he had put into dealing with this and the villagers for attending the planning meetings.

Cllr. Stringer read out a letter that he had received from Mr Brookes of Longmeads, at the Honeypot Lane/Ingatestone Road junction, advising of another accident outside his house. Cllr. Stringer reported that he had replied to the letter and also advised Mr Brookes that works were planned to be carried out by Chelmsford Borough Council. Cllr. Stringer reported that Cllr. Peacock was going to put an article in the Stock Press asking for any evidence of accidents, i.e. photographs, to be sent to either himself or Cllr. Stringer in order that they could keep up the pressure on the Highways Department.
The Chairman reported that approval had been given for the development at The Bakers Arms. She explained that it had been a border line decision and the applicant had been asked to contribute to the amenity fund, Section 106, and the plan had gone through. It was decided that Cllr. Elliott would go to Chelmsford Borough Council to ascertain how many letters of objection had been received and if the Parish Council were dissatisfied with the outcome then they would contact the Ombudsman.
    Application No. 02/00399/FUL. Rear Conservatory.
Location: 9 Well Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs P. Hunt. Comments by 21st March 2002, this had been passed to the Planning Sub-Committee who had no comments to make.
    Application No. 02/00421/OUT. New Agricultural Workers Dwelling.
Location: Rosa Penna, Stock Lane, Stock.
Applicant: N. Giblin.
The Parish Council objected on the grounds that the application should be opposed unless there is cast iron evidence that it is for agricultural purposes.
    Application No. 02/00003/FUL. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two new dwellings (amendments to existing permission ref. 00/00082/FUL).
Location: 53 Birch Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mrs Sayers
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
    Application No. 01/01793/FUL. A new doctors surgery & dispensary with car parking. Amendments to original application.
Location: Land Between Orchard House & Hawthorns, Common Road, Stock.
Applicant: Dr. Coffin and Dr. Acorn.
The Parish Council said that their previous comments still applied.
    Application No. 01/02133/FUL. Single storey and two storey extensions and double garage with accommodation over.
Location: Fourwinds, 148 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs I. Wild.
    Application No. 01/02312/FUL. Two storey rear extension; new roof to garage.
Location: 33 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Keith Johnson.
    Application No. 02/00152/FUL. Demolish existing detached garage and construct two storey side extension and single storey rear addition.
Location: 7 Cambridge Close, Stock. Applicant: Mr & Mrs C. Pratt.
    Application No. 02/05017/TPO. Work to T13 - Oak (TPO 2001/117).
Location: 12 Myln Meadow, Stock.
Applicant: Mrs Cooper.
460   FINANCE.
The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
100773 £500.00 Stock Jubilee Association - Donation towards Jubilee celebrations.
100774 £292.59 Mrs L.J. Green - Salary and Expenses
100775 £62.04 A.H. Smith - Installing Wooden Posts around Ware Pond.

Transfer of Funds - The Clerk advised that £1,000.00 was transferred from the High Interest Account to the Current account on the 26th February 2002 although she had given 14 days notice for it to be transferred on the 12th March 2002. Clerk had spoken to Barclays Bank who had assured her that the Parish Council had not been charged for their mistake. Clerk advised she would keep an eye on the situation. A further £500.00 was transferred on the 18th March 2002.

Audit - The Chairman advised that the parishioner had withdrawn his complaint but as the letter had arrived after the Auditor's letter had been sent out the investigations could not be stopped. It was hoped that the audit would soon be closed.
The Chairman reported that the Parish Council had released the cheque for £500.00 to the Golden Jubilee Association. Cllr. Lusty advised that he had attended the recent meeting and that it was all going ahead reasonably smoothly.
Cllr. Webb reported on an information day for older residents that he had attended on the 19th March 2002. He reported that 300 pensioners had attended and that there were three stalls at the event with numerous speakers. Cllr. Webb had numerous leaflets to hand out and the Chairman suggested that these were passed to the over 60's.
The Chairman reported that the pamphlets had been received and most drops had been done. She explained that Peter Rowntree from the Essex Rural Housing Trust hoped for a 28% - 29% response. The Chairman said she hoped for a good response and hoped to have all the replies in by the end of April.
The Chairman reported that the Clerk had sent out a copy of The Model Code of Conduct to all Councillors for approval for adoption. She then handed over to Cllr. Lusty who had looked through all of the documents that had been received. Cllr. Lusty suggested that the adoption of The Model Code of Conduct be deferred until the next meeting in order that the Clerk could get the necessary documents ready for the Councillors to complete and sign.
The Chairman advised that the Annual Parish Meeting would be held on the 25th April 2002. The next meeting of the Parish Council is on the 29th April 2002.