Present: Cllrs. Mr & Mrs Elliott, Peacock, Tant, Tully, Webb, Lusty & Williams

In The Chair: Cllr. Johnson

Minute Secretary: Lorraine Green

Also Present: Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer and 8 Members of the Public


There were no apologies as all Councillors had attended the meeting.


Cllr. M. Elliott asked the Chairman for the paragraph regarding the Christmas Tree, under Minute 398, Minute 395. Any Other Business, to be changed as he had not actually purchased the Christmas Tree as it had been donated. The Chairman altered the paragraph to read ‘The Christmas Tree was kindly donated by Mr F. Harnett of the Piggeries. Lights would be purchased by Mr Elliott at a cost of approximately £40.00. The Chairman had also had a quotation for £49.99 for lights’. The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.


Minute 337, 378, 388 & 398

Play Equipment – Cllr. W. Elliott advised that the works had been carried out.

Minute 375, 378 & 388 & 398. Any Other Business

The Clerk advised that she had still not heard from the Planning Enforcement Officer with regard to her last letter concerning the advertisement boards being displayed in the Cock Car Park.

Minute 395 & 398. Any Other Business

The Clerk reported that she had still not had a reply from Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to Downham Road and said that she would contact them again.

The Clerk advised that she had written to Mrs Raeburn with regard to the cuttings that had been left behind by the Electricity Board at the top of Birch Lane. To-date the cuttings had not been removed.

The Clerk reported that she had written to Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to the missing Furze Lane sign and the hazard signs off Bishops Farm. She advised that a letter had been received informing her that the matter would receive attention.

The Clerk advised that a bill had still not been received from Mr Tant with regard to the work carried out on the bus shelter.

The Clerk advised that she had written to the police with regard to police surgeries but to-date had not received a reply.

The Clerk advised that her letter had been acknowledged with regard to the loose drain cover outside 46 High Street.

The Clerk advised that she had spoken to 24/7 with regard to the black cable that had been left on the green outside The Almshouses. The company said they would look into the matter and call her back but to-date she had heard nothing from them. Cllr. W. Elliott said the cable had still not been removed so the Clerk agreed to telephone them again.


Traffic Management - Cllr. Peacock proposed the 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th and 31st January as possible dates to have a meeting with Essex County Council. It was decided that he would look at arranging a meeting on either the 25th or 28th January 2002.

It was decided that the next Best Value Meeting would be held on Monday 14th January 2002. Cllr Peacock also thought it would be a good idea to have a meeting on the 21st January 2002 before the traffic meeting with Essex County Council.

Playground – Cllr Peacock suggested that the Parish Council found someone to give advice on the playground in terms of suitability of certain sites. He explained that he was concerned about the playground being sited at the Common due to its close proximity to the Cricket Field. Cllr. Tant suggested that Cllr. Peacock contacted the Recreation Department at Chelmsford Borough Council. It was decided that Cllr. Peacock would look into the matter.

Churchyard Upkeep – Cllr. Peacock advised that he was still waiting to hear from Mr Henderson but reported that the work was due to be carried out by the end of January. Cllr. Peacock requested that when tendering we must include the four times a year churchyard clear-up. Cllr. Peacock agreed to prepare a statement of the actual work that needed to be undertaken.

Village Hall Car Park – Lighting – Cllr. M. Elliott reported that the application was made on the 11th June 2001 and was not approved until the 30th November 2001. He reported that the following conditions were being imposed:-

Cllr. M. Elliott had prepared a letter which he read out and asked the Clerk to type out and send to Mr Sheffield with regard to the cycle parking and lighting.

Cllr. M. Elliott advised that he had chosen three Contractors to approach with regard to the tender for the car park and after discussion it was decided that a fourth would also be approached. The four Contractors were Miller Bros. (Romford) Ltd., M.R. Collins, Nelson Anderson & Sons and Ketley Ashphalt. Cllr. M. Elliott had prepared the documentation and asked the Clerk to send the tenders out as soon as possible as the replies had to be in by Monday 28th January 2002. Cllr. M. Elliott advised the Clerk that when she received the tenders they must remain sealed and be opened at the next meeting. The Chairman said that she thought tenders should also go out for the lighting as the work would have to be carried out in conjunction with the car park.

Litter Bins – The Clerk advised that the Froggo Litter Bin had been received for the school playground. The Chairman advised that the black and gold litter bins would be delivered shortly.


Cllr. Williams advised that no meeting had taken place. Cllr. M. Elliott reported that there were now 339 people in the lottery so we were up to the same figure as August last year. He also advised that Roger Watling had now put the lottery on the village website.


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