Core Classes

The core classes are those classes of information which the Council have agreed to make readily available to the public. In fact we already do so but beaurocracy now requires that we put on record that we do. They are as follows:-
Practice and Procedure Minutes of meetings limited to the last 2 years. Standing orders. Annual Report to Parish Meeting.
Code of Conduct Declarations of acceptance of office. Register of interests. Register of Members Interests book.
Periodic Electoral Review Information concerning changes to the electoral arrangements for the Parish.
Employment Practice and Procedure Terms and conditions of employment and job descriptions.
Planning Documents Responses to planning applications.
Audit and accounts This is a very long list with which I will not trouble you unless you particularly want it. It appears to cover every possible document which relates to the accounts and the audit
All the above are, and always have been, readily available for inspection on application to the Parish Clerk. If copies of any of them are required she is entitled to charge for them. The Core Classes also include some optional documents nearly all of which have no application to a parish as small as ours so they are not included them.