Present: Cllrs. Williams, Elliott, Tully, Lusty, Peacock, Easton, Lewis & Otter
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: 17 Members of the Public

Several parishioners had attended the meeting with regard to the person who had purchased the field by Kings Head Cottage. The Chairman advised that she had been in contact with Christine Lyons, Enforcement Officer, at Chelmsford Borough Council in this regard. The chairman read out a report that had been received from Mrs Lyons. Chelmsford Borough Council are fully aware of the situation and they know that the field has been bought by Mr Davis - apparently the name is common amongst travelling folk and he could be related. Mrs Lyons reported that the land has been ploughed up and that it is unlikely that the land will be used for any standing caravan or vehicle as the ground is totally unsuitable but she advised that the situation was being monitored and a close eye was being kept on the area. The Chairman stated that Chelmsford Borough Council could not serve an injunction as Mr Davis had not done anything illegal but asked parishioners to keep a close eye on the area themselves and report any matters directly to Christine Lyons. The Chairman asked the parishioners to nominate a spokesman to put over the principal points. Cllr. David Dadds of 5 The Square stood up and advised that he was a District Councillor from Billericay and wished to speak on unauthorised development. Cllr. Dadds advised that he had written a thesis on the subject of gypsies. Cllr. Dadds advised that it is a breach of planning control if the owners of the land put a caravan on. He urged the Parish Council to put pressure on the District Council/Councillor to get an injunction to stop movement. Mr Dadds advised that it was important to protect the green belt and uphold planning control and stop the travelling folk from getting onto land. Cllr. Dadds reported that it can take between 2 -6 years to get the travellers off of the land.
Cllr. Peacock asked Cllr. Dadds, as a resident, to E-Mail him a copy of the report that he had read out. Cllr. Dadds said that as a Basildon Councillor he would speak to Planning and speak to the Council.
A parishioner, Miss Fox, asked how the parishioners would be kept up-to-date on the situation. It was agreed that there would be a report at the next Parish Council meeting and that a statement would be put up in the newsagents and on the Parish Council noticeboard.
A parishioner, Virginia Henderson, said that she did not even know that the land had been sold. Mrs Henderson said that she was deeply saddened by the fatal accident in the village. Mrs Henderson also advised that she was totally against the planning development in Honeypot Lane. Mrs Henderson was advised that the Parish Council had submitted their objections to Chelmsford Borough Council but the development had still been approved.
Chelmsford Borough Councillor Ian Grundy sent his apologies.
The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
Minute 806, 784 & 765. Matters Arising From The Minutes and Minute 751. Maintenance.
The Clerk had spoken to Mr Graeme Smith and authorised him to remove the dead tree outside the Almhouses and to remove the hanging branch and tidy the storm damage in the Oak tree outside Compass Green - once he had received consent from Chelmsford Borough Council. The Clerk was still waiting for a quotation for the willow trees. It was agreed that the skirts of the trees should be trimmed and the Clerk would contact Mr Smith in this regard.
Minute 806, 784. Matters Arising From The Minutes and 771. Maintenance.
Cllr. Peacock reported that Anglian Water had jetted the drain out at 4 The Vintners.
Minute 806, 784. Matters Arising From The Minutes and Minute 775. General Correspondence Item b.
Cllr. Easton reported that people were expressing their concern about the drainage on the Common and she said that something needs to be done. The Clerk advised that no further quotations had been received. It was decided that the Clerk should contact Colin Tant regarding the matter.
Minute 806. Matters Arising From The Minutes & 787. Grass Cutting.
The Clerk reported that she had asked Mr Tant to paint the lamppost outside Bellmans Farm.
Minute 806. Matters Arising From The Minutes & Minute 791. Maintenance.
The Clerk reported that she had spoken to ELS with regard to the shoots coming out of the base of the trees on the Common. ELS had advised the Clerk that some of the trees had been attended to and the rest of the work would be completed within the next two weeks.
Minute 806. Matters Arising From The Minutes & Minute 793. Road Signs and Footpaths.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Graham Reeves of Jenny Moody Homes with regard to the gate not being big enough to make the site secure at the development in Mill Road. Mr Reeves had passed the Parish Council's letter onto the Site Manager, Richard Anderson. It was agreed that the Parish Council should monitor the situation.
Minute 806. Matters Arising From The Minutes & Minute 795. General Correspondence. Item j.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr Vale of Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to Mr May parking his lorry in Mill Lane and not reinstating the verge. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask Mr Vale to arrange to erect black and white plastic reflector bollards.
The Clerk advised that Mr Laurence from Billericay Delivery Office had spoken to her with regard to the missing 'next collection' tag and the fact that the Post Office vans had eaten into the grass verge and tipped the concrete slab sideways. Mr Laurence advised the Clerk that the collection tags are no longer being replaced as the Post Office only have to make one collection a day. However, Mr Laurence advised the Clerk that more than one collection is made daily. As regards the grass verge Mr Laurence is going to speak to the drivers concerned and arrange for the damage to be repaired. Mr Laurence said that he would contact the Clerk in due course after he has made his investigations to find out the reasons why the drivers park on the verge.
The Clerk advised that she had spoken to Mr Tant about carrying out the maintenance of the seat on the Common that was donated by Mr Wood in memory of his Son, Phillip.
Minute 812. Maintenance.
The Clerk advised that she had contacted Mr Tant and asked him to replace the posts on the Common. Mr Tant said that he would contact Cllr. Elliott in order that she could meet him on site to discuss the work.
The Clerk advised that she had written to Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to erecting extra posts on the corner of Birch Lane and Myln Meadow. To-date a reply had not been received.
No correspondence was read out.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Orange in response to her letter with regard to the proposed Orange Base Station at Greenwoods Farm. It was agreed that if approved the Parish Council would prefer an ultra slim lattice structure with appropriate camouflage paint.
The Clerk read out letters that had been received from Chelmsford Borough Council and Mr Mark Cooper of 12 Myln Meadow with regard to the Tree Preservation Order 2001/117. The Clerk had been advised that Tree T13 has a disease and needs to be felled.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Paul Bohannan, Planning Enforcement Officer, at Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to Cornerfield, Mill Road. Mr Bohannan advised that he had visited the site and confirmed that he could find no breach in planning control as the large building in question is a replacement garage complex for which planning consent was obtained back in October 2001.
Cllr. Otter asked the Clerk to report the signage outside Greenwoods to the Enforcement Officer at Chelmsford Borough Council.
Cllr. Otter asked the Clerk to find out what is happening with regard to the signage outside Crondon Park Golf Club.
Cllr. Easton reported on the forum meeting that was held on the 25th September at Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill, Regional Spatial Strategy and Local Development Documents. Cllr. Easton advised that in June 2004 there will be a completely new Act of Parliament, which will completely change the planning process. She advised that there is a lot of work to be done in the proposals of the new Act. Cllr. Easton advised that the new system will be a much quicker process. She advised that plans would be looked at via computer rather than paper plans but that there would be no extra funding for using the facility. Cllr. Easton also discussed the Quality Parish Town and Parish Council Scheme and it was agreed that the document would be circulated amongst the Councillors.
Cllr. Elliott asked the Clerk to find out the planning conditions for the houses in Unwin Place as they were supposed to be for the over 55's but some were being leased out - one family in particular had just had a new born baby. It was agreed that the houses were built approximately 20 years ago.
Amendments to Application No. 03/01182/FUL. Erection of 2 bedroom dwelling (Amended Plans received 27/08/03).
Location: Land Adjacent to 20 The Square, Stock.
Applicant: Brite Technologies Ltd.
Comments by 22nd September 2003, under the Clerk's delegated power this had been passed to Cllrs. Johnson, Elliott & Williams who said that they had no comments to make.
Application No. 03/01760/FUL. Installation of a 22m lattice mast, 3 no. dual polar antenna, 2 no. dishes and equipment cabinets.
Location: Greenwoods Farm, Crondon Park Lane, Stock
Applicant: Orange PCS.
The Parish Council objects because they feel that it is visually intrusive in green belt countryside but if approved the Parish Council would like an ultra slim lattice structure to be used with appropriate camouflage paint and for the area to be planted with indigenous trees and shrubs sufficient to screen the cage.
Application No. 03/01851/FUL. First floot front extension and dormer.
Location: Kauri Cottage, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs A.C. Norman.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No. 03/01887/FUL. Re-instatement of pre-existing low wall and picket fence.
Location: Bellmans, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs P. Fenwick.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No. 03/00472/FUL. Retention of storage shed and car parking area.
Location: Bellmans, Stock Road, Stock.
Applicant: P. Fenwick.
Application No. 03/01183/FUL. Change of use of part ground floor living accommodation to tearooms and ancillary kitchen. First floor living accommodation to remain.
Location: 20 The Square, Stock.
Applicant: Brite Technologies Ltd.
Application No. 03/01297/FUL. Proposed alterations and extension.
Location: 34 Birch Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr U. Toliani.
Application No. 03/00754/FUL. Demolition of existing farmhouse and rebuilding in facsimile; conversion of barn and outbuildings to ancillary accommodation; rebuilding of outbuildings to form garages and stores and stables and tack room; demolition of outbuildings.
Location: Holes Place Farm, Downham Road, Stock.
Applicant: Bespoke Properties Limited.
Application For a Certificate of Lawfulness No. 03/01323/CLEUD. First floor bedroom, landing and access with dormer and roof windows.
Location: 6 Peter Street, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs K. Stevens.
Cheques to be Signed - The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
100901 £503.14 Mrs L.J.Green Salary 1.9.03 - 30.9.03
100902 £49.62 Inland Revenue Only PAYE and N.I.
100903 £494.69 ELS Grass Cutting August
100904 £9.50 Stock Village Hall Hire of Hall
100905 £95.00 Mark Henderson Churchyard Grass Cutting
100906 £25.00 CPRE Annual Subscription
100907 £66.64 Mrs L.J. Green Expenses
Transfer of Funds - The Clerk advised that she had put on notice to transfer £1,500.00 from the Business Reserve Account to the Current Account which was due to take place on the 2nd October 2003.
Audit of Accounts for 2002/03 - The Clerk advised that she had sent the relevant paperwork to Lubbock Fine.
The Clerk advised that the Government have announced that by 2005 all Parish Councils have to have a web-site. The Clerk advised that Roger Watling had looked through the paperwork and read out his comments. It was agreed that as the Parish Council already have a web-site then that was sufficient and there was no need to use The Local Channel.
The Clerk read out the letter that had been received from The Countryside Agency and the Parish Council looked at the map. The Chairman advised that any comments had to be made by the beginning of December and suggested that Cllrs. Williams and Elliott look through the document and report back at the next meeting.
The Clerk read out a notice that had been received from the EALC which advised that on the 1st September 2003 the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2003 take effect. The new regulations do not provide for a Parish or Town Council to nominate a Primary School Governor. Rather there is to be a Community Representative on the Governing Board. This representative may be a Local Councillor but is selected by the Local Education Authority and the Governing Body. The new system is to be fully effective by 1st September 2006 which means that any existing Governor can serve out their term of office until it ends but they cannot stay after the 31st August 2006. It was agreed that Peter Bentley should remain a nominated School Governor by the Parish Council until the school had adopted the new regulations.
Traffic Management - Cllr. Peacock reported that there had been a traffic meeting with Chelmsford Borough Council and Essex County Council on the 2nd September 2003 and that final plans had been shown for the High Street - safety approval had subsequently been obtained. Chelmsford Borough Council had met the proposed contractors on site and Cllr. Peacock had been asked if the Village Hall car park could be used to store vehicles and materials. Cllr. Peacock did not think this was advisable with the Pre-School being held in the Village Hall and had suggested using the parking area next to All Saints' Church. The Chairman said that there must be free access to Bellmans and it was agreed that if a funeral or wedding were to take place then the area would have to be cleared and the same would go for weekends when the church was used. Cllr. Elliott suggested using the Common. Cllr. Otter said the insurance aspect would need to be looked at as would security and safety. Cllr. Peacock said that he would put the points to Chelmsford Borough Council and Essex County Council at the next traffic meeting on the 8th October 2003. The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Tant and advise him not to carry out the work in the parking area next to the Church until further notice.
Cllr. Peacock reported that he had met with CBC and Essex Police with regard to the fatal accident at the Common Road/B1007 junction. He advised that the Police were still investigating the accident and, therefore, detailed information could not yet be discussed. Cllr. Peacock reported that the junction signs were badly obscured Northbound from Greenwoods and from the North the sign was covered in moss. Chelmsford Borough Council plan to relocate and replace the sign with one of alternative material. Chelmsford Borough Council had also agreed to re-mark the slow signs in an improved location relative to the 30mph speed limit and the junction. Cllr. Peacock asked the Clerk to write to Greenwoods asking them to clear the overgrown hedges above the fence between Copt Hall and Greenwoods, which were badly obscuring the road sign.
Cllr. Peacock reported that the resurfacing near All Saints' Church was planned to be rectified w/c 29th September.
Cllr. Peacock advised a parishioner, Virginia Henderson, that a speed loop and traffic loop would be installed outside her house and the data on traffic flow in Smallgains Lane would be compared before and after the High Street improvements.
Playground - Cllr. Peacock reported that a company called Playdale had been recommended to him by Mr Snook of Essex Playing Fields and Children's Play Association. Cllr. Peacock said that he would be contacting the lady at Playdale on Tuesday to speak to her with regard to the maintenance that needs to be carried out on the play equipment.
Broadband - Cllr. Peacock advised that he had written to the British Telecommunications Area Manager but to-date no reply had been received. A parishioner, Roger Watling, advised that 142 responses had been received so far. The Clerk read out E-Mails that had been received from Roger Watling requesting assistance from the Parish Council with the cost of printing and distributing the Broadband mail drop. Mr Watling said the cost would be approximately £125.00. The Parish Council agreed to fund this and asked Mr Watling to submit the bill to the Clerk for payment.
Cllr. Elliott reported that ELS had cut the grass on the Common in the first week of September but she had told them not to cut anymore as the grass was too dry.
Cllr. Elliott asked the Parish Council if she could contact ELS to clear out the path from the Common to Mill Lane as it was now very narrow where it was overgrown. Cllr. Elliott also asked the Parish Council if she could ask ELS to cut the grass further back where the Christmas Tree is put. The Parish Council agreed that Cllr. Elliott should obtain estimates from ELS for the work.
Nothing to report.
The Chairman reported that the black bins would go back to weekly collection in December and that the collection of brown bins was going to stop temporarily. Cllr. Tully advised that both her black and brown bin had been emptied on the same day last week.
Cllr. Elliott reported that there was still a lot of building materials being covered up with green tarpaulin outside The Nutshell in The Square. It was agreed that the Clerk should write another letter to Mrs Murphy in this regard.
Cllr. Williams reported that Chelmsford Borough Council had been picking up litter last week between the old Crondon Park and the new Crondon Park. The Chairman said that they had been working around the village.
Nothing to report.
Cllr. Elliott reported that there were pot holes in The Square. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to the matter.
Cllr. Elliott asked the Clerk to write to the owners of April Cottage asking them to reinstate the grass verge outside their property, which had been used to store building materials.
Cllr. Tully asked the Clerk to write to the new owners of The Bear Public House with regard to the metal pole that was sticking out of the ground outside. Cllr. Lewis also advised that complaints had been received about the smell that was coming from the bins outside of The Bear. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the owners advising them that it was a health hazard and unless they attended to the bins then the Parish Council would contact Health and Safety. Cllr. Lewis also reported that cardboard boxes were being stacked by the barn, which was a fire risk. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the owners regarding this matter as well.
The Chairman reported that Bob and Julia Seaman had offered the Parish Council a Christmas Tree. It was agreed that The Chairman and Cllr. Tully would have a look at the tree. The Chairman said that the trees were normally difficult to transplant. It was agreed that a tree would need to be purchased this year, as the tree being offered would be too small to decorate. Cllr. Williams reported that she had received a request for a cherry tree to be planted in the square.
Cllr. Elliott reported that the right hand arm had been knocked off of the signpost at Mill Road/Downham Road junction.
Cllr. Elliott reported that there was a broken stile on Footpath 17 and that there were bad stiles on Footpaths 49 & 50. Cllr. Elliott agreed to report the matters to Mr Clark at Chelmsford Borough Council.
Cllr. Williams reported that Chelmsford Borough Council had cleared the footpath in Downham Road/Birch Lane and it was the best it had ever been. Cllr. Williams reported that the stile had completely disappeared at the Downham Road end of the footpath. It was agreed that Cllr. Elliott would speak to Mr Clark and congratulate him on the work carried out but ask him what the plans are for the stile and whether it is going to be replaced.
Cllr. Williams reported that a meeting had been held three weeks ago and that everything was pretty satisfactory. Cllr. Williams advised that the Statutory Notice with regard to the Trustees had been made public. Cllr. Williams reported that the lights in the car park have now been completed. Cllr. Williams advised that there were now 482 lottery subscriptions for the year and that it was under discussion whether there would be a lottery in future. Cllr. Williams reported that there would be a musical evening on the 10th October, a quiz night on the 25th October, a Christmas Fayre on the 8th November and Southend Shakespeare Company would be putting on a performance on the 6th December. Cllr. Williams advised that the position of Hall Manager was still being sorted out.
The Clerk read out a report that Cllr. Grundy had prepared. Cllr. Grundy said that he hoped the Development Plan Meeting on the 25th September had been useful and that it will lead to a better understanding of the requirements and objectives of the Borough. Cllr. Grundy said that we are all committed to making where we live a better place in all aspects and let us hope that by working together we can achieve this.
Cllr. Grundy reported that earlier this month the Borough confirmed the re-introduction of the weekly grey bin collections, which is scheduled to start in December. The brown bin collection will cease during the winter months and restart in March. The Borough remains totally committed to meeting its recycling targets and hopes the residents will continue their recycling habit.
Cllr. Grundy reported that the Borough Executive are hoping to arrange meetings outside the Civic Centre and are hoping at some stage to hold one in Stock. He advised that this is proving to be quite a challenge due to the heavy booking of the Village Hall. He advised that the same applies to Margaretting and the Borough Executive are exploring the possibility of holding the February meeting at Ramsden Heath.
Cllr. Grundy advised that he had asked the Borough Planning Department to highlight alterations to revised plans but has to report that this remains frustratingly ongoing.
Nothing further to report.
Cllr. Peacock reported that he had not yet spoken to Jan Cole of the Rural Community Council of Essex but agreed to report at the next meeting. The Chairman reported that she had had a meeting with Barry Woodgate who was not keen to get involved.
The next meeting of the Parish Council is on the 27th October 2003.
    The Chairman thanked everyone for coming; the meeting closed at 9.15pm.
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