Minutes Of The Meeting Held
On Monday 1st November 2004 At Stock Village Hall At 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Williams, Elliott, Tully, Lusty, Lewis & Otter
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: 3 Members of the Public and Chelmsford Borough Councillor Ian Grundy

Mr Peter Parkman, Senior Licensing Officer, at Chelmsford Borough Council, gave a presentation on The Licensing Act 2003.
Cllrs. Peacock and Easton sent their apologies.
Cllr. Elliott asked for the words 'near Fristling Lane' be removed in the first paragraph of Minute 1089. Minutes of the Last Meeting.
The Clerk asked for 100993 £619.24 ELS Grass Cutting to be inserted in Minute 1093. Finance, Cheques to be Signed. The Clerk advised that the last digit of all the other listed cheque numbers should be increased by one number.
The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
Christmas Tree - Cllr. Lewis advised that she was collecting the tree next week Cllr. Johnson and Lusty agreed to plant the tree. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask Mr Harnett if he could kindly donate a Christmas tree to the village. It was agreed that the ideal time for delivery would be the second week of December. Cllr. Lewis agreed to organise the decoration of the tree.
Tree Warden Scheme - Cllr. Easton had advised the Clerk that Frances Hall had made contact with her. It was agreed that Frances Hall cannot make decisions without consulting the Parish Council. It was agreed that she should be invited to attend Parish Council meetings. The Chairman agreed to speak to Frances Hall about the matters.
Proposal for more posts in Mill Lane - Nothing to report.
Village Pump in Back Lane - The Clerk reported that she had contacted Bakers of Danbury, Ingatestone Forge and Galleywood Construction asking them to visit the site and provide quotations. She read out a letter that had been received from Bakers of Danbury who wanted to charge £250.00 plus VAT to cover their expenses. The Clerk had advised them not to proceed any further. Cllr.Tully advised that Ingatestone Forge and Galleywood Construction had been to look at the pump and would be sending their quotations to the Clerk.
The Larches - The Chairman reported that Cllr. Peacock had received a map of The Larches area from Mr Hedges' Surveyors. Cllr. Peacock was arranging for three valuations from local Surveyors/Valuers. Cllr. Peacock was also arranging to review the site with an Essex Playing Fields Association Representative regarding the suitability and planning requirements.
Letter to The Boundary Committee re Periodic Electoral Review of Essex - Parliamentary Constituencies Revised Recommendations - Nothing to report.
Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 Provisional Map Issue for East England - Cllr. Williams had obtained maps of the parish boundary from Chelmsford Borough Council. Cllr. Williams advised that it is possible to change boundaries in co-operation with the adjoining parish that will be affected but Chelmsford Borough Council have never changed any boundaries. The Parish Boundaries were discussed. It was agreed that Cllr. Williams would keep one set of the maps and the other set would be held in the office.
Mill Road/Downham Road Footpath - Nothing to report.
Entertainment Licence for Greenwoods Estate Health and Spa - A meeting had not yet been arranged for Mr Osib to come and address the public.
Footpath between the Common and Mill Lane - The Clerk read out the quotation received from Wilben's for replacing the fencing and tidying up the scruffy piece of land where people had been dumping their rubbish. It was agreed that as only one quotation had been received the Clerk should arrange to get further quotations.
Copse of the Edge of the Common, next to Boundary House, which is covered in a pile of rubbish. - The Clerk read out the quotation received from Wilben's for clearing the area. It was agreed that as only one quotation had been received the Clerk should arrange to get further quotations.
Birch Lane/Downham Road Footpath - The Clerk advised that she had written another letter to Mr Chris Romer asking him to carry out any work that was necessary and also asked him to replace the stile by Holes Place Farm. The Clerk had also written to Mr Harrigan asking him to cut the edge of his field that runs along Footpath 16.
Blackboard Advertisement Boards - The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr Bohannan regarding the various possible breaches of planning control. The Clerk had asked Mr Bohannan to attend the Parish Council's meeting but unfortunately he is not available on a Monday evening. The Clerk had therefore arranged for Christine Lyons to attend the next meeting to discuss the regulations on advertisement boards. Cllr. Tully reported that a noticeboard had been put outside the Tea Rooms. Cllr. Lewis advised that she had gone to remove the sign but that it had been stolen. Cllr. Tully suggested one sign signposting the Tea Rooms, The Bear etc. It was agreed that the matter would be discussed at the next meeting.
Noticeboard for outside Village Hall - Cllr. Peacock and the Clerk still to organise. Cllr. Elliott suggested a nice village freestanding noticeboard by the bench at the top of Swan Lane. Cllr. Lewis had suggested that a noticeboard could be put on the wall of her shop.
Draft Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees and a Review of Restrictions on the Political Activities of Local Authority Employees and pay of Political Assistants - The Clerk and Cllr. Lusty had looked at the documents and a reply had been sent.
Fairfields, Marigold Lane - people living in 'The Hawthorns'. The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr Bohannan who advised that the development was permitted following the Borough Council's refusal of planning application 99/01595/FUL by the Planning Inspectorate. This allowed the old calf unit to be converted to an annex for residential purposes. The annex can only be used for those purposes ancillary to the residential use of dwelling known as "Fairfields". The annex also cannot be extended in anyway without the prior approval of the local planning authority. At present Mr Bohannan is trying to establish exactly what the annex is actually being used for.
23 High Street - The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Kevin Chitty who advised that The Council has agreed the materials which have been used on the proposed development and all come from the palette which the vernacular building tradition of Essex draws upon. The use of a rendered finish for the walls of the extension may seem incompatible with a host house which is brick built, but mixing surface finishes from the palette of Essex materials is not at all unusual and is in fact, a principal factor in creating the charm and attractive appearance and character of the towns and villages in the County.
Mr Chitty had visited the site and was satisfied with the appearance of the building in terms of materials used but did notice that a first floor window, which was supposed to have been inserted in the end wall of the development, is not there. Mr Chitty is currently discussing a resolution to this matter with the property owner. Cllr. Lusty suggested that the Clerk write a letter to Mr Chitty advising him that the unanimous opinion of the Parish Council is that the development looks ghastly.
Stafford House, The Square - The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Wayne Jewell, Enforcement Officer regarding the front door being moved from the High Street to The Square. Mr Jewell advised that no breach of planning control appears to have taken place. The moving of a door does not require planning permission. Mr Jewell was also unable to gather any evidence relating to a dog grooming/breeding business from the premises. Mr Jewell is therefore closing the file at present. However, if the Parish Council are able to supply Mr Jewell with any further information regarding the business, he will re-open the case and investigate further. Cllr. Otter stated that this is in a conservation area and asked the Clerk to write to Mr Jewell asking him what are the provisions and guidelines regarding moving the entrance and putting in porches in a conservation area. It was also agreed that a dog grooming/breeding business is taking place from the premises and that the Parish Council would provide evidence to Mr Jewell.
Trees in Mill Road and Thornton Place - The Clerk declared an interest in this item, as she personally knew Ian Dawson of Ingatestone Tree Surgery. The Clerk read out the quotations that had been received from Timbertec, Essex Arboriculture and Ingatestone Tree Surgery. The quotations were discussed and it was agreed that the contract would be given to Timbertec.
The Bear Public House - The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mrs Lawless, Senior Enforcement Officer, at Chelmsford Borough Council. Mrs Lawless advised that she had visited the site on a warm day and that the only smell found to be emanating from the bins was when she stood over them with the lid open. The storage area contained all the waste as it should and the bins are emptied twice weekly then washed. At this stage, Mrs Lawless cannot substantiate the complaint but when she is next in the area she will re-visit the site to see if she can identify a problem.
Layby on Stock/Ingatestone Road just before Buttsbury Church - The Clerk had been advised by Mr Butcher of Chelmsford Borough Council that works would be carried out shortly. The Clerk advised that she had reported the rubbish to the Hit Squad.
Dip by the Village Sign - The Chairman had looked at the site and agreed that repairs needed to be carried out. It was agreed that Cllr. Williams would look for some contractors' telephone numbers and give them to the Clerk.
Swan Lane Bridleway - Cllr. Grundy reported that notice has been served to Mr Sharp, which he believes expires this week. It was reported that people are still complaining about the bridleway.
Village Sign - Nothing to report.
a) The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Paul Rowsell who was head of Democracy and Local Governance Division at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Mr Rowsell advised that the Local Authorities (Code of Conduct) (Local Determination) (Amendment) Regulations 2004 were laid before Parliament on Thursday 14th October and the Standards Board for England (Functions) Order 2004. they will come into force on the 4th November 2004.
b) The Clerk read out a letter from Cyril King of Chelmsford Borough Council advising of the temporary road closure at the High Street and Common Road in connection with the Royal British Legion Remembrance Parade on 14th November.
c) The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr John Dixon expressing his concern about the potential sale of a 7½ acre plot of agricultural land in Whites Hill. Mr Dixon was concerned that this could well be a site that travellers will descend upon, or indeed may even purchase. Mr Dixon asked what is the legal position of this situation and what steps would the Council take if the land was occupied in contravention of planning permission of agreed uses of the land.
The Chairman reported that she had been told that the matter was in hand and it was agreed that the Clerk should write back to Mr Dixon.
d) The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Lynn Constable, Technical Officer, of Municipal Engineering at Chelmsford Borough Council advising the site at 38 High Street had been numbered 38A.
e) The Clerk advised that she had arranged for either Alison Maw or Lisa Cross of Essex County Council's Parish Paths Partnership to give a presentation at the meeting on the 10th January.
f) Cllr. Williams read out the marks for the Best Kept Village Competition.
g) Cllr. Williams said that she thought it would be nice to write to Valerie Bell for the work she had done for the Stock Scrap Book. Mrs Bell had had to give up due to increasing problems with her eyesight. Mr John Westwood was to take over her position.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Maggie Stanton, Legal Services Officer, at Chelmsford Borough Council advising that Tree Preservation Order No. 2004/34 at Caer-Luel, The Paddock was confirmed without modification on the 29th September 2004.
The Clerk advised that she had written to Mr Downie at Chelmsford Borough Council requesting that 104 Mill Road is listed. To-date a reply had not been received.
The Clerk advised that she had reported to the Enforcement Officer that building work had recently started on 37 Birch Lane, which was being built quite differently to what was approved in August 1999. The Enforcement Officer had agreed to carry out a site visit. To-date there was nothing further to report.
Update on Long Gables.
The Clerk had asked Mr Bohannan to attend the meeting but unfortunately he cannot make Monday evenings. The Clerk had therefore arranged for Christine Lyons to attend the next meeting on the 29th November 2004. Cllr. Otter reported that the owners of the new house had erected a summer house adjacent to the hedge, which was very close to the footpath. Cllr. Otter said that she believed that the owners needed planning consent for the summer house. Cllr. Otter also advised that the owners had taken out the boundary planting. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Enforcement Officer expressing the Parish Council's concern at these matters.
29/31 Mill Road and April Cottage, Mill Road
Nothing further to report.
Application No. 04/01954/ADV. Retention of internally illuminated projecting AA sign on entrance gate pier.
Location: Greenwoods Estate, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr Ashor Osib.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No. 04/02087/ADV. Non illuminated post mounted signs at the entrance.
Location: Greenwoods Estate, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr Ashor Osib.
The Parish Council commented that they were concerned about the size of the signs and that if they are larger than the present then they are out of keeping in a conservation area and the setting of a listed building.
Application No. 04/02134/FUL. Two storey side extension.
Location: 2 Little Farm Cottages, Buttsbury, Ingatestone, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Corper.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No. 04/01851/FUL. Installation of extraction equipment.
Location: 20 Mill Road, Stock
Applicant: Modobbirali Shah.
The Parish Council commented that their previous comments still apply.
Application No. 04/02254/FUL. Demolition of rear extension (subsidence) rebuild to match existing.
Location: 130 Mill Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Harding.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No. 04/02016/FUL. Additional business area and parking.
Location: Kings Head Farm, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Turner.
It was agreed that the Clerk would ask for a deferment and that in the meantime Cllr. Otter would try and obtain further information.
Application No. 04/01837/FUL. Loft conversion with two rear dormers.
Location: Willows Brook Cottage, Stock Road, Stock
Applicant: Mrs B.A. Hill. Approved.
Application No. 04/01877/FUL. Formation of single storey rear extension to dining room.
Location: 39 Swan Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mr and Mrs K. Blackburn. Approved.
Application No. 04/01740/FUL. Single storey side and rear extension.
Location: 35 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: Mr and Mrs Weaver. Approved.
Application No. 04/01821/FUL. Single storey extension, conservatory and two storey extension at the side.
Location: 6 Cambridge Close, Stock
Applicant: Mr D. Jory and Mrs M. Packham Approved.
Application No. 04/02072/OUT. Erection of a four bedroomed bungalow.
Location: Broomfield Farm, Broomwood Lane, Ramsden Heath, Billericay. Withdrawn.
Application No. 04/01944/FUL. Rear conservatory.
Location: Tynedale, 9a Mill Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Richard Burgess. Approved.
The Clerk advised that £166.47 interest had been received on the 6th September 2004.
Audit of Accounts 2003/04 - The Clerk advised that the accounts had now been signed off.
Cheques to be Signed - The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
100998 £579.77 Mrs L.J.Green Salary 1.10.04 - 31.10.04
100999 £92.02 Inland Revenue Only PAYE and N.I
101000 £95.64 Mrs L.J. Green Expenses
101001 £99.88 Cirtrik Repairs to Clerk's Computer
101002 £329.00 Lubbock Fine Audit Fee 2003/04
101003 £25.00 CPRE Annual Subscription Renewal
Transfer of Funds - On the 30th October 2004 notice was given to transfer £1,000.00 from the Business Reserve Account to the Current Account. Transfer due to take place on the 8th November 2004.
Barclays Bank Base Rate Tracker - Barclays Bank had sent the Clerk details of their new account. The Clerk explained that the account is an interest earning savings account, which combines easy, no-notice access to your money with an interest rate that tracks the Barclays Base Rate.
12 free withdrawals are allowed a year and additional withdrawals are charged at £2.50 per £1,000. Barclays had suggested transferring some of the Parish Council's money to this account in order that extra interest could be earnt. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to put some of the money into this account. Cllr. Lusty asked whether there were any restrictions on the Parish Council having an on-line bank account with somebody other than Barclays. It was agreed that the Clerk would speak to the EALC and that the matter would be discussed at the next meeting.
Traffic Management - The latest traffic meeting was held on the 15th October with Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council. Chelmsford Borough Council advised that no measures are planned for Well Lane/Smallgains Lane due to its low priority versus other demands and funding. Quiet Lanes are to be piloted elsewhere in Essex. If they are a success, they will be rolled out to other areas including Stock. High Street/Downham Road final work (signs, line removal, gates and cats eye holes) are to be completed as soon as possible (the lines were going to be done on the 24th October but it rained!). Origin/Destination survey results were presented. The majority of goods vehicle traffic is from the Billericay/Stock area going to Chelmsford and is therefore justified in using the B1007. It is unlikely that the B1007 is being used as a rat-run from further afield. Chelmsford Borough Council are going to look at ways that the zebra crossing could be made more visible. The poor road surface on Stock Hill will be investigated (it has been treated again already to remove the shiny top surface). Chelmsford Borough Council are checking regulations on overnight parking of the double articulated trucks in Mill Road. Essex County Council are going to see if they can get the mobile speed indicator set up in the village.
Playground - The Clerk advised that Mr Tant had still not contacted her regarding the work that needed to be carried out on the playarea. Cllr. Williams agreed to look on the Post Office noticeboard to see if there were any odd job men available that the Clerk could contact. It was therefore agreed that the matter would be held over until the next meeting.
Cllr. Elliott said that she would like new estimates for the grass cutting. Cllr. Elliott reported that Paul Williams of Blackwater Landscapes had had his trailer stolen from the Village Hall Car Park. Cllr. Lusty reported that the grass under the seat at the top of Swan Lane had still not been cut. The Chairman reported that the pond had still not been cleaned. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Mr Williams. Cllr. Elliott advised that at the last meeting she had asked for the Churchyard to be cut and that Cllr. Peacock had agreed to speak to the Churchwarden. To-date the churchyard had not been cut.
Proposed Street Lighting on the Paved Dakyn Drive/Swan Lane Footpath - Cllr. Tully agreed to look to see whether the school had cut the hedge back in order that the Clerk could contact Mr Crossley to install the new lighting.
Nothing to report.
Cllr. Otter advised that she was going to attend a Passenger Transport Representative's Meeting on the 2nd November 2004.
Nothing to report.
Cllr. Lewis reported that two people had complained about the pile of bricks that had been used to fill up the potholes on the Common Car Park. It was agreed that the Chairman would speak to Colin Porter about the matter.
Nothing to report.
Next meeting to be held on 8th November 2004.
Cllr. Grundy reported that there were problems in Chelmsford due to the redevelopment of the bus station. He advised that the University Campus was the next building to be demolished. Cllr. Grundy advised that the landscaping had started at Highlands Park and that by 2006 it would be very beautiful. Cllr. Grundy advised that some restructuring was taking place and that Chelmsford Borough Council were looking at the opportunity of having street traders, farmers markets etc in Chelmsford. Cllr. Grundy said that he would try and get the police to attend a meeting to discuss the traffic problems in the village. Cllr. Grundy advised that there had been another Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Anne Bishop of The Rural Housing Trust. Mrs Bishop advised that a further meeting had been held with Mr Thomasin-Foster and two members of the planning department at Chelmsford Borough Council and that the Trust has been encouraged to press ahead with the design phase of the proposed scheme. Chris Warder Smith, the Trust's Development Manager, is currently working on the layout with the architect and plans should be available to show the Parish Council in the next few weeks.
To-date, 19 households have registered an interest in the scheme and a further 6 forms have been sent out but have yet to be returned. This is an acceptable level of need and Mrs Bishop is sure that it will increase slowly as the weeks go by.
As soon as all parties are happy with the proposed layout, the next stage will be for the Rural Housing Trust to arrange a Village Information Day when they will hold a small exhibition for a few hours in the Village Hall which will enable village residents to have a look at what the Trust are proposing. Mrs Bishop advised that this would probably be held early in the New Year when three of four members of the Rural Housing Trust would be available to answer any questions.
Nothing to report.
The next Meeting of the Parish Council is on the 29th November 2004.
The Chairman thanked everyone for coming; the meeting closed at 10.45pm.
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