Minutes Of The Meeting Held
On Monday 19th December 2005
At Stock Village Hall At 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Elliott, Tully, Otter, Easton, Watling & Blackburn
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: 3 Members of the Public and Chelmsford Borough Councillor Ian Grundy

Cllrs. Williams and Peacock
Cllr. Blackburn asked for the paragraph regarding Trees outside the Almshouses to be deleted in Minute 1361. Matters Arising From The Minutes.
The Minutes of the Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
Tree Warden Scheme - Cllr. Blackburn advised that Cllr. Otter had commented by E-mail to him about her concern that the trees were too small and needed stronger stakes. Cllr. Blackburn said that he would prefer not to change things at this juncture and explains his reasons why.
The Larches - Cllr. Peacock still to speak to Greenwoods regarding piece of land on other side of Crondon Park Lane opposite Greenwoods.
Noticeboards - Cllr. Peacock had placed the order.
Cleaning Road Signs, Grass Verges, Bottom of Well Lane, Black and White Posts in Smallgains Lane, Level of Traffic at the High Street End of Common Road and Roadside Obstructions in the Village - Cllr. Peacock still to meet with Highways Department.
Grant from Essex County Council - Cllrs. Peacock and Watling still to meet with Geoff Tully. After discussion it was agreed that Cllr. Watling should order the screen.
Re-tarring and Stoning Common Lane, Common Road, The Square and Birch Lane - Cllr. Peacock still to meet with Highways.
Request for Attention to Street Nameplate outside Almshouses - Chelmsford Borough Council had advised that the sign had now been erected. Cllr. Tully to check that the work has been carried out.
Sign at end of Swan Lane - The Clerk advised that the sign had been sent for galvanizing and will be installed in mid January.
Streetlight No. 813154 opposite The Old Rectory - It was reported that the work had been completed
Doggy Bins - The Clerk advised that Bob Hale had the matter in hand.
Tree at the zebra crossing - Cllr. Peacock still to do.
Replacement tree for the Common - Cllr. Blackburn advised that the tree would be replaced when the other planting is done which would hopefully be in January.
Stock United Football Club - Nothing further to report.
Stock Cricket Club - Cllr. Peacock dealing with matter.
Litter Bin at Chelmsford bound bus shelter - The Clerk advised that Bob Hale has the matter in hand.
Benches for Children's Play Area - Cllr. Williams dealing with matter.
Overgrown hedges at the T junction at the end of Mill Road where it meets Downham Road - Clerk written to Mr and Mrs Nation.
Overgrown Ivy at Harvard East - Clerk had written to owners.
Bit by the wall outside Greenwoods that is very overgrown. Clerk had written to Greenwoods who had telephoned asking for someone to contact them. Cllr. Elliott agreed to speak to Greenwoods.
Parish Paths Partnership (P3) - The Chairman advised that Cllr. Easton and herself would take the project on.
Essex Country Council regarding Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 Town and County (Local Development)(England) Regulations 2004. The Parish Council did not wish to make any comments
Village Policeman - Cllr. Peacock had chased Sgt. Cronin about getting a replacement Police Officer for the village
The following letters were read out:-
a) Eric Burns of Chelmsford Borough Council regarding Street Cleansing in Stock enclosing short questionnaire regarding the street cleansing being carried out in the village. The questionnaire was completed at the meeting.
b) The Chairman reported that the footpath between Swan Lane and Dakyn Drive was covered in leaves and needed tidying up. A parishioner from Dakyn Drive had also contacted the Clerk regarding the matter. He had also reported the matter to Essex County Council who were sending somebody to have a look at the footpath. It was agreed that the Clerk should also contact Essex County Council.
A letter from Chelmsford Borough Council's Planning Department had been received advising that, at present, no provision of new parking spaces as required in condition 10 of planning application 03/01614 at the Bakers Arms. There is currently an active enforcement case in regards to this issue, which Paul Bohannan is dealing with. Cllr. Otter asked the Clerk to contact Mr Bohannan and ask him when the Enforcement Officers are going to implement the new parking as the conditions are extremely dangerous as cars are parking in the road and on the pavement.
Application No 05/02160/OUT
Revised application for one dwelling.
Location: Land Adjacent 5 Dakyn Drive, Stock.
Applicant: Mr M. Campion.
The Parish Council commented that the plans are extremely unclear. The Planning Department need to ensure that it is not too prominent relative to the existing frontage of Brookmans Road. The Planning Department need to ensure the maintenance of the TPO and relative location to the property. The proposed property is completely out of character with the surrounding properties.
Application No 05/02175/FUL
Change of use of concrete barn (Building 1) for storage of household furniture and office furniture and use of Milking Parlour (Building 2) as kitchen for small catering business.
Location: Great Prestons Farm, Great Prestons Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Simon Lyster.
The Chairman advised that letters of objection had been received. Cllr. Otter asked for the letters to be read out. The Parish Council commented that they had received copies of letters sent to the Planning Department from Mr and Mrs Cansick and Mr Northwood and fully endorse the objections made therein. The Parish Council are concerned about the adverse change to the locality, the urbanisation of the area and the increased traffic down a single track rural lane which would be dangerous, particularly to children and elderly residents who live in the area.
Application No 05/02123/FUL
Two storey side addition.
Location: 25 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr J. Canolopez.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No . 02237/FUL 05
Creation of first floor above existing bungalow with single storey side and rear extensions
Location: 90 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Ringer.
The Parish Council commented that they are concerned about the increase in height. This will be higher than the neighbouring dwellings. It will be too dominant and overbearing to the neighbouring properties and the setting of the green at Thornton Place.
Application No 05/02182/FUL
Two storey rear and side extension.
Location: 35 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr P. Murphy
The Parish Council commented that they expressed concern at the absence of a garage. They are concerned at the car parking at this property, which is being considerably enlarged, and facilities for off street parking have been reduced which is on a busy lane. The Parish Council would like the greensward at the front retained with no planting or soil dumping. The Parish Council request that no kerbs are to be put in. The greensward is common land and a village amenity and the Parish Council would not like to see cars parking in this area.
Application No 05/02224/FUL.
Retention of existing detached garage.
Location: White Gables, Downham Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr & Mrs D. Edghill.
The Parish Council commented that they are sad to note that this was built outside the curtilage of the property on green belt, agricultural land and not in accordance with the planning application granted no. 01/00361/FUL.
Application No 05/02229/FUL.
Two storey side extension.
Location: The Gables, Mill Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs J. Harris.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/02332/FUL.
Replacement of existing barn with a house and garage.
Location: Brook Lodge, Stock Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr P. Rothon and Mr. W. Rothon.
The Parish Council commented that this does not comply with green belt policy.
Application No 05/02329/FUL.
First floor side extension.
Location: Plantation Cottage East, Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr S. Welch.
The Parish Council commented that this does not comply with green belt policy.
Application No 05/01832/FUL
Two storey side and rear extension and attached garage.
Location: 35 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr P. Murphy.
Application No 05/01850/CLEUD
Use of old Essex Barn for storage and restoration of classic cars and agricultural machinery
Location: Great Prestons Farm, Great Prestons Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr Simon Lyster.
Application No 05/01509/FUL.
Two storey front, side and rear extensions, rooms in roof and internal alterations.
Location: 6 The Lindens, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs P. Williams.
Application No 05/01786/FUL
Replacement dwelling and garage (amendment to permission ref 05/00826/FUL with additional skylight to dwelling).
Location: 102 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr Curtis.
Applications for Works to be carried out on trees in Conservation Area and trees that have Tree Preservation Orders.
Application No 05/05235/TPO
Works to T1 & T2 - 2 x Oaks (TPO 1987/21).
Location: 9 Mill Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mr Lewis.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make
Application No 05/05236/TPO
Fell T1 - Sessile Oak (TPO 1987/21
Location: 9 Mill Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mr Lewis.
The Tree Warden commented that the tree appears to be in good condition and has been properly pruned in the past. It does not appear likely to be a risk to property or vehicles - especially if properly trimmed back - as proposed in application 05/05235 (24/11/05). The felling of this tree is opposed.
Application No 05/05217/TPO
Works to T34 - Oak (TPO 2001/117).
Location: 39 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: P. Almond
Application No 05/05197/TPO
Works to Oak adjacent to 39 Myln Meadow.
Location: 39 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: P. Almond.
Cllr. Otter discussed the documents with the Parish Council as not all Councillors had seen the documents. Cllr. Otter advised that Chelmsford Borough Council have three options of where they want to place houses in the Borough. After discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council would prefer Option 1. The Parish Council reluctantly supported the creation of the Cross Valley Link Road in order to facilitate rapid access to Broomfield Hospital. It was agreed that the Parish Council wish to protect the existing green belt and that in the Village Appraisal 98% of residents supported the policy and the Parish Council wish to see it retained in its entirety. It was stated that if Temple Farm is used as an employment site there are concerns over traffic and that most planning consents have been by Certificate of Lawfulness. The Parish Council were greatly concerned about any increase in volume of traffic, particularly lorries and HGV's, travelling through the village. The B1007 runs through the conservation area of Stock and is narrow and outside the Cock Public House it is difficult for lorries to navigate a particularly narrow stretch of road. Increased traffic would adversely affect the amenities of the village and damage buildings, a number of which are listed and front directly onto the B1007. The Parish Council were also concerned at the increasing volumes of traffic using the country lanes surrounding Stock as rat runs. Cllr. Otter advised of the plans to take out long stay car parks in the town center with the implementation of the park and ride scheme. The Parish Council were concerned about this given that a high percentage of the borough's working population commute daily to London. There appeared to be a lack of enthusiasm for the Park and Ride.
It was agreed that Cllrs. Otter and Easton would meet up the next day and complete and submit the Borough questionnaire online, incorporating the Parish Council's comments.
Cheques to be Signed - The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
101105 £613.53 Mrs L.J.Green Salary 1.12.05 - 31.12.05
101106 £104.82 Inland Revenue Only PAYE and N.I
101107 £ 73.03 Mrs L.J. Green Expenses
101108 £43.00 Mr. P.H. Williams Grass Cutting November
Transfer of Funds - On the 13th December £5,250.00 was transferred from the Business Reserve Account to the Base Rate Tracker. On the 16th December the balance of £8.69 was transferred from the Business Reserve Account to the Base Rate Tracker. The Business Reserve Account has now been closed.
Traffic Management - The Chairman asked the Clerk to write to Highways at Essex County Council asking them to erect black and white posts on the corner of the right hand bend of Smallgains Lane.
Playground - Cllr. Peacock had arranged for an inspection to be carried out in January.
Mr Williams had written apologising for not cutting the village High Street for a total of five weeks during October and November and advising that this had mainly been down to the weather, which had been particularly bad. Mr Williams intends to cut the High Street at least once more before the end of the year to get back on track, weather permitting - All agreed. Cllr. Blackburn discussed the trees that needed attention. Cllr. Blackburn advised that permission has to be given to cut trees back in the conservation area.
It was agreed that Cllr. Blackburn would have a site visit whilst Mr Williams was carrying out the work. The Parish Council were reluctant for the trees at Thornton Place to be cut back. Cllr. Blackburn to check to see whether Chelmsford Borough Council cut that piece of grass. Cllr. Blackburn to look at Rowan that is leaning. It was agreed that the tree outside the Almshouses should not be cut back but just make visibility to drivers better. It was also agreed that the trees at the War Memorial should be trimmed very slightly to make it easier for Mr Williams to cut the grass. It was agreed that the shoots at the bottom of the trees on the common could be cut and the branches that hung down in order to make it easier for Mr Williams to strim under them. Cllr. Blackburn said he would get permission from Chelmsford Borough Council to very sutley cut the trees and that he would oversee the work being carried out. Cllr. Blackburn advised that the tree planting would be carried out in January and that he had to agree a date with the school. Cllr. Blackburn to oversee work.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
Cllr. Grundy advised that he had recently attend Ramsden Heath Parish Council's meeting and that Lord Hanningfield had been in attendance. Essex County Council have allocated £45m for roads and Lord Hanningfield believes that all roads in Essex should be up to standard in the next three years. Lord Hanningfield stated that Essex is one of the worst counties in the country for roads and he intends to make Essex the best county. Cllr. Grundy advised residents and the Parish Council to keep writing complaining about roads.
Cllr. Grundy advised that free bus passes for the elderly will be introduced and will be available countywide. He advised that it is costing Chelmsford Borough Council £100k over and above what the Government are supplying.
Cllr. Grundy suggested that the Parish Council write to Lord Hanningfield asking for the temporary road calming 40mph illuminated signs (Speed Indication Device) to be brought to Stock.
Cllr. Grundy advised that on the 24th April Ramsden Heath Parish Council were inviting The Chief Constable of Essex, Richard Baker, to attend their meeting. The Parish Council were considering opening the meeting up to other Parish Councils to attend. Cllr. Grundy said he would keep the Parish Council informed of the situation.
Cllr. Grundy asked the Parish Council to make use of The Hit Squad and to make parishioners aware of the facility. It was agreed that the Chairman should put an article in Stock Press.
Nothing further to report.
It was agreed that a meeting would be held after Christmas. It was reported that Cllrs. Easton, Otter, Watling and Chelmsford Borough Cllr. Grundy had agreed a preliminary meeting with Cllr. Peacock but they had heard no more on the matter from Cllr. Peacock.
Cllr. Otter asked that the revised timetable for Christmas and the changes for the 100 service be put on the noticeboard and website.
Cllr. Otter had made enquiries about bus passes for children attending Mayflower School. She advised that Essex County Council only provide bus passes for children who qualify for free travel. If parents who do not qualify for free transport want buss passes for their children, then they should approach the bus company First, Neilsons or Mayflower School.
Cllr. Otter advised that in the last two weeks bus fares have risen again and that the percentage rise had gone up a lot.
The next Meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 30th January 2006 at 7.30pm.
Posts on the Common and new planks and paint for railway seat - Bob Hale dealing with matter.
Pond at Thornton Place - The Chairman said that the work would be carried out in the New Year.
Church Car Park - S.D. Landscapes quote was discussed and accepted.
Drain outside the Almshouses - The Clerk advised that the work would be started on the 5th January and should be completed by the 13th January 2006.
The Chairman thanked everyone for coming; the meeting closed at 9.55pm.
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