Minutes Of The Meeting Held
On Monday 28th November 2005
At Stock Village Hall At 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Johnson, Elliott, Williams, Tully, Otter, Watling & Blackburn
In The Chair Cllr. Peacock
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: 2 Members of the Public and Chelmsford Borough Councillor Ian Grundy

Cllr. Easton sent her apologies, as she was unwell.
Cllr. Elliott asked for the last sentence of Minute 1343. Matters Arising From The Minutes, The Larches, to read as follows `He advised that he had spoken to the Planning Department. Amenities told him that they may have a suitable piece of land'.
The Minutes of the Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
Tree Warden Scheme - Lynn Cameron of Chelmsford Borough Council had written advising that the Tree Planting Grant had been approved. The Parish Council had therefore received a grant of £62.60 towards the scheme. Cllr. Blackburn had consulted with the residents regarding the trees at the end of Swan Lane. Cllr. Blackburn had decided to plant Japanese Cherry trees. He said he could order 5 and plant one in The Square. Cllr. Otter stated that she asked for a copy of the tree planting scheme at the last meeting, which she had not yet received and was horrified to see it printed as agreed in Stock Press. The Chairman apologised for the oversight and agreed to E-mail a copy to all Councillors. Cllr.Blackburn read out the scheme and it was agreed.
The Larches - The Chairman had spoken to the Planning Department to see what their views were about The Larches. They were interested in other possibilities i.e. the land between Stock and Billericay that Strutt and Parker have for sale and the piece of land on the other side of Crondon Park Lane opposite Greenwoods. The Planners were going to look at the other alternatives. The Chairman said he would speak to the Planners and arrange a site visit to get their preference on the land in question. The Chairman said he would have a meeting with Greenwoods to discuss the piece of land that they own.
Noticeboards - The Planning Department had agreed to the noticeboard for the top of Swan Lane. Chairman was now waiting for a quotation. It was agreed that the Chairman could order the noticeboard. Cllr. Elliott reported that the noticeboard in Back Lane had fallen off its posts and that a parishioner had put it back up. The Chairman advised that Bob Hale was going to put new poles into the ground this week.
Cleaning Road Signs, Grass Verges, Bottom of Well Lane, Black and White Posts in Smallgains Lane, Level of Traffic at the High Street End of Common Road and Roadside Obstructions in the Village - Chairman to take list of matters to meeting with Highways Department.
Grant from Essex County Council - Cllr. Watling advised that an electric screen would cost between £125.00 and £150.00 and the projector would cost £1,200.00. Cllr. Williams advised that the Village Hall Management Committee had agreed to putting the screen up in the Village Hall. Chairman and Cllr. Watling to discuss further regarding positioning and electric sockets.
Re-tarring and Stoning Common Lane, Common Road, The Square and Birch Lane - To-date a reply had not been received. The Chairman said that he would take this matter to the meeting he was having with the Highways Department.
Request for Attention to Street Nameplate outside Almshouses - The Clerk advised that Chelmsford Borough Council had now ordered the sign.
Sign at end of Swan Lane - The quotation had been received from Ingatestone Forge and the Chairman had placed the order.
Streetlight No. 813154 opposite The Old Rectory - Mr Crossley of Essex County Council advised that the work had been carried out on the 21st November 2005. Cllr. Tully to check to see if work has been done.
Doggy Bins - Bob Hale dealing with matter.
Tree at the zebra crossing - Chairman to speak to Mr Fox.
Replacement tree for the Common - It was agreed that a flowering cherry should replace the Hawthorn. Cllr. Williams disagreed with this decision.
Stock United Football Club - Cllr. Grundy had had a meeting with Stock F.C. at which they re-emphasised the points already discussed. Cllr. Grundy gave the football club details of sources of funds they could apply for in order to get a new ground. Stock F.C. are currently in discussions with Mrs Ray. Cllr. Grundy suggested to Stock F.C. that they publish a newsletter and put it on the website. Cllr. Grundy stated that if the Parish Council purchased a piece of land for the community then grants can be obtained and a football pitch could be put onto the land.
Stock Cricket Club - The Chairman had drafted the sign and had sent it off for a quotation. Chairman had also written to Stock Cricket Club.
Litter Bin at Chelmsford bound bus shelter - Bob Hale dealing with matter.
Post outside the Paddocks - Work has been completed.
Benches for Children's Play Area - Cllr. Williams to look at brochure and place order
Overgrown hedges at the T junction at the end of Mill Road where it meets Downham Road - Clerk to write to Mr and Mrs Nation of Cornerfields asking them to cut the hedges back.
The following letters were read out:-
a) Tim Gardiner, Public Rights of Way Officer, at Essex County Council regarding money available to carry out P3 activities in the area for any projects in the remainder of the financial year. Cllr. Johnson agreed to take over the responsibility of footpaths if she could get someone to assist her. She suggested asking Cllr. Easton. Cllr. Grundy advised that a parishioner had offered their services to assist with footpaths to Essex County Council. It was agreed that Cllr. Grundy would put the person in touch with Cllr. Johnson.
b) Martyn Wild, Neighbourhood Co-Ordinator, from Chelmer Housing Partnership regarding Partnership Working.
c) Essex Country Council regarding Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 Town and County (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004. Documents enclosed were Draft Statement of Community Involvement and Essex Minerals Development.
d) Brentwood Borough Council enclosing their Draft Statement of Community Involvement.
Cllr. Williams had written to the Clerk advising that she no longer wished to be one of the designated Councillors that the Clerk's uses to discuss plans under her delegated power. Cllr. Elliott proposed Cllr. Tully, which was seconded by Cllr. Johnson.
The Planning Inspectorate had dismissed the appeal by Mr and Mrs N. Giblin regarding the site at Rosa Penna, Stock Lane.
The Chairman had requested that the Clerk write to the Planning Department asking whether the owners of the Bakers Arms have complied with the provision of the plan for car parking on what was the 'petanque' playing area. To-date no reply had been received.
Application No 05/01957/FUL.
First floor extensions over dwelling and garage with alterations to roof including dormer windows and rear conservatory.
Location: 16 Common Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Lewis.
The Parish Council commented that they supported the previous refusal by Chelmsford Borough Council. The latest plans are increased in height and bulk. This urbanises the rural aspect of the Common. Its roofline is too high for the location. This property overlooks the Common. There is limited access for contractor vehicles. This is effectively turning the original bungalow into a two storey house. This is detrimental to the character of the Common and the lane.
Application No 05/02067/FUL.
First floor rear extension, alterations to side porch, pitched roofs to front porch, side porch and garage.
Location: 53 Myln Meadow, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Ainsworth.
Comments due by 25th November 2005. Under the Clerk's delegated power, and after consultation with Cllrs. Johnson, Elliott and Williams, the Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/02061/FUL.
Single storey side extension .
Location: 24 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Spotswood.
The Parish Council commented that it will be detrimental to preserving the character of the Conservation Area. It is over development of a listed building in a Conservation Area. It reduces the potential for off street parking on a relatively dangerous and busy bend.
Application No 05/02062/LBC
Single storey side extension .
Location: 24 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Spotswood.
The Parish Council commented that it will be detrimental to preserving the character of the Conservation Area. It is over development of a listed building in a Conservation Area. It reduces the potential for off street parking on a relatively dangerous and busy bend.
Application No 05/01995/FUL.
Erection of a shed in garden.
Location: 13 Hereward Mount, Stock.
Applicant: Mr D.W. Allan.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/02141/FUL
Single storey rear extension, parking to front and new kerb cross over.
Location: 10 Dakyn Drive, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Day.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/01657/FUL
Retention of swimming pool, summer house and pool house.
Location: 21 Hereward Mount, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Clack.
Application No 05/01736/FUL.
Demolition of existing house and replacement with 2 no. new dwellings.
Location: 50 Well Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Jenny Moody Properties Limited.
Approved subject to a Unilateral Undertaking under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Applications for Works to be carried out on trees in Conservation Area and trees that have Tree Preservation Orders.
Application No 05/05217/TPO.
Works to T34 - Oak (TPO 2001/117).
Location: 39 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: P. Almond.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make. .Approved
Application No 05/05578/CAT.
Works to 3 x Norway Maples and 1 x Oak
Location: Hope Farm House, 36 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr C. Condren.
Application No 05/05188/TPO.
Works to Oak T2 (TPO 2001/117).
Location: 3 Mill Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mrs Magda Hopkins.
Application No 05/05574/CAT.
Reduce height of Hazel.
Location: 11 Back Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mrs Claydon.
The relevant documents had been received. One set of comments had been received from John Pardon whose main concern was Temple Farm. Chairman to E-mail copy of Mr Pardon's comments to all Councillors. The main concerns of the Parish Council were Temple Farm, Highways and to support the green belt policy. Cllr. Grundy advised that all households will be receiving a copy of Life from Chelmsford Borough Council together with a questionnaire. Cllr. Otter stated that West Hanningfield were also concerned about Temple Farm. Cllr. Elliott suggested contacting other parishes to get their comments. Chairman to circulate documents to all Councillors in order that comments can be made at next meeting and E-mailed to Chelmsford Borough Council on the 20th December.
1365. FINANCE.
Village Hall Car Park - The Clerk advised that a cheque for £6,930.00 had been received from the Village Hall as a donation towards the car park.
Annual Donations. The Chairman advised that letters had been received from All Saints' Church and Our Lady & St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church Parish Council requesting their annual grants from Stock Parish Council. It was agreed that a churchyard grant of £200.00 would be made to All Saints Church and £75.00 to Our Lady & St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church Parish Council. It was agreed that the grant to All Saints Church would be reviewed next year as the Parish Council pay for the churchyard grass cutting. Letters had also been received from The Tweedy Charity and Stock Press requesting their annual donation. It was agreed that this year's donation to The Tweedy Charity would be for £150.00 and the donation to Stock Press would be for £50.00. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask Stock Press for a copy of their accounts. A donation of £200.00 was also approved for Essex Air Ambulance. All of these payments were made under Section 137.
Cheques to be Signed - The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
101094 £613.54 Mrs L.J.Green Salary 1.11.05 - 30.11.05
101095 £104.81 Inland Revenue Only PAYE and N.I
101096 £97.66 Mrs L.J. Green Expenses
101097 £212.00 Mr. P.H. Williams Grass Cutting October
101098 £ 18.00 Royal British Legion Stock Poppy Wreath
101099 £150.00 Tweedy Charity Annual Donation
101100 £200.00 All Saints Church Annual Donation
101101 £75.00 Our Lady & St. Joseph R.C.Church Annual Donation
101102 £200.00 Essex Air Ambulance Annual Donation
101103 £50.00 Stock Press Annual Donation
101104 £49.04 British Telecommunications Plc Office Telephone
Transfer of Funds - No transfers have been carried out.
Precept and Budget for 2006/07 - The Clerk had prepared the Budget and circulated copies to the Councillors prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the Precept for 2006 should remain at £30,000.00.
Traffic Management - The Chairman is due to have a meeting with Norman Robinson on Wednesday. The Chairman advised that the speed and traffic volume results from the last speed loops did not make very pleasant reading and that they had hardly changed. Chairman to E-mail a copy of results to all Councillors.
Playground - Chairman to organise Wicksteed Inspection
The Chairman read out a letter that had been received from Mr Williams of Blackwater Landscapes regarding removing the lower branches and cutting back the suckers from around the base of the trunks on various trees that he feels need attention in order to make cutting and strimming around them easier. The Clerk had passed the letter to Cllr. Blackburn who was arranging to meet Mr Williams to discuss the matter further. The cost for carrying out the work would be £262.00. Cllr. Blackburn had met Mr Williams to see what he proposed to do. Cllr. Elliott gave Cllr. Blackburn a copy of the Conservation Area map to photocopy. Cllr. Blackburn advised that permission needed to be sought from Chelmsford Borough Council to cut the overhanging branches on the tree outside the Almshouses. After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council wished to preserve the look of the tree outside the Almshouses. The Chairman asked all Councillors to look at the trees mentioned and report back at the next meeting
Cllr. Watling enquired about the electronic bus time signs. After discussion it was agreed that Cllr. Otter would get a plan
Cllr. Elliott asked the Clerk to write to the owners of Harvard East asking them to trim the entrance on the right hand side, which is covered in ivy.
Cllr. Elliott reported that the bit by the wall outside Greenwoods is very overgrown. The Clerk was asked to write to Greenwoods regarding the matter.
Nothing to report
Nothing to report
Cllr. Grundy advised that he had attended a police strategy meeting recently and that he would chase his contact regarding getting a replacement Community Police Officer for Stock. The Chairman said he would also speak to Sgt Cronin about the matter.
Cllr. Grundy stated that as the Parish Council had paid a lot of money towards the Village Hall Car Park he felt that residents should therefore be able to use it. A discussion was held and it was decided that it would be difficult to police.
Cllr. Grundy asked whether there was any news about the newsagents. Cllr. Tully advised that the Post Office were going to take on the newspapers. The Parish Council were very concerned that the shop had closed.
A letter had been received from Anne Bishop, Area Programme Manager, at The Rural Housing Trust. She advised that they had carried out a thorough investigation of the site - ecological, landscape and contamination risk assessments, detailed examination of possible badger presence (which has been active for several years) and a topographical survey. Before Christmas one of Mrs Bishop's colleagues will be discussing the latest sketch plans with CBC planners and once they are further advanced with detailed design, Mrs Bishop will be in touch again to send the plans and to book a date for the Village Information Day. The scheme has also been submitted to the Housing Corporation for funding and the Rural Housing Association will know if they have been successful in the New Year.
A further letter had been received advising that the Planners at Chelmsford Borough Council require a further redesign. The Planners mentioned that they have to be certain that this site is the only suitable and available one for a scheme such as The Rural Housing Trust's. Mrs Bishop was writing again to Mr Hoy to make sure that he was not interested in providing some land. Mr Hoy's site and the one they are working on in Back Lane are the only two preferred by the Planners. It was agreed that the Clerk should send a copy of Mrs Bishop's letter to Mr Hoy.
The Chairman advised that the proposed dates were 13th and 14th January in the small hall in the Village Hall. A meeting needed to be arranged with Michelle Gardiner before Christmas to finalise the details of the meeting to be held in January.
Cllr. Otter advised that she had received two notices regarding the road closure at Church Road, West Hanningfield. Cllr. Otter asked for a copy to go on the noticeboard and website.
Cllr. Otter had received a notice sheet informing her that the completion date for the Park and Ride would be March 2006.
Cllr Otter had attended a Passenger transport meeting. She advised that she was still pursuing the matter of bus passes for children attending Mayflower School who did not qualify for free transport.
The Government Budget advised that from April 2006 there would be free bus travel for disabled and people of pensionable age. The Borough Council is responsible for providing this service. The current fare concessions are available countywide. For the new free bus travel to be available countywide agreement has to be reached between all the District/ Borough Councils in Essex and currently discussions are taking place regarding this provision. The outcome of the talks will determine whether the concession will apply just within the borough or cover the whole County. Cllr. Otter had asked Cllr Grundy to lobby Chelmsford Borough Council to provide for the Essex concession. Cllr Grundy said that he would take up the matter with the relevant Cabinet Member and report back to the meeting. It was agreed that this item should be left on the Agenda for the next meeting.
Cllr. Otter had attended a very interesting Railway Seminar regarding trains across Essex.
The next Meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 19th December 2005 at 7.30pm.
Posts on the Common and new planks and paint for railway seat - Bob Hale dealing with matter
Pond at Thornton Place - S.D. Landscapes had advised that there was a high nitrate level and that the bottom of the pond needed clearing out and new plants be put in that would oxygenate the water. It was decided that a second opinion should be sought and Cllr. Johnson agreed to organise this.
Church Car Park - S.D. Landscapes advised that large vehicles are causing the problem and that without changing the surface of the car park not a great deal can be done. Their only suggestion would be to install a height restriction frame at the entrance but the Parish Council did not approve of this. It was agreed that the Chairman should ask them to quote to repair the car park, tidy up the edging and redistribute the stones.
Drain outside the Almshouses - S.D. Landscapes advised that the drains currently installed are the incorrect type, positioned poorly and installed badly. The correct type of drains should be installed across the entrance to the private road, across the gravel road and into the green and at the opposite end of the gravel road another drain running into the green. The quotation was discussed and it was agreed that the work should be carried out.
The Chairman thanked everyone for coming; the meeting closed at 10.10pm.
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