Minutes Of The Meeting Held
On 31st October 2005
At Stock Village Hall At 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs. Williams, Easton, Tully, Otter, Watling & Blackburn
In The Chair Cllr. Peacock
Minute Secretary Lorraine Green
Also Present: 6 Members of the Public

Cllr. Blackburn signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form and the Chairman welcomed him onto the Parish Council.
Cllrs. Johnson, Elliott and Chelmsford Borough Cllr. Ian Grundy sent their apologies.
The Minutes of the Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.
1342. DATES OF MEETINGS FOR 2005 AND 2006.
The Clerk had circulated a copy of the potential dates of meetings for 2005 and 2006 to all Councillors. The dates were discussed and agreed.
Tree Warden Scheme - The Chairman advised that the proposal for planting in Brookmans Road and at the junction of Swan Lane and the High Street had been submitted to Chelmsford Borough Council in order to apply for a grant. Cllr. Blackburn advised that he was contacting the utility companies to see if anything is underground at the point that is going to be planted. He also was going to contact the owners of the relevant properties. The Chairman advised that he had spoken to the Planning Department about the planting around the noticeboards and they were happy for the Parish Council to go ahead. Cllr. Blackburn discussed the situation regarding an ornamental tree where the Christmas tree normally stands. It was agreed that a tree that flowered should be purchased. The Chairman said that he still had to speak to Mr Fenwick regarding the Christmas Tree.
The Larches - The Chairman reported that the Planning Department were going to go away and look at suitable proposals. He advised that he had spoken to the Planning Department. Amenities told him that they may have a suitable piece of land.
Noticeboards - The Chairman was still awaiting planning approval.
Noticeboard in Back Lane - The noticeboard has now been erected.
Cleaning Road Signs, Grass Verges, Bottom of Well Lane, Black and White Posts in Smallgains Lane, Level of Traffic at the High Street End of Common Road and Roadside Obstructions in the Village - The Chairman advised that he had chased the matters up and it was agreed that he needed to meet the Highways Department on site in order that they could look at the things that needed to be done. The Chairman said he would organise this and would copy the letter to Ian Grundy.
Grant from Essex County Council - Cllr. Watling advised that the laptop and routers had now been received. He said that he would sort out the Clerk's computer in order that the network could be connected to it. The Chairman advised that he had written to the Village Hall Management Committee regarding the screen,, projector stand and the potential of running a cable from the office to the hall. Cllr. Watling agreed to attend the next Village Hall meeting to discuss the matter.
Re-tarring and Stoning Common Lane, Common Road, The Square and Birch Lane - The Clerk had written to Essex County Council. To-date a reply had not been received.
Request for Attention to Street Nameplate outside Almshouses - The Clerk had written to Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the matter. To-date a reply had not been received.
Sign at end of Swan Lane - The Chairman was still awaiting a quotation. It was agreed that once it was received the Chairman could go ahead with the order.
Streetlight No. 813154 opposite The Old Rectory - The Clerk had written to Essex County Council regarding the matter. To-date a reply had not been received.
Doggy Bins - The Chairman advised that the bins had arrived and he was now waiting for Bob Hale to install them.
Tree at the zebra crossing - The Clerk had written to Essex County Council regarding this matter. To-date a reply had not been received. The Chairman agreed to contact Mr Fox regarding the matter.
Church Car Park - The Chairman advised that he had met with S.D. Landscapes who had advised that there was not much that could be done to the Church car park because of the lorries using it.
Drain outside the Almshouses - The Chairman advised that he had met with S.D. Landscapes and that they were going to provide a quotation with their proposals of what could be done.
Ditch Around Common - The Chairman advised that Bob Hale had completed the work.
Replacement tree for the Common - Cllr. Blackburn advised that the replacement Hawthorn tree was to be included with in the planting scheme
Stock United Football Club - The Chairman advised that he had left a message with Mr Howell in order to give him an update on the possibility of a new piece of land.
Stock Cricket Club - The Clerk had checked with the insurance company who advised that it does no harm to put up a notice although it is not a legal requirement. It was therefore agreed that a sign should be erected. Chairman to organise.
Litter Bin at Chelmsford bound bus shelter - The Chairman had asked Bob Hale to look at adjusting the bin.
Legislation regarding footpaths being made suitable for all fitness abilities - The Chairman advised that Cllr. Johnson had spoken to Essex County Council. They have no plans or requirements to make modification to allow access to all abilities.
Leather Bottle Hill Closure - Cllr. Otter reported that Essex County Council had changed the dates of the closure.
The following letters were read out:-
a) The Countryside Agency, Landscape Access Recreation enclosing a copy of the relevant section of the conclusive map of open country and registered common land for the parish. It was agreed that Cllr. Otter would look at the document and then it would be passed onto the other Councillors.
b) Essex County Council regarding the Community Initiatives Fund. Chairman to E-Mail document to all Councillors in order that they can think of suitable projects. The Chairman advised that he was going to enquire with Strutt and Parker about a piece of grazing land for sale on Stock Hill.
c) Dennis Lusty expressing his gratitude to the Parish Council for their most generous gift
d) Keith Holmes, Development Manager, of Chelmsford Borough Council, regarding the Parish Council Meeting to be held in the Council Chamber on Wednesday 16th November at 7pm to discuss the following topics: The East of England Plan (RSS14), Towards a Local Development Framework for Chelmsford Borough and the Publication of the Chelmsford Area Action Plan (AAP) Preferred Options Document. It was agreed that Cllrs. Peacock and Otter would attend. It was agreed that firm representations needed to be made about Temple Farm regarding traffic associated with the site otherwise Stock would suffer with traffic.
e) CBC regarding a meeting to be held on 3rd November 2005 at 7pm regarding the consultation document on Chelmsford Town Centre Area Action Plan which is out for consultation from 8th November to 20th December. Document available on the CBC website. It was agreed that everyone would look at the document and that it would be made an Agenda item for the next two meetings. Preliminary comments would be made at the next meeting and final comments at the meeting on the 19th December.
f) Cllr. Jason Need, Cabinet Member for Environment and Housing, at Chelmsford Borough Council regarding Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 - Provision of Dog Fouling Bins. Cllr. Need asked for the Parish Council to identify those areas that are either heavily fouled or regularly used by dog walkers so that additional dog bins can be installed, subject to available funds and the suitability of the site. Cllr. Need would be in a position to install the bins early in the New Year.
g) Derek Latimer, Democratic Services, of Chelmsford Borough Council advising of the Temporary Road Closure Order 2005 for the High Street and Common Road on the 13th November 2005
h) Michelle and Phil Murphy requesting for speed reduction measures in Mill Road and concerns about the speeding in the village near the zebra crossing and in the lanes. They suggested some speed bumps or a mobile speedometer which shows drivers the speed they are doing. The Chairman said he would take the matter up with Essex County Council and ask them to look at the traffic and speed in the village.
i) Nick Shuttleworth of RCCE inviting the Parish Council to the Best Kept Village in Essex Competition 50th Anniversary Reception on Friday 11th November between 7pm and 9pm in the Shire Hall, Chelmsford. Nobody wished to attend.
k) Cllr. Otter advised that she had received an invitation to attend the Strategic Rail Seminar and that she would attending.
l) Cllr. Otter advised that Essex County Council subsidise lots of buses and that the tenders were going around . She said that the list does not cover Stock but more out of area buses.
m) Mr Staves of 41 Birch Lane regarding his recent planning application. He felt the Parish Council made inaccurate observations and recommendations to the Planning Authority. It was agreed that the Chairman would write the same letter to Mr Staves as had been sent to Cllr. Williams. Cllr. Williams acknowledged her letter from the Parish Council and said that she was partially satisfied.
n) Cllr. Watling had received an E-Mail from P.C. Elmer advising that he had been moved on again.
Letter received from Keith Holmes, Development Manager, at Chelmsford Borough advising of the Notification of Appeal by Jenny Moody Properties Limited regarding 50 Well Lane - demolition of existing house and replacement with two new dwellings. Clerk to write to Inspectorate endorsing previous comments and asking for a copy of the Appeal decision.
Letter received from Maggie Stanton, Legal Services Officer, of Chelmsford Borough Council advising that Tree Preservation Order No. 2005/23 relating to 48,50 and 52 Well Lane had been confirmed without modification on the 28th September 2005. This Order supercedes Tree Preservation Order No. 25/1989
Cllrs Easton and the Chairman had spoken about 6 The Lindens with Cllr. Grundy. Cllr. Otter declared a prejudicial interest and left the room. The Chairman explained that the application was going to the full planning meeting tomorrow evening and that the Parish Council have an opportunity to put comments to the full Planning Committee. Cllr. Easton offered to represent the Parish Council. All agreed.
Application No 05/01657/FUL
Retention of swimming pool, summer house and pool house
Location: 21 Hereward Mount, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Clack.
Comments due by 12th October 2005. Under the Clerk's delegated power, and after consultation with Cllrs. Johnson, Elliott and Williams, the Parish Council commented that the application should have been submitted before the development. Cllr. Otter stated that this contravened the policy of bringing green belt development to the full Council
Application No 05/01736/FUL
Demolition of existing house and replacement with 2 no. new dwellings
Location: 50 Well Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Jenny Moody Properties Limited
Comments due by 13th October. The Parish Council made the following comments. Cramped street scene out of character with area. Too visually dominant. Detrimental to open rural character of area. Design too bulky. Wide roof spans of varying high pitch with a mixture of forms. Does not meet Essex Design Guidelines. No details regarding exterior finish on drawings. No plan for retention of existing ditch, essential for area drainage. Inadequate parking for this size of property. On street parking adds to danger on that part of Well Lane.
Application No 05/01832/FUL
Two storey side and rear extension and attached garage.
Location: 35 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr P. Murphy
The Chairman declared an interest. The Parish Council commented that they would like the greensward at the front retained with no planting or soil dumping. The Parish Council requested that no kerbs are to be put in.
Application No 05/01850/CLEUD
Use of old Essex Barn for storage and restoration of classic cars and agricultural machinery
Location: Great Prestons Farm, Great Prestons Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mr Simon Lyster
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/01885/FUL
Two storey side/rear extension and alterations (amendment to application 05/01183/FUL).
Location: 2 Steels Cottages, Seamans Lane, Stock.
Applicant: Mrs C. Shepherd
The Chairman declared an interest. The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/01933/FUL
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling and garaging.
Location: 60 Mill Road, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs P. Fay
The Parish Council commented that the design of this property is so out of keeping it left the Parish Council momenteriously speechless! This is overdevelopment, the property is too big and too high. This will urbanise the country footpath. It is detrimental to the setting of the Catholic Church and Smallfields next door. The railings are totally out of keeping with the local environment and a single track lane. This is immediately adjacent to a Conservation Area and Green Belt. This will destroy the character and amenity of this area.
Application No 05/01786/FUL
Replacement dwelling and garage (amendment to permission ref 05/00826/FUL with additional skylight to dwelling).
Location: 102 Mill Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr Curtis.
The Parish Council had no comments to make.
Application No 05/01504/OUT
Erection of a dwelling
Location: Land Adjacent 5 Dakyn Drive, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs M. Campion
Application No . 05/01572/FUL
Part two storey and part single storey rear extension and single storey side addition.
Location: 2 Austen Drive, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs C. Taylor.
Application No 05/01168/LBC
Alteration of external finish from render to original feather edged boarding
Location: 51 High Street, Stock.
Applicant: R .& J. Fenwick
Application No 05/01491/FUL
Incorporate agricultural land into the domestic curtilage
Location: Land Rear of 41 to 49 Birch Lane, Stock
Applicant: Owners of 41, 43, 45, 47 & 49 Birch Lane
Application No 05/01308/FUL.
Creation of a coarse fishing lake, raising of the polo pitch surface and the removal of part of a hedge.
Location: Brock Farm, Ingatestone Road, Stock
Applicant: R.J. Napp.
Application No 05/01527/FUL
Replacement dwelling
Location: Honeysuckle Cottage, Downham Road, Stock.
Applicant: G. & M.K. Diffley.
Application No 05/01573/FUL
Erection of a detached dwelling.
Location: Land Adjacent Harvard House East, 34 High Street, Stock.
D. Fletcher. Withdrawn.
Application No 05/01628/FUL
Single storey rear extension.
Location: .15 Myln Meadow, Stock.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs B. White.
Applications for Works to be carried out on trees in Conservation Area and trees that have Tree Preservation Orders.
Application No 05/05159/TPO
Works to Oaks in rear garden, and Oaks and Birch adjacent to swimming pool.
Location: 31 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: David Newman.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make. Approved.
Application No 05/05160/TPO..
Works to Oak in front garden.
Location: Rowene, 13 Myln Meadow, Stock
Applicant: Mrs York.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make. Approved.
Application No . 05/05571/CAT
Works to Beech Tree
Location: 48 High Street, Stock
Applicant: Mrs S. Harbot.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make. Approved.
Application No 05/05572/CAT
Various Works to Trees.
Location: 46 High Street, Stock
Applicant: Mrs S. Harbot.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make. Approved
Application No . 05/05578/CAT
Works to 3 x Norway Maples and 1 x Oak.
Location: Hope Farm House, 36 Mill Road, Stock
Applicant: Mr C. Condren.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make.
Application No 05/05574/CAT
Reduce height of Hazel.
Location: 11 Back Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mrs Claydon
The Tree Warden had no comments to make
Application No 05/05188/TPO
Works to Oak T2 (TPO 2001/117).
Location: 3 Mill Lane, Stock
Applicant: Mrs Magda Hopkins.
The Tree Warden had no comments to make
1346. FINANCE.
Village Hall Car Park - The Chairman read out a letter that had been received from John Stratford, the Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee. The final surfacing of the car park has now been completed. The agreement between the Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee is that the invoice would be paid by the Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee would make a donation to the Parish Council equivalent to 60% of the cost before application of VAT. Mr Stratford has therefore arranged for a cheque to be drawn in favour of Stock Parish Council in the sumof £6,930.00. The Parish Council will be able to recover the VAT thus leaving the Parish Council's total liability in the sum of £4,620.00. Since completion of the surfacing the parking bays and ancillary markings have been marked out in thermoplastic paint.
Cheques to be Signed - The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
101085 £762.64 Wybone Limited Dog Bins and Litter Bin
101086 £613.55 Mrs L.J.Green Salary 1.10.05 - 31.10.05
101087 £104.80 Inland Revenue Only PAYE and N.I.
101088 £312.94 Mr Roger Watling Routers for laptop
101089 £76.44 Mrs L.J. Green Expenses
101090 £423.00 Mr. P.H. Williams Grass Cutting September
101091 £750.00 Mr Bob Hale Clearing Perimeter of Common and Build and Fit noticeboard in Back Lane.
101092 £523.00 Mark Henderson Churchyard Grass Cutting April, June, August & October
101093 £13,571.25 MB Surfacing Surfacing of Village Hall Car Park
Transfer of Funds - On the 5th October a transfer of £15,000.00 was carried out from the Current Account to the Base Rate Tracker Account. On the 24th October notice was given to transfer £1,500.00 from the Business Reserve Account to the Current Account. Transfer carried out on 31st October 2005. On the 31st October 2005 £15,000.00 was transferred from the Base Rate Tracker Account to the Current Account.
Traffic Management - Nothing to report.
Playground - Cllr. Williams advised that she had received a request for a couple of benches to be put by the play area for parents. Chairman and Clerk to look at brochures and show Parish Council at next meeting.
Nothing to report.
Nothing to report.
A parishioner had complained that the swings were too low in the play area. Chairman to ask Wicksteed to do an inspection of equipment.
Cllr. Tully reported that a parishioner had taken a picture of the tree outside the Almshouses to show that it needs attention. It was reported that the tree obstructs the visibility as you come out of the Almshouses. Cllr. Blackburn said that the tree needs trimming and will make some enquires regarding the TPO etc.
Cllr. Easton reported that the hedges are overgrown and you cannot see properly at the T junction at the end of Mill Road where it meets Downham Road. The Chairman agreed to speak to the landowners.
Cllr. Easton read the Best Kept Village Competition comments out.
Nothing to report.
It was agreed that this item could be taken off of the Agenda.
The Chairman read out the following report prepared by Cllr. Grundy:-
Waste Collection - plastics collection will start within the Borough on the 17th January and details will be published in a leaflet currently being prepare.
Local Development Framework - Chelmsford Borough Council is committed by the Government to build 14,000 new homes during the period 2001-2021 at an average of 700 homes a year. The consultation period to discuss the three options will run for six weeks between the 8th November and 20th December. After this the Council will consider all input before submitting its preferred option to the Government in early 2006.
Option 1 - the preferred option proposes two new developments to the North of Chelmsford to the North East of Springfield and West/North West of the Broomfield area.
Option 2 - proposes a single new development to the North East of Springfield
Option 3 - proposes small urban extensions to the North of Chelmsford supported by the expansion of key villages not within the Green Belt.
Neighbourhood Watch - The AGM was held on the 7th October at which the existing Committee were re-elected. 24 people attended.
Nothing to report.
.The Chairman said that he would speak to Cllr.Tully to set some more dates.
The next Meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 28th November 2005 at 7.30pm.
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