Monday 4/9/2000 AT STOCK VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30PM.

Present: All Parish Councillors
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Julia Seaman
Also Present: B/Cllr. Stringer in attendance
Members of the public 9

205 Minutes of the meeting of 31/07/2000
These were approved by the meeting and signed by Cllr. Mrs Johnson as a correct record.
206. Matters arising:
(1) Cock car park:
The banner was still in place; agreed we remind Enforcement Officer about this and the blackboards.
(2) Verge at Thornton Place:
Comet Plc had sent a cheque in settlement of our claim (see Accounts). Clerk had thanked resident responsible for recording details of the incident.
(3) Seat, top of Swan Lane:
The height problem of this seat had been corrected.
(4) War Memorial:
Price confirmed at £470 for hand-enamelling. Agreed we press for completion by Remembrance Sunday and write to RBL about the weeds around the memorial.
(5) Site for play equipment (Larches):
The previous owner of this site had replied that she was unaware of the identity of her buyer beyond the fact that he was in North Essex. Agreed we contact Strutt and Parker in the hope that they might pass on the enquiry to a relevant party.
(6) Leather Bottle Hill sign:
Engineering Services saw no reason why the sign should be moved and made reference to position of a drain and the Ale House as being reasons for their views. An invoice for the works was to hand but agreed this should not be paid as:
1. At CBC's request we had marked on map the length of LB Hill and it was reasonable to place the sign on the brow of the hill.
2. We had requested the sign to be at our expense, therefore it should be placed where we deemed correct.
(7) Stock area Policing:
PC Burnham was responsible for 5 different areas, including Stock; he aimed to patrol each area twice a month on foot, but this was dependant on other emergency commitments. Agreed we should write to chief constable expressing concern a the lack of cover.
207. Village Hall:
The letter to Charities Aid Foundation in support of the loan had been signed, with some amendments at the request of the Foundation, by Cllr. Mrs Johnson on her return from holiday (see Minute 191). Hall lettings were in accordance with the business plan.
Estimates being obtained for the surfacing of lower piece of land adjoining present car park for possible siting of recycling unit.
208 General Correspondence:
Junction naming:
We have been invited by Engineering Services via Highways Agency to suggest names for the junctions on the A12 between the M25 and Ipswitch. Cllr. Trant stated that this topic was not raised at the A12 seminar he had attended. Amendments were suggested by members to some names proposed but overall agreed waste of money and not best value.
209. Spirit of Best Value:
This NALC at Epping on 17/10/2000 at a cost of £15 for 5 delegates was provisionally accepted by several Members. To be finalised at the next meeting. The NALC notes had been circulated to Members.
210. EALC mailings:
The Assoc. had sent a Consultation Paper on General Principles of Conduct in Local Government as well as Model Contract for Local Council Clerks. These also to be circulated for Members to comment.
RCCE's Village Halls Conference at Feering on 21/10/2000. Decision on delegates to be finalised at next meeting. At the AGM in July, the Mackmurdo medal was presented to Bob Richmond for his years of service with the EALC.
211. Highway Matters:
Engineering inform us that:
1. Well Lane has been only surface-dressed and not resurfaced. Too expensive to resurface Square.
2. Drainage problems near Mrs Sabine's shop are still on agenda during next few weeks.
3. The High Street 'Cat's Eyes' are not temporary but Ministry-approved.
212. Traffic Calming:
It was rumoured that the 'splitter' near Rectory Hall would not materialise as it had been discovered that the road was too narrow. Agreed we must obtain written confirmation of the proposals.
213. Listed Buttsbury signpost:
The WICKFORD arm had been sheared off by a vehicle traced to a firm of Southend caterers. They had been warned of impending claim. Ingatestone Forge had been to inspect, declared signpost repairable and would send quote. Agreed this item should be insured for the future
214. Planning matters
Decisions by the Borough Council:
904/00 FULL Conservatory to rear, porch to front.
The Nook, 18 Common Road. APPROVED
976/00 FULL Replacement farmhouse.
Fristling Hall Farm, Swan Lane. APPROVED
880/00 FULL Regrading, Re-contouring of site etc.
Former SKB site, Honeypot Lane. APPROVED
1259/00 AG Straw barn
Gt Prestons Farm, Gt Prestons Lane. PANR
1243/00 FULL Conservatory to rear.
22 Birch Lane. APPROVED
Applications referred
1303 FULL Mr and Mrs Elliott
Extension to existing conservatory on north
Flower Patch, Leather Bottle Hill. Side of house.
Cllr and Mrs Elliott had declared an interest so were not involved in NO COMMENT decision.
Other application referred at meeting:
605/6/00 LBC Mrs K West
Partial demolition to north elevation, internal and external alterations associated with hotel & spa use of buildings. Amended plan
Greenwoods Estate, Stock Road.
1357/00 FULL Mr and Mrs D Edghill
Rear and side extensions
Whitegables, Downham Road.
1366/00 FULL Dr Tear
Demolition of existing porch, constr.of new conservatory.
Smallfields, Mill Road
1386/00 FULL Licensed Trade Dev. Ltd.
1387/00 LBC New porch, emergency stair, trash enclosure wall using bricks reclaimed from garage, internal alterations.
The Bear PH, The Square.
1397/00 FULL Mr D. Lusty
First floor side extension
Warrens, 7 Swan Lane.
Cllr Lusty declared an interest.
1446/00 FULL Wreathall Ltd.
B8 Storage
Crondon Hall Farm, The Tye, Margaretting
1463/00 FULL Mr A. McGurren
New conservatory to rea with glazed roof over kitchen.
23 Back Lane
1493/00 FULL Mr and Mrs K. Blackburn
Use of land for garden purposes.
Rear of 39 Swan Lane.
606/LBC: Amended plans provide for 140 spaces in car park, exiting on B1007. B/Cllr. Stringer would press for roundabout at Common Road (through 106 works). We object to Crondon Park Lane being used for delivery of building materials - too narrow and blind exit onto B1007.
1357, 1366, 1397, 1446, 1463, 1493: NO OBJECTIONS.
1386/7: As previously stated on 564/00 we object to any proposal which involves demolition of garage.
215 Accounts:
Received £63.45 from Comet (Minute 206.2).
Paid before meeting:
£40.28 additional premium (Minute 173).
ELS for July grass cutting: £357.20
Cheques raised at meeting:
J. M. Seaman for clips for vandalised sign: £17.86
Tweedy Charity for annual donation: £110.00
216 Any other business:
Estimate to be obtained for bus shelter ceiling.
Hedge in Birch Lane still not trimmed.
Zebra' beacons (Billericay) excellent for visibility.
Island at Mill Lane/B1007 should be extended to left.
We must ask for weed killer on footways
Raised by public
Should be dog-waste bin near Catholic Church footpath - Cllr. Webb to to seek views of Mt Carmen PCC.
Note to go in stock press asking for volunteers to revive Footpath Committee and the Walks.
A Huge thank you to Vanessa Heald for retyping these minutes for the web site.
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