Minutes of the Meeting of STOCK Parish Council
held on 1.11.1999 @ 7.30 at the Village School

Present: Members of the Council except Councillor Mrs. Elliott who was indisposed.
In The Chair councillor. Mrs. Johnson
Also Present: Borough Councillor Stringer

63 Minutes of the last meeting of 27.9.1999
These were agreed by the Meeting and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.
64 Matters arising: Village Appraisal
Borough Councillor Stringer and Chairman had agreed contents of letter advertising meeting on the 22.11.1999. This to be circulated to all residents. Jan Cole of the Rural community council of Essex would chair this meeting. On 4.11.1999 there would be another informal meeting at Chairman’s home to distribute photocopied letters per street amongst members and to agree on those (approx. 100) to be posted.
Temporary TRO, 14.11.1999
Royal British Legion (Stock) had indicated that that three specials would be on duty for the war memorial ceremony.
Parcel of land at the back of the Village Hall
Our Solicitor had indicated that the balance due, if any, was on its way.
Mid Essex Traffic Option
The Meeting with Mr. Capes on 4.10.1999 had been very well attended. No decision had yet been made and all possibilities regarding HGV’s, road closures and the re-routing of the traffic were considered. There were some lively arguments which continued after the meeting. The Director of Environmental services at Essex County council had agreed to refund the cost of this meeting as a gesture of goodwill.
Clerk had not thought it necessary to mention roots on paths as these would appear to be natural hazard but had drawn attention to high stile on Footpath 16, at the end of Birch Lane.
Planning queries
Enforcement Officer had indicated by phone that the advertising boards at Crondon Park were now in order. 2 Uprights and 2 horizontals allowed of what ever colourings. He also indicated that HGVs bearing tree-trunks along Whites Hill were not indicative of any change of use in that area. A resident had complained about the noise of chain-sawing and Councilor Elliott drew attention to Yellow Pages which implied a change of use. Clerk to contact Enforcement Officer again.
Signs at B1007 / Stock Lane
Engineering Services inform us that a sign will be erected "Give way to oncoming traffic"
Garden Bulbs
Richard McAdam to be asked whether he could plant these. Possible sites to include Greens near War Memorial, around Village Sign, where flowering cherry was, and Wier Pond
Seats in Mill Road, nr Apps
Ron Holmwood to be asked whether he could make this good.
65 General Correspondence
Basildon DC Planning Decision
We had been informed that the proposal to convert Appledore (corner of the Vale) into 8 flats had been turned down. We had objected on traffic grounds
66 Appointment of Auditor
Under terms of the Audit Commissions Act 1998, Pannell Kerr Forester had been appointed auditor to Chelmsford Borough Council with effect from 1999/2000. Therefore as Chelmsford Borough Council is our local government authority, they will be our auditors unless we have a specific objection. Agreed we do not object.
67 Traffic Calming Measures on B1007
Letter read from Engineering Services which indicated that proposals, apart from the speed limit amendments discussed in March, were still at the design stage and funding had yet to be received. The writer knew we were referring to islands south of the Village Centre as it was stated that sufficient width would be kept for passage of vehicles. Meeting agreed we must write again to obtain urgent clarification of whether money was available and for what.
68 Lord Petre’s Estate
Lord Petre had enquired address of tenant of "Donkey Field" in order to draw attention to limited nature of rights over Manorial Waste. Clerk had replied and with his acknowledgment, Lord Petre enclosed copy letter from West Ham Central Mission which indicated probability of eventual sale and development of this piece of land. Lord Petre had given West Ham Central Mission a non-committal answer to West Ham Central Mission’s query about access over the waste and promised to consult us if specific plans were put to him. Agreed we thank Lord Petre for hi courtesy in keeping us informed.
69 Street Nameplates Leather Bottle Hill.
Engineering Services had agreed to install this nameplate at a cost of £200 plus VAT. Agreed Parish Council would bear the cost. Appropriate area marked on the map and sent to Engineering services.
70 ACDPC Autumn Meeting 18.11.1999
A representative from the Rural Housing Trust will speak on "Affordable Housing for Local People and how to achieve village needs within the Borough Plan.
71 Apps Estate, Football Field
Strutt & Parker had replied (from February) that their clients had not as yet decided whether they wished to sell. A definitive answer had been requested by Strutt & Parker from them.
Planning Matters
Decisions by the Borough Council
1092/99 FULL Kitchen extension & bedroom over. Birch Lane Approved
1256/99 FULL Rear extension to form sunroom. Meadowgate, Mill Lane Approved
1137/99 FULL Extension & improvements to bungalow, Mill Lane Refused
1185/99 FULL Two-story rear extention. Stock Road Approved
1221/99 FULL Two-story rear extention. Stock Road Refused
907/99 FULL Rear extension to form dining/garden room Approved
908/99 LBC Leather Bottle Hill Refused
Applications Referred
Comment required before meeting on
1034/98 FULL Renewal permission 57/96 continued use of Mobile home for agriculture. Broomwood Lane, Ramsden Heath.
447/99 FULL 2 Story side and rear extension & associated internal alterations & demolition of existing side extension. Mill Road.
The meeting agreed a no comment reply on both.
The appeal by Wickford Development Company Limited reference the SmithKline Beecham site was allowed. Agreed that Parish Council would write to Simon Burns MP to ask his assistance in ensuring that the Companies proposed £375,000 towards social housing comes to Stock and not diverted elsewhere in the Chelmsford Borough. Notice given of appeal by Mr. Degan against refusal of extension at 75 Mill Road. We would repeat our earlier objections.
73 Accounts
£6000 had been transferred from Council accounts to RIBA. £30 received from the Essex County Council as Parish Paths refund.
The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:
Cheques drawn as follows.
£204.45 ELS for September. Cutting and Pond Clearance (issued prior to meeting)
£ 15.00 R.J. Seaman for Village Appraisal copying
£ 17.00 CPRE for annual sub.
£ 20.00 EALC for 4 training sessions @ £5.00 each
£ 41.13 Chelmsford Borough Council for Summer Netball session
£130.00 Holmwood Services for digging out and Concreting 4 posts for signs
£ 50.00 Stock Press Annual Grants
£200.00 All saints Churchyard
£ 75.00 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Churchyard
£100.00 Essex Air Ambulance
Agreed that we contact ELS and indicate pond clearance not sufficiantly thorough. Councillor Tant agreed to conduct an internal audit.
74 Date of next meeting to be listed
29.11.1999 at the school
Date of next Council Meeting 4.1.2000 at the School
75 Any other business
Noted that the former Police house was on the market.
We would keep an eye on the butchered camellia by Back Lane sign and hope that it might sprout again.
30 M.P.H. sign in Well Lane had disappeared.
So far, signs in the square seem to be keeping cars away from the junction.
Our signpost at the junction of Swan Lane and the B1007 to be firmed up and repainted.
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