Present: All Parish Councillors
In The Chair Cllr. Johnson
Minute Secretary Julia Seaman
Also Present: B/Cllr. Stringer
Members of the Public 4

217 Minutes of the meeting of 04/09/2000
These were approved by the meeting and signed by Cllr. Mrs Johnson as a correct record
Matters arising:
(1) Cock car park:
The banner and scaffolding had been removed but another banner was draped across the front of the PH. Agreed we ask Enforcement Officer about this and blackboards in the conservation area.
(2) War Memorial:
Members not happy with the initial attempt at hand-enamelling. Agreed Clerk to make further enquiries.
(3) Site for play equipment (Larches):
Strutt and Parker indicate they cannot trace reference to the sale of this land. Agreed we try the Lyster family for information as to the agent responsible. Quote of £32.50 from F. J. Britten for new plates on swing seats agreed acceptable.
(4) Traffic Calming:
It had been confirmed in writing that the 'splitter' near Rectory Hall would not now appear, however refuge south of the Church now would. B/Clr. Stringer indicated that points system for TC measures had been altered but not finalised. We understood that momney had been set aside for two 'splitters' so agreed, in view of very recent fatal accident on north approach we press for 40mph speed restriction on northern approach/or speed cameras, refuge/roundabout at Common Road/B1007.
(5) Buttsbury Signpost:
This has now been repaired (see Accounts) and the Forge's estimate sent to firm responsible. This has now been repaired (see Accounts) and the Forge's estimate sent to firm responsible.
(6) Planning, The Bear PH:
It was noted that the garage here had this day been demolished against our wishes. Agreed to check urgently whether permission had been granted.
(7) Bus Shelter Ceiling:
Agreed we accept estimate of £97/50 from Mr M. Tant for this work.
(8) Dog-waste bin near CC footpath:
Cllr. Webb has informed the PCC of Catholic Church about this. Agreed bin should go on right hand side of path entrance. Environmental Health to be told.
219 Village Hall update:
The loan from Charities Aid Foundation had been received. A revised Trust Deed had been sent to the Charity Commission for approval. An estimate of £17,952 had been obtained for surfacing of further stretch of car park for recycling unit. Agreed PC to CBC, ENv. Services to ask what they could contribute.
220 General Correspondence:
Claim for damages:
We have been advised by Leonard Gray Solicitors that a child was seeking damages for injuries sustained in falling off the old broken seat in Swan Lane (April). The papers had been sent to our insurers. Should it be necessary, Cllr Mrs Tully could provide a witness to support the PC.
221 Grass Cutting, The Common:
ELS had quoted £246 plus VAT for general strim around common and removal of epicormic growth and suckers from trees and other works to rear of and side of Pavilion. Members felt this unnecessary at this time and agreed wider strip of verge from seat opposite the Nook to Boundary House needed attention on next routine cut of common.
222 Stock United F.C.
Letter from the Secretary requesting PC support in finding more suitable site to develop their facilities and some financial help with cutting, rolling and general maintenance. Agreed we request a financial statement from the Club and mention we are pursuing the idea of the Larches for recreational purposes.
223 Tweedy Charity.
In her letter of thanks for our donation Mrs Fenwick mentioned garden maintenance. Agreed we suggest allotment provision might be an answer.
1. Well Lane has been only surface-dressed and not resurfaced. Too expensive to resurface Square.
2. Drainage problems near Mrs Sabine's shop are still on agenda during next few weeks.
3. The High Street 'Cat's Eyes' are not temporary but Ministry-approved.
224 Planning matters
Decisions by the Borough Council:
274/00 FULL Retention of out, incl. wet weather canopy.
The Hoop, PH 21 High Street. APPROVED
273/00 OUT Erection of one bungalow
Land adj. Oakcroft, Marigold Lane. REFUSED
1303 FULL Mr and Mrs Elliott
Extension to existing conservatory on nortH
Flower Patch, Leather Bottle Hill. Side of house. APPROVED
Applications Referred:
1571/00 FULL Mark Regan
3 Church Hill Cottages, Buttsury
1581/00 FULL Mr John Nelson
False pitched roof over existing single-story flat-roofed rear extension.
1 & 2 Cockshill Cottages, Swan Lane.
Meeting unanimously agreed no comment on both of these. Environment Committee would be holding a site visit (before reconsidering application) at Greenwoods on 27/09/2000 at 8:30 am.
225 3 papers circulated among Members before meeting:
Spirit of Best Value:
Epping on 17/10/2000. Agreed: Cllrs. Peacock, Webb and Mrs Williams to attend at cost of £15. See Accounts.
General Principles of Conduct in Local Government:
Cllr. Trant and meeting agreed alteration to 'integrity' paragraph on Annex A.
Clerk's Model Contract:
Agreed not all applicable to Stock. To be deferred for possible consideration by small sub-committee.
Second ½ of precept credited £10606.
Meeting agreed to an increase in Clerk's salary from £5.92 to £6.47 per 7.5 hr week from 01/04/2000 as per NALC circular.
Cheques were drawn as follows:
£630.82 J. Seaman Clerk's salary June-Sept as above Salary
£53.62 J. Seaman Back Pay
£31.45 J. Seaman Expenses
£17.50 CPRE annual sub
£244.07 Wybone for litterbin
£287.88 Ingatestone Forge for repairs to signpost
£357.20 ELS for August cutting
£205.00 M. Tant for siting Swan Lane seat and seat and raising ground Level and repairs to 2 more seats.
£32.92 R. Seaman p/copying June-Sept and letterheads
£15.00 EALC 'Best Value' course Minute 225
Agreed Members to view litterbin before deciding best position in Swan Lane to situate it
227 Any other business:
List of Past Chairmen of Stock PC to be removed from Rectory Hall and hung (with BKV certificates) in Village Hall.
2 drains blocked either side of 71 Mill Road
30mph disc in Birch Lane has been damaged.
30mph disc Swan Lane still being easily reversed.
Mattress in Swan Lane lay-by.
Our news to go in the Journal as well as Stock Press
Environmental Services to be asked about rumours re SmithKline Beecham site.
Verge outside Fivehouses was cut by CBC, why not verge on opposite corner?
Raised by public
In answer to a question is was confirmed that it was the present Council's policy of to preserve he Green Belt around the village.
A Huge thank you to Vanessa Heald for retyping these minutes for the web site.
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