Minutes of meeting of Stock Parish Council held on the 5th June 2000 at the Village Hall.

All Parish Councillors and Borough Councillor Stringer

160 Election of Chairman:
It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Tully and seconded by Councillor Mrs Williams that Councillor Mrs Johnson be Chairman for the next year
Agreed nem.com. The Chairman signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Acceptance.

161 Appointment of Vice Chairman:
It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Tully and seconded by Mr Councillor Tant that Councillor Elloitt be Vice Chairman for the next year.

162 Minutes of the last meeting 8th May 2000:
These were agreed by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

163 Matters Arising

  1. Village appraisal:
    Borough Councillor Stringer reported a 43% return of completed questionnaires, with probably more to follow; this was very promising. Information now being collated.
  2. BT payphone:
    In reply to our request for reinstatement of this Mill Road Payphone, BT Sitting Officer confirmed the usage had been to low to warrant replacement.
  3. Litterbins at Swan Wood:
    Chelmsford Borough Council Environmental had been asked to remove the recycling unit. It had been confirmed that any litterbin we sited here would be serviced on the regular round. Agreed we would ask the Woodland trust whether they could recommend a suitable bin for the surroundings.
  4. Brick Wall at the Bear Public House:
    Agreed e should press for a reply from Planning about this and the deteriorating state of the Bear’s fencing and outward appearance.
  5. Cock Car Park (Car Sales):
    This had been referred to the Enforcement Officer had satisfied himself that the Landlord was doing a favour for a regular customer. Agreed however that the varying messages on the advertising boards were not suitable for a Conservation Area and should be referred to the Enforcement Officer. Residents in Austen Drive had complained about the outside play and Barbecue equipment: we would refer this but it was felt that there was little we could do about normal Pub activities unless noise levels became unacceptable.
  6. Development at Margaretting:
    Councillor Mr Tant had attended the Second Issues Forum at Chelmsford Borough Council. Little definite information had emerged, except that industrial development at A12/B1007 did not seem favoured. Borough Councillor Stringer had received only 3 letters from concerned Stock people. Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council had written. It was a hopeful sign that Railtrack though a Margaretting halt would not be viable.
  7. Damaged verge at Thornton Place:
    Following the estimate of 54 UK Pounds from ELS for making good the damage, Clerk had written to the company responsible but no reply to date.
  8. Seat at top of Swan Lane:
    This was beyond repair, a possible danger and had now been removed. Clerk had obtained a quote from The Forge for replacement. Agreed Councillors Elloitt would enquire whether similar seat to that chosen by them for Gardening Society at Common Road corner was still available. ( see Minute 167)
  9. Footpath sign 27:
    Mr Clark ROW Officer stated it is not usual practice to sign paths of this nature.
  10. New Hedge Whites Lane
    Members felt siting of this hedge required further investigation.

164 New Village Hall:
Councillor Mrs Tully reported on the AGM of the Village Hall Management Committee: the meeting had gone well. She had assured the Management Committee that it was not the intention of the Parish Council to "oust" them entirely Mr Taffs was still anxious that meeting to discuss structure of Trust should be convened. Our Chairman was awaiting reply from the Charity Commission as to the way forward. Borough Councillor Stringer, Mr Taffs and architect had agreed on amendments to builders invoice.

165 General Correspondence:
War Memorial:
Farrers had estimated the cost of hand-enamelling the names at approx. 470 UK Pounds including VAT. Mr Farrer still thought that as the porous stone weathered, so the indented letters would become more visible. Agreed we ask RBL’s opinion.

166 Articulated vehicles to and from Harnett’s:
These huge HGV’s have been making regular trips down Well Lane to the concern of parents and others. Clerk read letter she had sent to Mr. Harnett on the subject. The nuisance was continuing but members felt Me Harnett should be given time to come up with an alternative system of delivery.

167 Seat at Corner of Common Road:
A resident had written to say how much he approved of this seat, (minute 163/8) but queried the site. Chairman and members echoed approval of seat but felt that the siting was correct. We would inform the writer of our hope to put a similar seat near the Library.

168 Planning Appeal (Basildon) Appledore, Stock Road:
This appeal haad been dismissed, one of the reasons being highway safety. Members requested that statistics given should be retained e.g. 2-way flows of over 800 vehicles during 3 separate half hour intervals of morning, and evening peaks.

169 Land adjacent to Orchard House:
We have received a letter from Lord Petre indicating that he had been asked by the Doctors to grant access across manorial waste for the new surgery in Common Road. Parish Council had officially heard nothing and had sent Lord Petre a holding reply. Agreed we should ask Doctors for sight of their plans.

170 Parish Sports Programme for Summer 2000:
Date fixed as Tuesday 8th August 2000 for athletics and Netball coaching at Stock School 13.30 to 16.00.

171 Village Shop rate relief:
Circular from Chief Executive of Chelmsford Borough Council requesting our views. We would press the case for Mr Pervez having regard to the recent threat the rural Post Offices.

172 Planning Matters
Decisions by the Borough Council



Demolition of existing Courtyard Canopy. Construction of new glazed same & new pitched roofs to garage & remodelled utility/boiler room.


Little Tyrells, Stock Lane



Loft and Conservatory extension.


5 Rectory Close







White Tyrells, Stock Lane



Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 2 new dwellings.


53 Birch Lane



2 Storey rear extension, internal alterations/refurbishment & front porch extension.


31 Well Lane



Replacement of outbuildings.


Bellmans, Stock Road



Redevelopment of existing builders yard with approved B1 use. Including demolition & new building.


Site rear of Gable House, Stock Road.



Enlargement of existing rear Dormer

Both Approved


Single Storey rear extension

Kauri Cottage, Stock Road



General purpose Agriculture building

PA Required

Brocks Farm, Ingatestone Road.

Applications referred



Erection of 1.8m Close boarded fence at front behind existing hedge

75 Mill Road



Erection of 1 Bungalow

Land adjacent to Oakcroft, Marigold Lane



Post Office Counters

Fascia signage & Projecting Sign

Stock Post Office, 36 High Street



Wickford Dec. Co.

Regrading & Contouring of site & formation borrow pit to minimise transport of fill.

Former SKB site, Honeypot Lane



Conservatory to rear & open porch to front.

The Nook, Common Road

Agreed Numbers 840, 879, 880, 904-No Comment
873 Strongly objected; this is development in the Green Belt. If allowed, would lead to a series of applications building in Green Belt Gardens.

173 Accounts:
These can be seen on the Village noticeboard.

174 Date of next Meeting:
26th June 2000

175 Any other business:
Plank missing – Thornton Place seat.
Potholes in Village Square
Blocked drain in Back Lane.
School Lane was overgrown.
The provision and siting of Play Equipment should go on next agenda.
Clerk would inspect the Deeds of the Mill Lane/Myln Meadow footpath in response to dispute over ownership.
Farther Gordon Read had now been appointed "Monsignor" by Pope John II.

Raised by the public:
9 present

Caravans in Swan Lane Layby.
Hazard Posts missing at Bishops Farm.
26 Parked cars were counted in the Square – insoluble problem while no Surgery car Park.
Attention was drawn to by Mr Wraith to private soakaways – cheaper rate than those on mains drainage.