Minutes of the Meeting of the STOCK Parish Council
held on 26/2/01 at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall

Present : All members of the Parish Council and Borough Councillor Stringer.
In the Chair : Councillor Mrs Johnson.

291 Minutes of the Meeting of 8/1/2001
These were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record
292 Matters Arising:
  1 Traffic Calming :
It was agreed that villagers support should be sought for further protests regarding the need for traffic calming measures following the Borough Council's decision not to proceed with those promised at the southern end of the High Street .
  2 Buttsbury signpost :
Cllr Lusty reported that a venue for the hearing had not yet been agreed.
  3 New Doggie Bin :
The new bin had been emptied but was again full. Similarly the Swan Lane bin had been emptied but was full to overflowing. Cllr Peacock had telephoned the Borough Council to seek action regarding this and rubbish that had been fly-tipped nearby.
  4 Grass Cutting Contract for 2001 Season
The Acting Clerk reported that the Cricket Club had decided to continue with ELS but on the understanding that the Common cutting part of the tender would be deleted from the contract if problems were again encountered and they would employ an alternative contractor; he had accordingly accepted the ELS tender on these terms and had received an assurance from ELS that every effort would be taken to ensure that the cricket club's requirements are met.
  5 The Rural White Paper - A Fair Deal for Rural Communities
The Acting Clerk passed a copy of The Report of the Great Leighs Conference to the Chairman.
  6 Community Policing - Surgery 28/2/01
The next Stock Surgery would be from 3pm to 5pm on Wednesday 28 February.
  7 Public Footpath (Ingatestone) - Proposed Footbridge over River Wid
The Acting Clerk reported that Ingatestone Parish Council had decided that the re-instatement of either the ford or the provision of stepping stones was all that they would support on this footpath.
  8 Greenwoods Farm, Crondon Park Lane
Parking of Three Lorries The Acting Clerk reported that the DETR had decided to grant the above application.
  9 Additional Street Lighting
It was decided to proceed with consultations with householders adjoining proposed sites for additional street lighting in Common Road (British Legion Hall and telegraph pole on the bend adjacent to The Nook), and in Common Lane (telegraph pole near Mr Watling's house). The Acting Clerk would write to the householders concerned to ascertain if they had any objections before submitting the proposals to the Borough Council.
  10 Recycling in Stock
The Acting Clerk reported that he had conveyed the Council's concerns to the Borough Council and had offered to meet their representative on site but had not yet received any response.
  11 Affordable Village Housing Seminar, Dedham -27/2/01
The Chairman reported that she and Cllr Elliott had obtained places on this seminar and would be attending it.
  12 Crondon Park Club- Proposed Entrance
The Acting Clerk reported that Mr Fox, the owner of the Club had asked to meet with members with a view to agreeing a mutually acceptable entrance way. It was agreed that the planning sub-committee should meet with him and Cllr Elliott agreed to convene such meeting.
  13 Birch Lane - Verge by Lushill
This work had been completed very satisfactorily by Mr McAdam.
  14 Proposed Millennium Map
Cllr Mrs Williams reported that this would happen. Details of the assistance that Chignal had received had been promised by their Council and the Acting Clerk handed her a leaflet which he had received regarding Heritage Projects which would appear to cover such an enterprise.
  15 Parish Council Noticeboard and Parish Map
The Acting Clerk reported that Mr M. Tant had completed the re-varnishing of the above.
  16 Bus Timetables
New timetables had been provided at the village 'bus stops.
  Best Value - Report of Sub-Committee
Cllr Peacock reported that they had met last week :
  a The siting of new play equipment - it was hoped to convene the meeting with the school in the very near future.
  b The Clerk's Office - carpet tiles had been purchased and laid by Cllrs Elliott. Cllr Mrs Tully had obtained a radiator. Acquisition of the remaining equipment necessary was being pursued.
  c Fyfield and Ramsden Parish Councils were receptive to the idea of meeting our sub-committee and had promised to arrange dates.
  d The sub-committee would be examining the Council's finances and preparing a spending plan to recommend to the Council.
  e The agreed article on the Council's activities should appear in the next edition of Stock Press.
  Dates of the next meetings of the Sub-Committee were 12 March; 9 April; 14 May; 11 June and 16 July.
294 Village Hall Report
Cllr Mrs Williams reported that no meetings had taken place since our last meeting.
295 General Correspondence
Stock Football Field

The Acting Clerk read a letter received from Messrs Strutt & Parker which clearly indicated that the owners of this land would not be prepared to sell the above field unless the Council agreed to support their desire to develop land in their ownership which was outside the village envelope. As this was completely against the Council's policy there appeared to be little prospect of any progress being made in the foreseeable future.
296 Just Bin It
The Acting Clerk reported that this was the new name for the old National Spring Clean and that the Borough Council were again offering assistance with the provision of black sacks, gloves, litter-pickers and a skip. It was agreed that Stock should again participate and 28 April was fixed as the date to Bin It. The Acting Clerk would submit the application for the promised equipment.
297 Strategy for the Elderly
The Clerk reported receipt of a draft document from the Borough Council. It was agreed that there appeared to be some omissions regarding Stock's facilities and that it was unclear what the purpose of the document was. The Best Value Sub-Committee were looking at the provisions for the elderly in the village and it was agreed that the Acting Clerk should pass on the additional information and try to establish what happens next.
298 Government Oil Pipeline & Storage System (GPSS)
A letter had been received from Serco Gulf Engineering Ltd to inform the Council that the above passed through the Parish. The Council was, however, already aware of this fact.
299 London to Ipswich Multi-Modal Study (LOIS)
The Acting Clerk handed a questionnaire on the above to each member for them to complete and return to Social Research Associates concerning the above, he would obtain some additional copies to be placed in the Library.
300 Smallgains Lane, Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic Order
The Borough Council had made the above Order to facilitate road works in Smallgains Lane. It would come into effect on 19 March and continue in force for 18 months or until the works have been completed, whichever is the sooner.
301 A12 The Way Ahead
The Acting Clerk handed out information leaflets and a questionnaire to all Councillors and members of the public present Cllr Tant agreed to represent the Council at the next presentation to be held on 15 March at Margaretting Village Hall.
302 Best Value - Street Scene
The Borough Council's questionnaire regarding street cleansing was completed and the overall result was one of complete dissatisfaction with the services provided. The view was expressed that this Council could carry out the work in a more focused and efficient fashion if the funding was to be delegated to them.
303 Village Hall Car Park
The Chairman read (i) a letter she had received from the NALC's lawyers which clearly indicated that it was in order for the Council to fund an extension to the Village Hall Car Park and (ii) one she had received from the Council's auditors seeking information regarding the Council's proposals in this regard. She read her response to the meeting which was approved. The Council agreed with the Village Hall Management Committee that the Borough Planners desire for the car park to be finished with shingle was ludicrous as every other car park in the village was black tarmacadam - the only material which could be satisfactorily laid out in spaces. It was agreed that three tenders should be obtained for the work and investigations should be made regarding the names of appropriate contractors.
304 Planning Matters
Decision by the Borough Council
  2030/00 FULL Part demolition, alteration and extension to existing dwelling Cornerfield, Mill Road APPROVED
  2073/00 FULL Single storey rear extension, 49 High Street APPROVED
  2137/00 FULL Insertion of four dormers in roof to rear elevation, Ivy Chimneys, Whites Hill APPROVED
  Applications Referred Before Meeting
  2029/00 FULL Little Lindens, Mill Road - demolish and replace with 4 bed detached dwelling, amended plans Previous comments still apply. 
  184/01 FULL 10 Mill Lane - extension to existing bedroom no observations
  191/01 FULL Springfield Farm, Potash Road - extension to dwelling no observations
Meeting confirmed sub-committee's decision

Applications Referred 
  287/01 FULL Mr J.P. Cano-Lopez, Conservatory at rear, 25 Mill Road
  306/01 FULL Mr G. Boxer Two storey side extension, 14 Well Lane
  No observations were made on either application.

Notification of Appeal
  The Borough Council had indicated that an appeal had been lodged in respect of their refusal to allow application 1717/00 FULL, construction of garage and joining of existing outbuilding to dwelling for use as a conservatory, Old Pump, Downham Road. It was agreed that the Council should not amend their comments on this application.
  Appeal Decision
It was noted that the Appeal in respect of 1525/00, land adjacent to Oakcroft, Marigold Lane had been dismissed.
  Chelmsford Borough Council Replacement Local Plan
A copy of the new plan had been received and showed some minor changes to the building envelope which were a cause for concern. It was agreed that the Acting Clerk should write to the Borough Council seeking a detailed list of all such changes from the previous Plan and the rationale behind them.
305 Accounts
Cheques were signed at the meeting for:
  R.J. McAdam - clearance of verge adjacent to Lushill, Birch Lane £250.00
  Local Council Review - annual subscription £9.99
  C. Tant - Acting Clerk's expenses (postage & Minute printing) £9.64
  M.D. Tant - rub-down & re-varnish PC Notice Board and Map £65.00
  M. Elliott - purchase of carpet tiles & tape for Clerk's Office £43.76
  J. Bishop - reimbursement of cost of electricity re Christmas Tree £15.00
306 Date of Next Meeting - 26/3/2001
307 Any other business
Cllr Lusty again raised the question of the Cock's chalkboard signs. The Acting Clerk stated that the Borough Council had indicated that providing they were on his land such signs were permitted. The Acting Clerk would write to the Highways Agency concerning the appalling incidence of litter on the A12.

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