Minutes of the Meeting of the STOCK Parish Council
held on 30/4/01 at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall

Present : All members of the Parish Council except for Cllrs Webb and Mrs Williams,
from whom apologies were received; and Borough Councillor Stringer.

In the Chair: Councillor Mrs Johnson.

319 Rural Housing Trust A representative from the Rural Housing Trust gave a very informative talk about the work of the trust and responded to the questions of parishioners and Councillors. The initiative was felt to be exciting and it was resolved that further investigations should proceed with a view to carrying out a survey to establish whether or not there was a real need in Stock. Such developments normally comprised between 6 and 10 housing units.
320. Minutes of the Meeting of 26/3/01 Subject to the substitution of the words "had been" for the words "were to be" in Minute 311, these were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
321. Matters Arising
1 Traffic Calming: The protest concerning the continuing failure to provide traffic calming measures had now been fixed for 22,23 and 24 May. The Best Value Group were finalising traffic calming proposals for the village as a whole so that there was something positive to present to the Highway Authorities. Mrs Henderson's plea to support her campaign for such measures in Smallgains Lane was taken on board and she promised to provide the Council with copies of the correspondence she had had with the Police and Highway Authorities.
2 Buttsbury Signpost: Cllr Lusty reported that this matter was now with the bailiffs.
3 Doggie Bins: The Acting Clerk reported that he had asked the Borough Council for more frequent collections from the Doggie Bins could be arranged, at least for the duration of the footpath use ban. They had stated that they were endeavouring to make extra collections but it was noted that the bins in the village remained unpleasantly full.
4 Additional Street Lighting: As two objections had been received to the proposed light on the bend in Common Road it was agreed not to proceed with that proposal at present but that the Borough Council should be asked to arrange for the lights by the British Legion Hall and in Common Lane to be installed as soon as possible.
5 Village Hall Car Park: Cllr Elliott reported that he had been unable to finalise details regarding the surface of the Car Park with the Borough Planner responsible, who was now on holiday. He hoped to do so on his return
6 Chelmsford Borough Council Replacement Local Plan: Following the allegations made at the Annual Parish Meeting the Acting Clerk read the letter that had been sent on 28 February to the Borough Council concerning the revisions to the village envelope boundary and the proposed development at Temple Farm. The Borough Planner's reply was now to hand. He indicated that the revisions to the village envelope were in response to criticisms made of the old boundary by the Government's Inspector and did not signal any relaxation of the anti-back-land development policy. The Council's concerns regarding Temple Farm were noted but it was stated that traffic management measures would be taken if the site was developed as planned. The Council noted that it was important to keep pressure on the Borough Council on this issue.
7 A.130 - Post By-Pass Traffic Management - Downham Road: The Acting Clerk passed copy correspondence from Mr Pardon addressed to County Councillor Williams and to County and Borough Council Officers to the Best Value Group for consideration in connection with their deliberations.
8 Chelmsford Police - Stock Surgery: The next surgery would be at the Village Hall on Friday 11 May from 11.30a.m.-12.30 p.m.
9 Bus Shelter Repairs The Acting Clerk reported that the shelter opposite The Ship had been repaired. Problems had been encountered in finding tiles to match those on the High Street shelter. Cllr Elliott said he could locate some and the Acting Clerk undertook to inform Mr M. Tant who had already made the existing tiles safe.
10 Willow Tree Fronting "The Hawthorns", Common Road: It was agreed that, as the willow tree was owned by Lord Petre, he should be asked to arrange for it to be inspected and dealt with as necessary.
322. Best Value Group Report Cllr Peacock reported that:
(a) The telephone and an answering were now operational. The telephone number was 01277 829829.
(b) Proposals were being formulated regarding traffic calming in the village that, subject to the Council's approval, would be taken to the appropriate County and Borough Members/officers.
(c) A desk and chair for the Clerk's Office were still being sought.
323 Village Hall Report In Cllr Williams' absence Mr Taffs reported that the final invoice had been paid for the Hall but that the builders were disputing the amount. Solicitors supported the Village Hall Management Committee's interpretation of what was owed. Revised rules for the hiring of the Hall would be considered at the next meeting of the Committee.
324 General Correspondence .
Street Naming and Numbering. The Borough Council had indicated that the house recently completed on the site of the old village hall would be 59 Mill Road.
325 Various Seminars/Meetings
The Acting Clerk reported that invitations had been received for representatives to attend the following:
(a) Chelmsford Community Transport - Dial-a-Ride Launch at The Link Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford on 3 July at 7.00 p.m.
(b) Village Design Statements Launch at The Essex Show Ground on 17 May.
(c) Accounts Workshop - 12 June
(d) Assn of Chelmsford District Parish Councils AGM - 5 June at 7.45 p.m.
(e) RSA Environment Awards Launch 22 May at 8 John Adams Street, London.
No interest was expressed in attending any of the above.
326 Planning Matters Decisions by the Borough Council
257/01 Full Conservatory at rear of 25 Mill Road Approved
306/01 Full Two storey side extension, 14 Well Lane Approved
472 TEL Orange Personal Communications - Installation of new platform for tele- communications equipment- Willowbrook Sports Ground, Stock Road Prior approval not required
500/01 FULL Rebuild garage April Cottage, Mill Road Application withdrawn
3032/01 CAT The Owner - Works to various trees, Greenwoods Estate, Stock Road No objection
2029/00 FULL Demolish existing dwelling and replace with new four bedroom detached dwelling with garaging and ancillary accommodation. Amended Plans - Little Lindens, Mill Road Approved
107/01 FULL Insertion of Dormer and new pitched roof to an existing rear addition - 39 Swan Lane Approved
389/01 TEL Orange Personal Communications - Replacement of existing cabinets with 10 modern equivalent cabinets - Willowbrook Sports Ground, Stock Road Prior Approval Not Required
2145/00 FULL Buttsbury P.C.C. - Change of use of land south of St Mary's Church, Buttsbury to provide enlarged car park Approved
1130/00 FULL Jenny Moody Homes - Demolition of existing bungalow & erection of a detached house - 32 Birch Lane Approved
184/01 FULL Extension to existing bedroom and formation of en-suite - 10 Mill Lane Approved
Applications Referred Before Meeting
556/01 FULL Heath House, Downham Road- First floor side extension no observations.
1034/98 FULL (Renewal) - Broomfield Farm, Broomwood Lane - Continued use of mobile home for agriculture no observations
596/01 FULL Tetlows, Downham Road - Alterations to roof to provide first floor accommodation no observations providing the proposal does not exceed the permitted development in the Green Belt
Brick House, High Street - Erection of single storey timber framed conservatory - Brick House, High Street - no observations
Applications Referred
542/01 FULL Replacement tractor/equipment shed - Meepshole, Great Prestons Lane no observations
  606/01 FULL Brick House, High Street - Erection of a single storey timber framed conservatory upon a dwarf wall (amended plans) no observations
  Tree Preservation Orders
Notification had been received from the Borough Council that:
  (a) Tree Presevation Order Nos 2000/27, The Bower" and "Cherry Cottage" and 2001/01, 144 Mill Road had both been confirmed without modification  
  (b) They proposed to preserve a horse chestnut tree adjacent to the exit from Greenwoods, High Street under TPO No 2001/2.  
327 Accounts
Cheques were signed at the meeting for:
Mr C. Tant - Acting Clerk's expenses £56.29
PKF International - Annual Audit Fee 1999/2000 £421.12
ELS - Grass cutting (part) - March £110.45
  Essex Assn of Local Councils - Annual subscription £256.77
  British Telecommunications PLC - Phone installation, Clerk's Office £131.04
  Rural Community Council of Essex - Annual subscription £25.00
  Essex Playing Fields & Children's Play Assn - Annual subscription £25.00
  Mr N. Peacock - reimbursement of cost of ansaphone, Clerk's Office £99.99
328 Date of Next Meeting 4/6/01
329 Any Other Business The Acting Clerk read the Tweedy Charity Annual Report which had been received too late for the Annual Parish Meeting - it was agreed that a synopsis should be appended to the APM Minutes. As, due to ignorance of the tradition, the Acting Clerk had failed to submit a balance sheet of the Annual Accounts to the APM, he submitted a copy of such balance which would be displayed on the Notice Board. It was agreed that advantage should be taken of the free entry in Yellow Pages. The Chairman reported that Mr Stan Elgar had offered his services as Clerk but details regarding a contract etc had not been finalised.

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