COUNCIL held on MONDAY 14/5/2001 at 9.30 a.m.

Present: All members of the Council except for Cllr Mr Elliott from whom apologies were received.
In the C330. Appointment of Clerk Responsible Financial Officerhair: Cllr Mrs. Johnson

The meeting had been convened to discuss the offer received from Mr Stan Elgar to take on the above duties. It was unanimously agreed that, although his financial expertise was considerably in excess of that required for the post, he had no direct Local Government experience and it was, therefore. impossible to agree to the minimum salary he had Specified.

It was also reported that Mrs. Seaman had offered to return as Clerk but this was felt to be unacceptable.

It was agreed, therefore, that efforts should be redoubled to find a new Clerk, particularly as Cllr Tant would be on holiday for the 25 June meeting and had stated that he would find it difficult to continue during the summer months. The Chairman undertook to contact the EALS. for assistance and ClIr Tant would investigate the possibility of advertising the post in the County Council’s "Job Scene" publication. It was suggested that, if no applicants were forthcoming, members should take turns to undertake the Clerk’s duties.