Present: Cllrs. Mr & Mrs Elliott, Peacock, Tully, Lusty & Williams

In The Chair: Cllr. Johnson

Minute Secretary: Lorraine Green

Also Present: Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer, Peter Bentley and 5 Members of the Public


Cllrs. Tant & Webb sent their apologies.


Cllr. Lusty asked that in the Minute 391 (d) the word Carers was replaced by Cares. Cllr. W. Elliott advised that in Minute 389 Litter Bins the word ‘replaced’ should be substituted with ‘sited’. The Clerk asked the Chairman to change the numbering of the Minutes as they were numbered the same as the previous month’s Minutes. The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.


Minute 378 & 388

from Wickstead for £325.50 which was to supply and fit the new chains and swings. Wicksteed confirmed that the work would commence within 6-8 weeks of receipt of the order. All the Councillors agreed for the works to be carried out. Cllr. M. Elliott asked the Clerk to write to Wicksteed confirming the order.

Minute 375, 378 & 388. Any Other Business

The Chairman read out a letter that had been received from Mr Rackham at Chelmsford Borough Council advising that the areas in Swan Lane/Mill Road and Birch Lane were going to be inspected and remedial works carried out as necessary.

The Chairman read out a letter that she had received from the Planning Enforcement Officer at Chelmsford Borough Council with regard to the advertisement boards being displayed in the Cock Car Park. The Chairman advised that the officer had gone on holiday and had asked her to monitor the situation and keep a note of how many notices were being displayed. She asked the other Councillors to help her in this matter. Cllr. Lusty asked the Clerk to write a letter back asking on what authority of planning consent is there deemed consent on these two advertisements.

Minute 395. Any Other Business.

The Chairman advised that the Clerk had spoken to Chelmsford Borough Council regarding Downham Road and that she was awaiting an E-Mail confirming the situation.

The Chairman advised that the Clerk had spoken to the Electricity Board regarding the cuttings that had been left behind at the top of Birch Lane. As the service is carried out free of charge it is the reponsibility of the land owner to arrange the removal of the cuttings. The Clerk was asked to write to Mrs Raeburn asking her to remove the cuttings.

The Christmas Tree was kindly donated by Mr F. Harnett of the Piggeries. Lights would be purchased by Mr Elliott at a cost of approximately £40.00. The Chairman had also had a quotation for £49.99 for lights.


Traffic Management - Nothing to report.

Playground – The Chairman read out a letter received from Colin Tant advising that the governing body at the School were not prepared to agree to the proposal so we now need to look elsewhere for a site. In his letter he advised that the School were pleased with the offer of the litter bin but had asked their Finance and Premises Sub Committee to look at its siting.

A school report was given from Peter Bentley. He reported that the new Head Teacher, Heather Parsons, had been at the school for one year and that the school was in very good shape. He advised that Miss Parsons had introduced newsletters to parents and was also putting a page in The Stock Press. Mr Bentley advised that there had been various events taking place at the School including a Science Week which had been very popular. Mr Bentley reported that the School currently had a full role but did have three vacancies for Governors. He advised that a gate had been put across the the car park. He also reported that heavy lorries were using the School entrance to turn around which was not safe. Mr Bentley advised that the reason for the School stopping the playground being put in the school was due to health and safety concerns. He reported that an extension was going to put on the school (North facing) to extend a classroom and create a computer suite following their OFSTED Report. The Report was carried out in September and the School felt that it was a good report. Mr Bentley read out the report which quoted that the School was well above average. The Chairman asked Mr Bentley if the Parish Council could be given a more regular report than once a year and Mr Bentley agreed that he would give a report once a term.

Churchyard Upkeep – Cllr. M. Elliott and Cllr. Peacock reported that they had met the Church Warden and that the Churchyard needed major attention. They recommended that as soon as possible we have a major blitz to get it tidy once and for all and then have it attended to three or four times a year. Cllr. Peacock said he would speak to the Churchwarden to arrange for Mr Henderson to give us a quotation to carry out ‘a one off tidy-up’ and then we would write to Mr Henderson and ELS asking them to meet with Cllrs. M. Elliott & Peacock at the Churchyard to give quotations with regard to the regular upkeep of the Churchyard.

Village Hall Car Park – Lighting – Cllr. M. Elliott advised that he and Lady Carter had had a meeting with Mr Sheffield of Chelmsford Borough Council in which the car park, lighting and £3,750.00 towards traffic calming had been discussed.. The Clerk read out a letter that Lady Carter had sent to Mr Sheffield following the meeting. Cllr. M. Elliott said Mr Sheffield was very co-operative and he was enthusiastic that we would get planning permission. Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer confirmed that the Council had withdrawn their request for £3,750.00.

Litter Bins – Cllr. Peacock advised that we should order three litter bins, one for Dakyn Drive, one for Common Road and one spare. It was decided that the Clerk would arrange to order three black and gold bins. Cllr. Peacock also asked the Clerk to order one frog bin for the School.

The Chairman advised that she had spoken to Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the doggy bins which were still not being emptied. After pressure was put on the Borough Council the bins were eventually cleaned and emptied.


Cllr. Williams reported that the car park had been the main issue at the last meeting. She advised that Stan Elgar was co-opted in place of Nick Peacock. She reported that so far 136 lottery slips had been received for next year. Cllr. Williams also advised that a piano was being acquired and that Italian castors were being specially made for it. Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer advised that he had been asked to bring the piano to the hall.



The Chairman read out a letter of resignation from Mandy Fenwick. She reported that Elizabeth Philpott had told her that the Parish Council have to nominate someone for the position. The Chairman recommended either Stan Elgar or the Woodgates who live nearby. The Parish Council agreed that Mr Barry Woodgate should be approached and failing that Stan Elgar. The Chairman asked the Clerk to write to Mandy Fenwick thanking her for her work and saying how sorry the Parish Council were that she had had to give up the position.