Present: Cllrs. Mr & Mrs Elliott, Peacock, Webb, & Lusty

In The Chair: Cllr. Johnson

Minute Secretary: Lorraine Green

Also Present: Lord Hanningfield and 3 Members of the Public

  2. Councillors Tant, Williams, Tully and Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer sent their apologies.
    The Chairman welcomed the Clerk and Lord Hanningfield to the meeting.

  4. Cllr. Lusty asked that the wording ‘a full out of court settlement’ be changed to ‘an out of court settlement’ in the Minute 368 - Matters Arising From the Minutes, item 333.(2) Buttsbury Signpost.

    The Minutes of the last Meeting, having been previously circulated, were then duly signed as a true record of events. All agreed.


Minute 368

337. Play Equipment – The Clerk handed the Wicksteed brochure to Cllr. W. Elliott. The Council agreed for Cllr. W. Elliott to meet with a Wicksteed Representative and to order the necessary equipment.

345. Any Other Business.

Footpath Sign in Cambridge Close – The Chairman reported that Mr Clark of Chelmsford Borough Council had sent somebody to move the sign but a member of the public had complained at the new positioning of the sign. It was agreed that Cllr. W. Elliott would arrange to meet with Mr Clark to find a suitable site for the sign.

345. Any Other Business.

Jubliee Celebrations – The Chairman advised that a meeting had been held but had been poorly attended. She advised that everyone who had attended had agreed that a celebration should take place over a period of 4 days. It was suggested that a programme similar to the one used for the Silver Jubliee should be considered again. It was agreed that The Chairman would put a notice in the November issue of the Stock Press advertising the event. The Chairman advised that Cllr. Williams would do a field map. She also informed the Parish Council that offers had been given by The Glebe, the back of the Catholic Church and the Common to hold events on.

Minute 369. Best Value Group Report.

Ware Pond - The Clerk advised that she had written to Mr A. Raeburn asking him to remove the building materials from outside his gate but as yet had had no reply.

Overgrown Tree at Zebra Crossing – The Clerk, Cllr. Peacock and Cllr. W. Elliott reported that they had all spoken to Chelmsford Borough Council regarding this matter and that the tree had now been cut back.

Minute 375. Any Other Business.

The Clerk informed the Parish Council that she had written to Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the pavement in Myln Meadow and that she had received an acknowledgement from them advising her that the contents of her letter had been noted.

The Clerk informed the Parish Council that she had written to the Highways Department at Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the pavement at the corner of the entrance to the school. She advised that she had received an acknowledgement from them advising her that the contents of her letter had been noted.

The Clerk informed the Parish Council that she had written to the Borough Planner at Chelmsford Borough Council regarding the numerous blackboards being displayed in the Cock Car Park. To-date the Clerk had not received a reply.


Traffic Management - Cllr. Peacock informed the Parish Council that a meeting with Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council was being held on Friday 28th September 2001 at 10.00am. He advised that he would prepare an agenda and send it out to the Councillors.

A Parishioner informed the Parish Council that a new slow sign had been put up in Small Gains Lane but traffic was still speeding down the road. She gave Cllr. Peacock some photographs of skid marks that had been made on the road. It was agreed that a circular would be sent to all residents in Well Lane regarding the speeding and Cllr. Peacock would advertise the matter in the November edition of The Stock Press.

Playground – Cllr. Peacock advised that he was having a meeting with the Headteacher at the end of the week to see what is recommended.

Churchyard Upkeep – Cllr. Peacock advised that the PCC were holding a meeting on Wednesday 26th September 2001.

Village Hall Car Park – Lighting – Cllr. M. Elliott read out a letter that he had received from Chelmsford Borough Council. The Clerk read out a letter that Chelmsford Borough Councillor Gary Stringer had written back to them. To-date no reply had been received. The Parish Council agreed that as Cllr. M. Elliott was not receiving any progress with the planning permission that he should arrange a meeting with the Head of Planning. Cllr. M Elliott had received one quotation from Thorn Lux Lighting who had put a scheme together for £1,287.00 which did not include fitting. He advised that he had received two sealed envelopes containing quotations from contractors but was still awaiting a third and thought it was only fair to open all three together at the next meeting.

Litter Bins – Nothing further to report.

Ware Pond – Cllr. Peacock advised that the work is going ahead but that Cllr. Tant, who is dealing with the matter, is currently on holiday.


Cllr. Peacock is going to attend the next meeting and will report on the events at the next Parish Council meeting.


    1. A letter had been received from Mrs L. Lockwood of Traffic Management at Chelmsford Borough Council regarding 35 High Street, Stock. She advised that the 30mph speed limit was regularly monitored and measures would only be taken if a speeding problem could be identified. In her letter she explained that the brick wall was the responsibility of the householder.
    2. The Chairman had received a note from Cllr. Tully asking whether a red and white chequer board could be put on the wall at Stafford House. It was decided that this would be brought up at the meeting on Friday with Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council.
    3. Cllr Peacock advised that he had received a letter from Dennis Andrews with regard to fly tipping down Swan Lane.
    4. The Clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mr D.C. Andrews with regard to a news item that he was hoping to have published in the October issue of The Stock Press concerning The Woodland Trust’s work at Cygnet Wood/Swan Lane.



Application No. 00/01977/FUL. First Floor Rear Extension.

Location: 19 High Street, Stock. Approved.

Application No. 00/02027/LBC. First Floor Rear Extension (Listed Building Consent).

Location: 19 High Street, Stock. Listed Building Consent Approved.

Application No. 01/01270/FUL. Replacement Rear Conservatory.

Location: 32 Well Lane, Stock. Approved.

Application No. 01/01480/FUL. Existing timber frame triple garage to be taken down and replaced in new location with brick built triple garage.

Location: Cornerfield, Mill Road, Stock. Application Withdrawn.

Application No. 01/03121/TPO. Crown reduction to Oak; remove stubs on trunks of London Plane and Horse Chestnut (Tree Preservation Order).

Location: 2 Garden End, Common Road, Stock. Approved.

Application No. 01/03129/TPO. Works to Strawberry Tree. (Tree Preservation Order).

Location: Lilystone Hall, Stock Road, Stock. Approved.

Application No. 01/03138/CAT. Fell Silver Birch and Sycamore (Trees in Conservation Area).

Location: Compass Green, 27 High Street, Stock. No Objection (Tel, Ag, Dem, etc NOT EB).

Application No. 01/01608/FUL. Existing garage to be replaced with a new four car garage in a new location.

Location: Cornerfield, Mill Road, Stock.

Comments by 21st September, this had been passed to the Planning Sub-Committee who had no comments to make.

Application No. 01/01597/FUL. Linking roof and formation of dressing/en-suite to master bedroom.

Location: Nether Langley, Downham Road, Stock

Comments by 21st September, this had been passed to the Planning Sub-Committee who had no comments to make.

Application No. 01/01680/FUL. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 2 no. new houses and garages.

Location: Long Gable, 108 Mill Road. The comments made by the Parish Council were ‘we wish to re-iterate our objections to the previous application 01/01164 on this site and we request clarification of apparent discrepancies between the site plan and detailed property plan, and between the existing application 01/01680 and a subsequent application with a third set of drawings which we have not yet received’.

Application No. 01/01664/OUT. Replace existing bungalow with 2 chalet bungalows.

Location: 3 Garden End, Common Road. The Parish Council objects due to undesirable backland development and that it is out of keeping with the surrounding development.


The following cheques were approved for payment and signed:

100732 £ 69.00 Stock Village Hall – Hire of Hall

100733 £ 50.00 Maurice Elliott – Purchase of Computer Desk

100734 £373.65 Emneth Land Services Ltd – grass cutting – August – This cheque was cancelled due to the company sending us duplicate invoices.

100735 £225.00 A. Balcombe – Temporary Clerk’s salary & expenses

100736 £255.15 Mrs L.J. Green – Clerks salary & expenses

100737 £ 17.50 CPRE – Subscription Renewal

100738 £ 45.36 Maurice Elliott - Materials for shelving Parish Council office

100739 £100.00 Stock Cricket Club – Contribution made towards digging ditches around the common.

Cllr. M. Elliott handed the Clerk an invoice from M. Duggan & Sons for £300.00 for digging the ditches around the common. Stock Cricket Club had paid the bill but had asked the Parish Council for a contribution. It was agreed that the Parish Council would contribute £100.00.

Cllr. W. Elliott asked the Clerk if in future she could give the Parish Council balances of the bank accounts at every meeting. The Clerk agreed to do this and also advised the Parish Council of the balances on the accounts as at the 24th September 2001.

The Chairman handed a letter from Barclays Bank to the Clerk asking her to complete a personal details form. The Clerk completed the form and advised that she would take it into the bank the next day.

Audit – The Clerk advised that Angela Balcombe and herself had attended a meeting on the 17th September 2001 with the Auditors and that the Auditor had requested the following information:-

A copy of the Council’s Standing Orders It was agreed that the Chairman and Clerk would look for these in the office and send them to the Auditor.

A Letter of Representation - The Clerk had typed this letter and it was signed by The Chairman at the meeting. The Clerk now to send it to the previous temporary Clerk for her signature.

Details/Reports of Internal Audit carried out during the year – this was picked up in last year’s Audit – Councillor Lusty advised that there was nothing to report as an internal audit had not been carried out. He also advised the Clerk that he had seen an article written in the July edition of the Local Council Review magazine stating that an internal audit should not be carried out by a member of the Parish Council.

The Owners of the Cricket Pitch – The Chairman advised the Clerk that the land was owned by Lord Petre.

Angela Balcombe had prepared the accounts for the meeting and The Chairman signed the accounts for audit. The statement of accounts represents fairly the financial position of the authority as at the 31st March 2001 and reflects its income and expenditure during the year ended on that date.

Cllr. W. Elliott asked the Clerk if all the Councillors could have a copy of the accounts.The Clerk agreed to send out a set with the next set of minutes.

Zurich Insurance – Employee’s Liability Insurance – The matter was discussed and it was agreed that due to the distance now being travelled by the Clerk that the Parish Council would take out Employers’ Liability Insurance. The Clerk would contact Zurich to organise this.


The next meeting is on the 29th October 2001.



The Chairman reported that both Cllr. Tant and herself felt that a possible area for a playground would be by the corner of Boundary House to The Nook where the footpath goes down. It was agreed that it was a good site but that some protection from the road would be needed by way of high fencing/netting.

The Chairman advised that Cllr. Tully had reported that children were being stung by stinging nettles by the gate at the back of the school which leads to Dakyn Drive. Clerk to write to Mr Clark at Chelmsford Borough Council.

The Parish Council were informed that the doggy bins at the Catholic Church were not being emptied. Clerk to write to Environmental Services at Chelmsford Borough Council notifying them that the bins were not being emptied and cleaned regularly at the end of Common Lane and on the Cricket Pavilion. Cllr. Peacock also asked the Clerk to inform them in the same letter that the rubbish bins in Swan Lane were also not being emptied.

It was also decided that at the next Best Value Meeting the subject of renewing waste bins would be discussed. Cllr Peacock agreed to carry out a bin survey and he would report the results at the next meeting.

Cllr. W. Elliott asked the Clerk if she could arrange for all Councillors to receive a new copy of Councillors contact names, addresses and telephone numbers. The Clerk advised that a new list would be sent out with the next set of Minutes.

A Parishioner had informed Cllr. Webb that the public footpath along Impey Farm to Ingatestone Road was blocked and walkers could not get through. The Chairman agreed to contact the owner Mrs Ward to ascertain what was blocking the footpath.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming; the meeting closed at 8.48pm.