Burglary Other
Hello, I am Pc Alan Davey and am currently the Neighbourhood Specialist Officer for the Rural West Wards including Stock. Recently, there has been in these areas an increase in what we call burglary other offences and it is my intention to try and reduce these hopefully with your assistance.
This article is aimed to educate people as to what Burglary 'Other' is and crime prevention advice that Essex Police promote to the public.
Burglary Other is when a person enters a property that is not a dwelling, e.g. a shed or a garage without the permission of the owner and commits the acts of theft, damage and violence.
The most common form of Burglary Other are shed and garage burglaries whereby articles such as power tools, fishing equipment, lawn mowers, bicycles and other items of value are stolen. Entry into secure sheds and garages is normally gained by forcing open locks with the use of mainly bolt croppers and jemmying open the locks with crowbars.
Essex Police would like to encourage the public to adopt a positive preventative attitude to securing their property, thus reducing the number of crimes of this type which traditionally rise during the summer months.
In order to protect your property, Essex Police suggest the following:
Never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked, especially if it has a connecting door to the house. A thief could get in and work on the inner door without being seen.
Fit strong padlocks to shed and garage doors and make sure that the doors are solid enough not to be kicked in.
  Use infrared sensor lights that switch on when movement is detected nearby.
Use infrared sensor lights that switch on when movement is detected nearby. · Lock ladders inside your garage or shed to stop a thief using them to reach upstairs windows. If there is no room in your garage or shed, chain or padlock them horizontally to a sturdy bracket on an outside wall.
  Consider having lockable steel boxes fitted to the floor to store your tools in.
  Keep bicycles in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked.
  Keep items out of public view.
Secure it to an immovable object or consider installing a floor or wall-mounted anchor lock for extra security.
  Do not advertise the fact that you are away from your property e.g. on holiday.
Follow these simply suggestions and help Essex Police prevent crime in your area.
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