Watch out for hare coursers
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I have been having lots of reports of hare coursers lately but by the time we get out there they have long gone, they have a four wheel drive and lurcher dogs, this is a potentially a big problem at the moment as they do not care who's field they are on and they may be travelling up and down the county and may be spreading disease as they go. they keep appearing on land between Stock and the Tye but have been seen asfar as Marg.

An update from PC Burnham on bogus callers
I have had a report of a bogus caller in the Stock & Margaretting area, he attempted to gain entry by using the excuse that he needed to measure a bed in order for it to be replaced. Measuring carpets seems to be the other excuse.
I fear this maybe the start of another spate. Please ask for identification and if in doubt phone the police.
I've also had a report of a couple of shed burglaries in Stock and Highwood, my worry is that these people have waited for all their victims to replace their items from last time. Please lock up and report any strange occurrences, rely on your sixth sense!!
Also number plates, please try to get registration numbers
PC 643 Jason Burnham

Burglary and Garden Machinery Theft Warning

Stock and the surrounding area has been targeted by a group of thieves. A significant amount of garden machinery has been stolen, and in one instance, the householder who disturbed the perpetrators, was assaulted. One vehicle, believed to have been used in connection with these thefts, is a white, drop-side, Transit van with trailer. The thefts have been taking place during the day. The perpetrators usually check for the presence of the occupier of the premises before carrying out the theft.

Please be especially alert to the intentions of cold callers. We have also had a spate of what we call artifice burglaries. This is when a person pretends to be someone else ie window cleaner or gas man in order to gain entry into a home, they have even pretended to be police officers. Please, Please, Please ask for ID. Any information on cold call window cleaners may also be useful. They may be using very smart looking vehicles - don't be fooled by this.

If you have any information or observe any suspicious activity, please contact PC Jason Burnham on 01245 490296 or However small or innocent the cold call seems, do not hesitate to call the police, these villains are very plausible and seem very respectable on the surface. If you do not feel it is an emergency, just note descriptions, number plates and things said, it may be useful!

Doorstep Selling Trading standards have had a call from a Stock resident who has been approached by JJ Construction with spare gravel (left over from a nearby job!). He offered to lay the gravel cheaply, the resident declined but the guy said he would come back. The traders name was John, driving an open white pick-up. It was explained to the consumer that "John" was legally required to let customers have a written 7 day cooling off period
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