Stock Press November
As well as all the regular features, here are some of the other items to be found in the November edition of Stock Press:
Stock Press needs a new co-editor to replace John.
Stock Harvard WI celebrates its 40th birthday this month.
Have you any ideas as to what should become of the old library?
There has been a spate of bicycle thefts recently; read this good advice from Neighbourhood Watch.
As the clocks go back again, some more good advice from Neighbourhood Watch on keeping your home safe and secure.
Thank you from the organisers of the Arise and Shine Run and Family Day.
Find out what the Over Sixties have been up to.
A complete list of the winners of the Stock in Bloom competition and the Gardening Society Autumn Show.
All the dates and information you need to attend many events including a shopping evening, antiques fair, quiz night, Christmas fair, Christmas bazaar, drama production and the Remembrance Sunday parade and service.
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