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These were recorded by villagers on what ever kit was available in standard definition so quality varies.

Stock Shops and Businesses
Stock Heritage Society
Farming in Stock
Stock Heritage Society
Stock Tower Mill
Memories of Stock 2008
Stock Heritage Society
D Day Remembrance
Stock British Legion
Stock celebrates the Royal Wedding
Shot and edited by the Villagers of Stock
New Pump
Stock Parish Council
Fire on the common Feb 2012
Peter Woodward Reporting
Stock All Saints Church
Stock Heritage Society
Heritage Centre Opening
Stock Heritage Society
Stuart racing round the village hall car park on his penny-farthing 2011
Joan Joslin
Villager Joan Joslin talks about her time at Bletchley
Bowls History
Andrew Makings talks about Stock Bowls Club
Cricket History
Colin Tant talks about Stock Cricket Club
Football History
Keith Howell talks about Stock FC
Across the Atlantic in a Carrier Bag
History told from the contents of an old plastic carrier bag
VE Day 1995
Shot and edited by the Villagers of Stock
Remembrance day 2009
John Westwood on remembrance day 2009
Stock Jubilee Taster
The full two hour DVD is in the Heritage centre. At some point I will do a shorter version for this channel.
Snow Feb 2009
Just a few shot thrown together.
Bats back from the night shift
From a cottage in the Village
Checking out a Camera
This camera has long gone to meet it's maker (well recycled anyway) but thought I'd leave the test file here as snapshot that might be interesting to those in the future. I got the idea after seeing a scratchy old bit of 8mm shot many years ago.
Billericay Town Model
Courtesy of The Carter Museum
Some shots recorded on 8mm at some point in the 60s by Mr Springett.
Billericay School Rural Studies
Sadly after this the ancient barn was flattened
Stock on an Ordinary Working Day
VE 70 Exhibition 2015
Stock Lodge