STOCK Website Updates 2004
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January Updates
17.01.04 Historic article by John Evans 18.01.04 Jan 5th Council Minutes
25.01.04 The day the Hunt paid a visit by Moira Smith
February Updates
03.02.04 Village Appraisal
11.02.04 Evans Pictures 11.02.04 Evans WWI
11.02.04 Joan and Bert Harvey 11.02.04 Herbert Precious added
21.02.04 Danceworld Stage School page added 29.02.04 New category added to Business section
March Updates
05.03.04 St.Giles Mountnessing War Memorial, Both WW I and WW II updated 06.03.04 26th Jan Council Minutes
08.03.04 Conservative page 13.03.04 Events page updated
13.03.04 Regular events Events page updated 13.03.04 Mill Page updated
13.03.04 Mill committee info added 13.03.04 Fitness group added
24.03.04 More memmories from Jim Sargant 24.03.04 Council Minutes Agenda
24.03.04 New entry in Ex Pats 25.03.04 Buttsbury war Memorial
26.03.04 Kath Fairweather nee Sargant 27.03.04 The Cruise by June Springett
31.03.04 More from John Evans 31.03.04 Latest Council Minutes and Chairman's report
31.03.04 Bin It date
April Updated
19.04.04 Ladies night at the Mayflower 20.04.04 Changed Stock war memorial interface
28.04.042003 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 30.04.04 March Parish Council Minutes
May Updates
01.05.04 The Venue Club members, leaders, parents and friends meeting 27.05.04 Public Transport travel Updates (from Cllr Otter)
28.05.04 26th April Council Minutes added 30.05.04 Parties Made Easy
June Updates
02.06.04 Broadband page updated 11.06.04 More from the brilliant Jim Sargent
11.06.04 Stock Flower Festival & Costume Dinner Dance 23.06.04 Evans Family Group
25.06.04 New Preview added to Local Authors and Critics 25.06.04 Council Agenda
July Updates
04.07.04 BT ADSL Activation date set 06.07.04 May cpouncil minutes added
12.07.04 More data added to Mountnessing War Memorial 30.07.04 June Parish Council minutes added
August Updates
04.08.04 Youth Alpha page Added 06.08.04 Remus Events added
27.08.04 More Scouting pictures added to Jim Sargant's scouting page
September Updates
05.09.04 More pictures added to Charles Evans 18.09.04 Udates to Walter Elloitt's entry in the Stock war memorial
18.09.04 July Council Minutes added
November Updates
01.11.04 More from Jim Sargent 14.11.04 Pictures from Remembrance Day 2004
20.11.04 NORMA VICTOR (nee Windley)
December Updates
04.12.04 Council Minutes Update 14.12.04 David Hunt's memory added
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