STOCK Website Updates 2014
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December 2014 Updates
Christ Church web link updated 2015 PC meeting dates
Next PC Meeting minutes updated Essex Energy Switch (Top of Council Page)
November 2014 Updates
Next PC Meeting Agenda Next PC Meeting minutes updated
October 2014 Updates
Updated the opening times for the Posr Office Next PC Meeting Agenda
Council Minutes updated &
Crossing patrol vacancies
Plolice Street Meet
September 2014 Updates
Council Minutes updated Furlong’s Dog Styling
August 2014 Updates
Stock Shops updated Agenda for next PC meeting plus June Minutes
July 2014 Updates
Parish Council minutes updated Business pages updated
June 2014 Updates
Update of information on Walter Elliott Agenda for next PC meeting
May 2014 Updates
Items added to the Full index Items added to the Memories index
April Updates
W.A Flack info updated Agendas for PC meeting and Annual Parish Meeting
Stock Flower Festival Easter Egg Hunt
March 2014 Updates
Added February minutes  
New web and Graphics company Hatch inc. Agenda for next PC meeting
Various notices on events from the council Stock Florist
Minutes Updated Stock & Buttsbury Bowling Club
February 2014 Updates
Lovella Monroe Beauty  
Agenda for next PC meeting Mood Board Interiors
Warning John Alwarth Merewether updates
January 2014 Updates
The Drama Queens Aladin November Planing minutes added
2014 Meeting Updates Stock FC fixtures
Stock FC fixtures Agenda for next PC meeting
Stock Home Page